Rehab Centers In Nome Census Area, Alaska

Rehab centers within the Nome Census Area of Alaska provide addiction treatment to local residents. It also offers additional physical and mental health services. Other addiction care options exist across the state for those who would prefer more options.

Rehab Centers In Nome Census Area, Alaska

Addiction impacts people in all locations, including Alaska. Alaska rehab programs provide treatment services for people who need them.

For example, the Norton Sound Health Corporation provides addiction treatment in the Nome Census Area of Alaska.

The Rehab Center In Nome, Alaska

Norton Sound Health Corporation, Nome, Alaska

Norton Sound Health Corporation, Nome, Alaska

Norton Sound Health Corporation is a tribally-owned healthcare clinic that primarily serves the Alaska Native population of the Bering Strait region.

However, people of all backgrounds may receive care.

Drug addiction treatment is tailored to the client’s individual needs and may include counseling, clinical services, and family services.

Location and contact information:

1000 Greg Kruschek Ave.
Nome, AK 99762
(907) 443-3311

Types Of Substance Abuse Treatment In The Nome Census Area, Alaska

The Norton Sound Health Corporation offers several addiction and mental health services for clients. Care is tailored to the participant’s needs.

Treatment options may include:

  • treatment programs for individuals and families
  • village-based behavioral health services
  • counseling
  • clinical treatment
  • short-term and long-term services

Tips For Choosing A Drug And Alcohol Rehab Program Outside Of The Nome Census Area, Alaska

Though the Norton Sound Health Corporation offers care for people dealing with drug and alcohol use, some may prefer services from another provider.

Addiction care can be found in places such as:

  • Anchorage
  • Fairbanks
  • Juneau
  • Nenana
  • Bethel
  • Dillingham
  • Kotzebue
  • Cordova
  • Kenai
  • Wasilla
  • Soldotna

Here you’ll find tips for choosing a drug rehab center outside of the Nome Census Area.

Telemedicine VS. In-Person Addiction Treatment Centers

When looking into substance use disorder treatment options, consider whether you would like to travel or receive telemedicine services.

Some programs offer remote drug abuse treatment, which may work well for people who would like to receive addiction treatment from home.

However, some treatment options, such as medical detox, require in-person care.

Inpatient V.s. Outpatient Treatment

Some addiction rehab programs offer inpatient treatment, which provides room and board during the duration of care.
Others provide outpatient care, which requires participants to commute to the facility during treatment hours. Still others offer both types of treatment.

The right choice depends on your circumstances. For example, some people with severe addictions benefit from inpatient care because it provides structure.

Therapy Modalities And Approaches To Care

Addiction programs may use different approaches to treating substance abuse, and you may want a program that aligns with your values.

12-step programs, for instance, are common within Christian addiction treatment centers, though the steps may also be adapted to Native Alaskan spiritual practices.

Others use an approach other than the 12 steps, which may appeal to nonreligious people in recovery.

Additionally, addiction programs may use different therapy modalities.

Possible modalities include:

Some addiction centers in Alaska may offer special programs for specific age groups, such as adolescents or young adults.

Consider whether you or your loved one will need demographic-specific care in recovery.

Other special programs may be substance-specific. Examples include specialized programs for opioid, prescription drug, and methamphetamine abuse.

Payment And Insurance

Consider payment options as you explore rehab facilities. Many treatment facilities accept insurance for substance abuse care.

Some commonly-accepted insurance options include:

Many substance abuse services also offer payment assistance for those who choose self-payment options. Sliding fee scales, for instance, are often available for people who qualify.

FAQs About Nome Census Area Alcohol And Drug Treatment Centers

People seeking addiction care often have questions about their options. Below, you’ll find common questions about addiction treatment in the Nome Census Area, AK.

Yes, the Norton Sound Health Corporation does accept Medicaid. If you seek treatment outside of the Nome Census area, you may also find other rehab programs that accept Alaska Medicaid.

Many of these are state-funded treatment and counseling centers, but there are also non-profit organizations that offer treatment for chemical dependency and are not state-affiliated.

Yes, Norton Sound Health does treat other mental health concerns alongside addiction, and it offers physical health services as well.

Additional drug and alcohol treatment centers across Alaska also offer dual diagnosis care.

The Norton Sound Health Corporation may tailor the length of treatment to each individual.

If you seek drug and alcohol addiction programs outside of the Nome Census Area, your length of care may also vary.

Often, inpatient treatment lasts for a length of 30 to 120 days, while outpatient treatment, residential treatment, and transitional care may last longer.

Find Addiction Treatment Today

Addiction and drug dependency are complex disorders. However, they are treatable. If you or a loved one need addiction care, contact Addiction Resource to learn more.

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