Top 3 Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Thousand Oaks, CA

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Thousand Oaks is an incredible place to live in Southern California, but unfortunately, there are many people who struggle with the disease of addiction in this area.

Thousand Oaks, California Drug Rehab Options

If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you’re not alone, and there is help available. There are some amazing Thousand Oaks, California alcohol and drug rehab centers that can help you learn how to beat your addiction for good.

Not only will these treatment centers help you overcome the disease of addiction, but you’ll gain an entirely new outlook on life.

Rehab Centers In Thousand Oaks, California

Anyone in need of addiction treatment in Thousand Oaks can find a selection of rehab programs at the following rehab facilities.


One of the best rehab centers in Thousand Oaks is Alansa. Alansa has 10 locations nationwide, but one of their beautiful locations is in Thousand Oaks, and they help people with a wide range of challenges aside from substance use disorders.

They can help you if you’re working on overcoming trauma, struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder, as well as any other mental health issues you may be dealing with.

They provide an array of therapies that include art therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and much more.

Location and contact information:

2545 West Hillcrest Dr.
Suite 205
Thousand Oaks, California 91320
(636) 452-7740

Center For Discovery

Center for Discovery offers addiction treatment in Thousand Oaks, and they’ve been helping people in the area for over 20 years.

Since 1997, Center for Discovery has been providing a continuum of care that specializes in helping people who struggle with addiction as well as other issues, such as eating disorders and other forms of mental illness.

Not only does this facility treat adults, but they also help preteens from ages 11 to 13 years old as well as teenagers.

The treatment programs are gender-specific for young people, and adult programs have a combination of gender-specific programming as well as co-ed treatment. The goal at Center for Discovery is to help you as well as your family begin the healing process.

Location and contact information:

228 Rimrock Rd.
Thousand Oaks, California 91360
(844) 326-6150

ROWI Teen And Parent Wellness

If you have a son or a daughter who needs the help of Thousand Oaks, California alcohol and drug rehab centers, ROWI Teen and Parent Wellness can help.

This rehab facility specializes in helping young people recover from their substance abuse problems, and this program also helps teens realize that they’re not alone.

By being in a rehab program that’s specifically for teens, your child will feel more comfortable and be able to open up.

You’ll be involved in the entire treatment process, and this facility helps families overcome conflict and learn better ways to communicate to help one another on the recovery journey.

Location and contact information:

123 Hodencamp Rd.
Suite 210
Thousand Oaks, California 91360
(805) 874-5069

Addiction Treatment Options Near Thousand Oaks, California

You may realize that rehab centers in Thousand Oaks may not be the best option because you’ll still be surrounded by a variety of triggers.

For some people, the best option is to leave the area for a little while to focus on their recovery, and this may be right for you, too.

Allow one of our treatment specialists to assist you with finding addiction treatment in Thousand Oaks. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help.

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