8 Best Rehab Centers In Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral, Florida is home to several alcohol and drug rehab centers where addicted individuals can seek help to conquer substance abuse. Treatment programs offer a range of care levels and are designed to accommodate the varying needs of those who enter treatment.

Addiction Treatment Options In Cape Coral, Florida

As with much of Florida, drug and alcohol abuse in Lee County, the home of Cape Coral, is severe. In 2018, fentanyl, an opioid many times more powerful than heroin, was responsible for several overdose deaths. Alcohol, cocaine, meth, heroin, and prescription opioids are also problematic for citizens of Lee County and Florida.

The drug and alcohol treatment centers in Cape Coral and Lee County are largely outpatient centers, which means that the patient goes to the facilities for a few hours on certain days, then returns home. This allows them to continue to go to work or school even as they seek treatment.

The rehab centers stress the importance of having your loved ones involved in your recovery. This is why many rehab programs provide family counseling and family psychoeducation. Peer support is also important, and some rehab centers have peer support programs.

Neither you nor a loved one should hesitate when it comes to seeking help for substance abuse. Here are four of the best alcohol and drug rehab centers in Cape Coral in alphabetical order, plus four rehab centers nearby:

1. Bay Pines VA Healthcare System Lee County Healthcare Center

Bay Pines VA Healthcare System Lee County Healthcare Center

Operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs, this dual-purpose rehab facility in Cape Coral offers outpatient drug rehab services for patients who are struggling with addiction. They treat young adults, adults, and seniors and operate a crisis intervention team and offer psychiatric emergency walk-in service.

Therapy approaches include:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • behavior modification
  • individual psychotherapy
  • couples therapy
  • family therapy
  • group therapy
  • trauma therapy

Bay Pines treats patients with dual diagnosis as well as veterans and patients ordered to outpatient treatment by the court.

They further help patients with addiction treatment services such as:

  • diet and exercise counseling
  • education services
  • family psychoeducation
  • intensive case management
  • peer support

Location and contact information:

2489 Diplomat Pkwy. East
Cape Coral, Florida 33909
(239) 652-1800

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2. Lighthouse Addiction Services

This alcohol and drug rehab center in Cape Coral offers several levels of outpatient treatment plus partial hospitalization. Patients who enter these programs are helped through treatment approaches such as family therapy, couples therapy, anger management, and relapse prevention.

Individualized rehab programs include the following services:

  • aftercare
  • case management
  • comprehensive substance abuse assessment
  • drug and alcohol screening
  • discharge planning
  • family counseling
  • family psychoeducation
  • group counseling
  • substance abuse screening
  • education in substance abuse
  • development of social skills

Location and contact information:

2804 Del Prado Blvd.
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 540-8011

3. Omega Centre

Omega Centre

Omega Centre treats children, adolescents, adults, and seniors in Cape Coral who are struggling with addiction through their outpatient programs. They also treat patients charged with DWI.

Their treatment approaches include:

  • anger management
  • rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • 12-step approach
  • brief interventions
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • relapse prevention

Rehab programs are designed on an individual basis, but may include:

  • aftercare
  • comprehensive substance abuse assessment
  • drug and alcohol screening
  • discharge planning
  • family counseling
  • individual counseling
  • couples counseling
  • education in substance abuse
  • group counseling

Location and contact information:

1508 SE 17th Ave.
Cape Coral, Florida 33990
(239) 489-4705

4. SalusCare Cape Coral Campus

SalusCare Cape Coral Campus

SalusCare is a dual-purpose rehab facility in Cape Coral that treats patients suffering from substance abuse through its outpatient drug rehab center.

They help patients through addiction therapies such as:

  • family therapy
  • group therapy
  • individual therapy
  • couples therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy

They also provide case management to coordinate the patient’s treatment and offer language services for the hearing-impaired and for Spanish-speaking patients. SalusCare operates a crisis intervention team and accepts children, adolescents, young adults, adults, and seniors as patients.

Location and contact information:

1105 Cultural Park Blvd.
Cape Coral, Florida 33990
(239) 275-3222

The following are four more drug and alcohol rehab centers near Cape Coral:

5. Coastal Behavioral Healthcare Inc, Sarasota, Florida

Coastal Behavioral Healthcare Inc, Sarasota, Florida

Founded 40 years ago, this multipurpose rehab center near Cape Coral offers an outpatient drug rehab program for young adults, adults, and seniors who are struggling with substance abuse issues.

They help patients in these programs through family psychoeducation and have services for hearing-impaired patients. They also have services for patients who speak Spanish, French, German, and other languages. Located about an hour-and-a-half north of Cape Coral, Coastal Behavioral Healthcare also offers psychiatric emergency walk-in service.

Location and contact information:

1451 10th St.
Sarasota, Florida 34236
(941) 331-2530

6. The Kimberly Center, Fort Myers, Florida

The Kimberly Center, Fort Myers, Florida

Besides addictions to alcohol and opioids, the Kimberly Center helps patients who are struggling with addiction to cocaine, crack, methamphetamines, marijuana, and prescription sedatives such as Xanax. Patients are helped through such programs as outpatient and intensive outpatient and long-term care. The rehab center also runs a sober living house.

While at Kimberly Center, patients are helped with therapies such as:

  • family therapy
  • individual therapy
  • experiential therapy
  • trauma therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • dialectical behavior therapy
  • Matrix Model
  • EMDR

The Matrix Model is used to help patients addicted to stimulants such as cocaine or methamphetamine, while the EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing helps patients heal from the trauma that either contributed to their substance abuse or exacerbated it.

Location and contact information:

6290 Corporate Ct.
Suite C201
Fort Myers, Florida 33919
(855) 452-3683

7. Lee County Treatment Center, Lehigh Acres, Florida

Lee County Treatment Center, Lehigh Acres, Florida

This alcohol and drug rehab center, which is 44 minutes east of Cape Coral, focuses on patients addicted to opioids, though they also help patients addicted to alcohol. Relying on MAT, or medication-assisted treatment, they help these patients through the use of medications such as buprenorphine. These medications ease the symptoms of withdrawal and reduce cravings that can lead to relapse.

Their treatment approaches include family, group, and individual therapy, and they have special programs for adults, women, including postpartum women, men, and young adults.

Location and contact information:

1415 Homestead Rd. N
Lehigh Acres, Florida 33936
(239) 491-8092

8. The Verifiable Recovery Network, Bonita Springs, Florida

Found 38 minutes south of Cape Coral, The Verifiable Recovery Network helps patients heal from drug addiction through its state-of-the-art Bridge program. During this treatment program, the patient wears a hearing aid-sized device just behind their ear. The device sends electrical impulses into their nervous system that ease withdrawal symptoms within minutes.

The device is left on for up to five days, and during that time the patient can engage in normal activities such as going to work or school. After the five-day period, the patient enters the second phase of the treatment. They are given opioids that block the action of opioids of abuse. These medications are naltrexone, which is taken orally, or Vivitrol, which is injected once a month.

All the while, the patient is helped by such addiction therapies as individual and group counseling and participation in an intensive outpatient program.

Location and contact information:

8951 Bonita Beach Rd. SE
Suite 210
Bonita Springs, Florida 34135
(239) 992-4866

How To Find Alcohol And Drug Addiction Treatment In Cape Coral

Because there’s not much in the way of addiction treatment in Cape Coral, the best bet for you or a loved one struggling with addiction would be to travel to another city for help.

Fortunately, there are many towns and cities in Lee County that offer accredited drug and alcohol rehab services. Not only this, traveling has its benefits. Addiction medicine experts have found that traveling, first and foremost, takes you away from relapse triggers.

It also adds to your privacy and gives you a wider range of addiction treatments to choose from. One of those treatments might be exactly right for you or your loved one. Patients who travel also have more incentive to stay with a program.

Find treatment in a city near you:

Updated on October 25, 2022

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