10 Best Long-Term Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Updated on July 23, 2020

Many people who struggle with addiction have a history of relapse because their addiction is quite severe. If chronic relapse is something that you struggle with as well, your best treatment option may be a long-term rehab program.

Long-Term Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

By going through a long-term residential rehab program, you have a much better chance of maintaining your sobriety and giving yourself the time it takes to heal.

Knowing about the 10 best long-term alcohol and drug rehab centers in the U.S. can help you make the best decision possible when beginning on your new path towards recovery.

Finally, it’s important to take into consideration that traveling away from home for treatment can also be extremely beneficial.

This list has been ordered alphabetically.

1. Asheville Recovery Center, Asheville, North Carolina

In an incredible area of North Carolina, you can go to Asheville Recovery Center. Part of the philosophy here is helping you to begin taking responsibility for your recovery as well as your life.

Through this long-term drug rehab program, you’ll get the care and compassion you deserve. You’ll also learn how you can take your experience and turn it into good use to help you maintain an amazing life of sobriety.

Asheville Recovery Center helps you recover with both holistic as well as evidence-based treatment that is accredited by the Joint Commission.

This inpatient treatment program offers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which will assist you in identifying emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that are keeping you sick and learn how to develop healthy coping skills.

You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in experiential therapy in the gorgeous mountain setting that Asheville offers.

Location and contact information:

Asheville Recovery Center
9 Old Burnsville Hill Rd.
Asheville, North Carolina 28804

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2. Awakenings By The Sea, Seaside, Oregon

If you’re looking to begin your recovery journey at one of the best long-term rehab centers, Awakenings by the Sea is an excellent choice. This rehab center in Seaside, Oregon offers long-term residential treatment in an oceanfront setting which is CARF-accredited.

When you’re in active addiction, it’s common to stay inside and isolate. This is why being in a beautiful location when you begin your recovery can be so beneficial.

At Awakenings, you’ll receive addiction treatment while also having the opportunity to reconnect with the beauty that the world has to offer.

Awakenings by the Sea is a dual diagnosis treatment center that offers detoxification services as well. This is an affordable rehab center that also accepts commercial insurance, and they want to help you if you’re ready to choose a healthier lifestyle.

In this residential drug rehab program, you’ll learn about the benefits of 12-step programs, and you’ll also go through individual and group therapy.

Location and contact information:

Awakenings By The Sea
1325 N. Holladay Dr.
Seaside, Oregon 97138
(855) 854-4776

3. Desert Hope Treatment Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

Desert Hope Treatment Center is in Las Vegas, Nevada, as Las Vegas has one of the biggest recovery communities in the country.

Desert Hope offers long-term residential treatment accredited by the Joint Commission. With a nursing staff who is available 24 hours each day, they can assist you with any medical needs you may have.

This dual diagnosis treatment program will provide you with both individual as well as group therapy, and you’ll also get involved with the local recovery community.

Local members of 12-step programs regularly come into the treatment facility to share their stories from extended rehab programs and connect with people trying to stay sober.

Location and contact information:

Desert Hope Treatment Center
3441 S Eastern Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

4. Harbor Village, Miami, Florida

If you’re looking to recover in Florida, Harbor Village offers long-term addiction treatment in the Miami area. This Joint Commission-accredited rehab facility believes that everyone is entitled to high-quality substance abuse treatment, and they’re here to help you recover.

They offer everything from detox services, to extended residential treatment, as well as outpatient treatment services. Comfort is one of their top priorities, and you’ll have medical staff to help you recover as well as assist with any post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

Harbor Village offers gender-specific treatment groups so you can get support from people who understand what you’ve been going through. While providing an assortment of evidence-based therapy methods, they also offer daily yoga and meditation as well as spa and salon services.

You’ll begin your recovery journey with peace of mind and learn a wide range of methods to maintain your sobriety long after you leave treatment.

Location and contact information:

Harbor Village
9198 NW 8th Ave.
Miami, Florida 33150

5. Infinite Recovery, Austin, Texas

Located in Austin, Texas is Infinite Recovery, which is a long-term addiction treatment program accredited by the Joint Commission that can help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Infinite Recovery not only helps those who struggle with the disease of addiction, but they also realize that this can affect the entire family. If you have loved ones who have been affected by your addiction and want them to participate in the healing process, this is the program for you.

The rehab center believes in second chances and, through a variety of different therapy methods, you and your loved ones can begin healing.

This extended residential rehab program also offers outpatient rehab services, which can help you transition back into your daily life once you complete residential treatment.

Going back to work or back to living in your home can be quite stressful in early recovery, so it’s great to have additional support. If you don’t have a safe living environment that can support your recovery, this drug rehabilitation facility also offers sober living options.

Location and contact information:

Infinite Recovery
6404 Ridge Oak Rd.
Austin, Texas 78749

6. Maple Mountain Recovery, Mapleton, Utah

Maple Mountain Recovery is located in Mapleton, Utah, and they offer long-term inpatient rehab programs to help you get sober and stay sober. Maple Mountain Recovery specializes in dual diagnosis treatment, and they help many people who are survivors of trauma.

This rehab facility is accredited by the Joint Commission and offers a wide range of therapeutic methods that can help you recover from any traumas, which will also help you begin to overcome addiction.

EMDR therapy is one of the best therapeutic methods for those who have been through trauma, and you’ll receive this therapy at Maple Mountain Recovery.

This LGBT-friendly drug rehab facility is nestled at the foot of the Wasatch Range, and it offers a relaxing and beautiful environment for your recovery. You’ll be with others who are working hard to overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as their mental health challenges.

Through experiential therapy, you’ll connect with your peers, with nature, and with yourself. You’ll see that there’s an amazing life worth living in sobriety by going through this extended care program.

Location and contact information:

Maple Mountain Recovery
727 E 1100 S
Mapleton, Utah 84664
(801) 573-4188

7. Midwest Recovery Centers, Kansas City, Missouri

In Kansas City, Missouri, you can go to Midwest Recovery Centers. This Joint Commissoin-accredited, long-term treatment program also offers a family program so you and your loved ones can begin recovering together.

They offer a wide range of holistic therapy methods as well as spiritual programs for those who come from religious backgrounds. This long-term rehab center has licensed professionals who can help with any behavioral disorder you may be struggling with as well.

Location and contact information:

Midwest Recovery Centers
13340 Holmes Rd.
Kansas City, Missouri 64145
(844) 597-1376

8. Sabino Recovery, Tucson, Arizona

In the Southwest United States, you can go to Sabino Recovery in Tucson, Arizona. This CARF-accredited rehab facility has received excellent ratings for its long-term treatment program as well as its amenities.

Sabino Recovery offers long-term residential treatment as well as an Intensive Outpatient Program. Their campus stretches over 100 acres of a beautiful desert landscape, but it also offers you an intimate and personal experience.

This rehab center keeps the number of residents in treatment low because they want to provide you with the care and attention that you deserve.

The staff at Sabino Recovery is highly credentialed, and they offer a unique recovery experience to all who enter treatment. The staff is also certified to offer the latest in neuroscientific methods that can help your brain begin healing from addiction.

Through QEEG brain mapping as well as evidence-based therapy, you’ll have a solid foundation of recovery.

Location and contact information:

Sabino Recovery
8505 E. Ocotillo Dr.
Tucson, Arizona 85750

9. Solution Based Treatment And Detox, Murrieta, California

Solution Based Treatment and Detox is located in beautiful Murrieta, which is in Southern California not far from San Diego. This rehab facility not only offers long-term treatment, but they have a detoxification program as well.

Detox is often the first step in the addiction treatment process, and when long-term inpatient rehab programs offer this service, you can get all of your treatment in one place.

Once you get through a safe detoxification, then you can begin working on your recovery and learn how to live a better life.

This is a dual diagnosis treatment facility, so you’ll receive treatment for your addiction as well as any mental health issues you may be struggling with, like anxiety, depression, or trauma.

Inpatient treatment will include daily individual as well as group therapy sessions to help you get to the root of your addiction and develop better coping skills. This fully accredited facility also offers aftercare if you need additional support after you complete the program.

Location and contact information:

Solution Based Treatment And Detox
41655 Date St.
Murrieta, California 92562

10. Synergy Recovery Center For Women, Rogersville, Missouri

If you’re a woman struggling with the disease of addiction, Synergy Recovery Center can help. This long-term treatment program is an all-women facility that specializes in drug and alcohol addiction and is accredited by the Joint Commission.

Women have unique struggles that many men don’t have to deal with, and this is one of the main reasons why an all-women drug rehab facility may be the right choice for you.

It’s also possible that you’re someone who has experienced trauma, which led to your substance abuse issues, and having the support of other women who understand can help you recover.

Location and contact information:

Synergy Recovery Center
3955 S. Farm Rd. 223
Rogersville, Missouri 65742

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