Top 10 Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Denver, CO

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If you are a resident of Denver, Colorado and struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are a variety of addiction treatment programs available in the city to help you or a loved one on the path to sobriety.

Addiction Treatment Options In Denver, Colorado

In May 2019, a study found that the state of Colorado ranked ninth for the highest amount of drug use in the entire country.

While marijuana has been legalized in the state, this study was looking at illegal as well as illicit drug use, and it includes the abuse of alcohol.

The good news is that by knowing about the best alcohol and drug rehab centers in Denver, you can get the help you need to overcome your addiction and begin living the life that you deserve.

Here are the 10 best alcohol and drug rehab centers in Denver, ranked only in alphabetical order.

1. Center For Recovery

For addiction treatment in Denver that serves people of all ages, you should check out the Center for Recovery.

This addiction treatment program not only serves adults, but they also have a program specifically designed for teens.

If you have a son or daughter who is struggling with substance abuse issues, the Center for Recovery treats those who are between the ages of 14 and 19 years old.

The rehab program understands that addiction can affect the whole family, and they want to help you as well as your loved ones begin healing.

Center for Recovery offers an intensive outpatient program that uses a variety of different therapeutic methods. They use some of the best evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and more.

They also have therapists who offer trauma-focused therapy because many people who struggle with addiction need help learning how to overcome situations they faced in the past.

With this strength-based approach, you or your child will be able to recover from addiction and gain the tools to stay sober.

Location and contact information:

2121 S Oneida St.
Suite 412
Denver, Colorado 80224
(303) 578-3528

2. Continuum Recovery Of Colorado

One of the top rehab programs in Denver is Continuum Recovery of Colorado, and they’re an outpatient treatment facility that offers intensive, evidence-based treatment.

They specialize in helping people who struggle with chemical dependency on alcohol as well as drugs. This is a dual diagnosis treatment center, so they can help you overcome symptoms of mental health issues you may struggle with, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Continuum Recovery of Colorado has a team of trained professional therapists that are dedicated to providing you with the support you need and help you build emotional strength to maintain long-term recovery.

This rehab facility also offers a DUI treatment program for anyone who is going through the DUI process. If you received a DUI, going to this treatment center can help with your case and show the court that you’re working on recovery.

One of the other benefits of this facility is the emphasis on peer recovery, which will help by giving you a strength-based approach. This type of treatment helps you identify and overcome barriers that may be holding you back from long-term recovery.

Location and contact information:

9725 E Hampden Ave.
Suite 308
Denver, Colorado 80231
(720) 263-9976

3. Denver Women’s Recovery

There are great rehab programs in Denver that are specifically designed to help women overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. The Denver Women’s Recovery treatment center is an all-women’s facility that provides quality, comprehensive, trauma-informed treatment.

Their goal is to help you discover alternative solutions for coping with life and overcoming trauma rather than using mind-altering substances.

This rehab program is extremely beneficial because you’ll be with other women who understand exactly what you’ve been through, and they’ll be there to support you in your recovery.

Although this is an intensive outpatient program, the Denver Women’s Recovery treatment program can provide you with sober living housing. This is the perfect option for anyone who has a living environment that may not be supportive of addiction recovery.

Through the program here, you’ll begin to learn how to repair the relationships with your loved ones as well as yourself. They also provide marital and premarital counseling to help you live a better life with your significant other.

Location and contact information:

3801 E. Florida Ave.
Suite 604
Denver, Colorado 80210
(844) 432-0510

4. Devereux Colorado

There are many young people in the Denver area who struggle with mental health issues that can lead to substance abuse, and that’s why Devereux Colorado provides treatment for young people.

This rehab facility can help your son or daughter who is beginning to abuse substances and may struggle with other issues such as depression, borderline personality disorder, self-harm, or other mental health disorders.

Devereux Colorado offers a variety of treatments from their masters-level clinicians such as play therapy, community behavioral health, and much more.

Location and contact information:

8405 Church Ranch Blvd.
Westminster, Colorado 80021
(866) 477-6493

5. EDCare Denver

There are some people who struggle with addiction who also have an eating disorder, and that’s why one of the best alcohol and drug rehab centers in Denver is EDCare Denver.

This rehab facility has over 16 years of experience helping people in the Denver area who struggle with co-occurring disorders which include an eating disorder and a substance abuse problem.

In order to beat your addiction for good, it’s important to learn how to overcome your eating disorder as well. These two issues are very similar, which can make treatment complex, but recovery is possible.

EDCare Denver is committed to empowering individuals to let go of their addiction as well as their eating disorder. The facility’s goal is to provide you with the tools you need to make healthy, long-lasting changes.

They do this by having a treatment model that involves their five core concepts of connection, acceptance, mindfulness, sense of self, and action.

Location and contact information:

4100 East Mississippi Ave.
Suite 1400
Denver, Colorado 80246
(720) 575-2259

6. InnerBalance Health Center

North of Denver in Loveland, Colorado, is InnerBalance Health Center, which offers short-term, residential treatment to help you begin your recovery.

This rehab facility helps you develop a better lifestyle in order to improve your chances of preventing relapse. They understand that your addiction is also combined with mental health disturbances, so they’ll provide you with all of the treatment that you need.

Through this program, you’ll develop new coping skills that can help you live the life that you deserve.

Location and contact information:

1414 W 28th St.
Loveland, Colorado 80538
(970) 445-1263

7. The Recovery Village At Palmer Lake

If you’re looking to get a little further from Denver to begin your recovery journey, you should go to The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake.

This addiction treatment center provides you with a beautiful setting to begin recovering from addiction, and they offer you multiple options to get sober and stay sober.

The therapeutic options include group, family, and individual therapy, and they also teach you about the benefits of 12-step programs as well as alternatives like SMART Recovery.

Location and contact information:

443 S, CO-105
Palmer Lake, Colorado 80133
(719) 602-0914

8. Rocky Mountain Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine therapy is a great form of therapy to help you with addiction recovery as well as overcoming trauma in Denver.

Equine therapy helps because horses offer honest feedback, and this helps you begin to understand how you influence, create, and maintain influence.

The rehab program includes a team of clinical social workers, certified animal-assisted social workers, and much more. Aside from helping adults, Rocky Mountain Equine Assisted Psychotherapy also has programs for young people from ages 11 to 19 years old.

Location and contact information:

7811 W Titan Rd.
Littleton, Colorado 80125
(720) 753-4343

9. Sandstone Care

Sandstone Care provides addiction treatment in Denver, and they offer all of the levels of care that you need to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

The treatment process at Sandstone Care starts with medical detox, which will help you come off alcohol or drugs in a safe and comfortable way.

From here, you can enter either the long-term or short-term addiction treatment program where you’ll receive individual and group therapy to learn a new way of living.

After residential treatment, Sandstone Care also offers an intensive outpatient program. In this program, you can continue to receive the support you need when you return back home and start going to work or school again.

Sandstone Care specializes in treating adults from ages 18 to 30 years old, and they also have programs for young people who are between 13 and 18 years old.

They utilize evidence-based practices and combine these methods with other holistic approaches to help you heal and live a better life.

They can also help you if you struggle with mental health issues such as emotional disturbances, behavioral issues, or anger management. Sandstone Care also has a family conflict program to help your whole family begin working together so you can all begin healing.

Location and contact information:

2100 S Cherry St.
Suite 204
Denver, Colorado 80222
(720) 410-6246

10. Ventanas Behavioral Health Retreat

If you’ve completed addiction treatment and are looking to strengthen your recovery, Ventanas Behavioral Health Retreat provides transitional sober living for men.

They offer a rehab program that’s based on the fellowship and the foundations of 12-step programs. Ventanas Behavioral Health Retreat also offers support 24 hours each day that gives you individual and group assistance to help with your recovery.

This program also encourages outdoor activities to help you begin feeling better physically as well.

Location and contact information:

2510 Monaco Pkwy.
Denver, Colorado 80207
(720) 573-0595

How To Find Addiction Treatment In Denver, Colorado

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