10 Best Drug Rehab Centers In Henderson, NV

Addiction and substance abuse plagues Henderson, Nevada residents. However, the city is also home to drug rehab centers which offer a wide variety of care programs to help individuals stop use of drugs and alcohol and find a new life in recovery.

Addiction Treatment Options In Henderson, Nevada

As with many other places in the United States, Henderson, Nevada, found in Clark County, has a serious drug problem. There were 464 overdose deaths in Clark County in 2017, and this does not include alcohol.

Not only this, but Nevada residents take more than twice as many prescription painkillers as the rest of the country, and overdose deaths from these medications outnumber the deaths from street drugs in Clark County as of January 2020.

Fortunately, Henderson is also home to a number of effective alcohol and drug rehab centers, many of which offer evidence-based treatment and a wide range of care programs to help residents enter recovery.

Some of the drug rehab programs in Henderson are found in facilities that also treat mental health disorders or hospitals, which makes them amenable to treating patients with dual diagnosis. These are patients who struggle with mental health issues as well as substance abuse.

A good number of these rehab centers also offer medication-assisted treatment for patients undergoing withdrawal, and nearly all combine medicated detox with counseling or therapy.

Here are 10 of the best alcohol and drug rehab centers in Henderson, listed in alphabetical order:

1. ABC Therapy

This multi-purpose center in Henderson offers outpatient treatment for people suffering from addiction. They are staffed by licensed drug and alcohol abuse counselors, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists.

ABC focuses on patients who have DUI and offer DUI assessment and evaluations, DUI classes, and DUI school by correspondence. They offer education in anger management, domestic violence, and impulse control and help addicted adolescents through their adolescent behavioral modification group.

Location and contact information:

7 S Water St.
Suite A
Henderson, Nevada 89015
(702) 568-5971


Ohio Recovery Center


Plymouth, Massachusetts

2. Bamboo Sunrise

This mental health facility in Henderson treats patients who are struggling with substance abuse with a focus on Hispanic and Latino patients and their families. They treat children, adolescents, adults, and elders and members of the LGBTQ communities.

Bamboo Sunrise offers patients cognitive behavioral and dialectical therapy, trauma therapy, motivational interviewing, and family therapy. Art and play therapy are also available.

Location and contact information:

98 East Lake Mead Pkwy.
Suite 201
Henderson, Nevada 89015
(702) 978-7798

3. Choices Group

The Choices Group offers patients who are suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol medically assisted or Suboxone detox while they participate in inpatient and outpatient programs. They welcome patients with dual diagnosis.

Another type of detox Choices offers is rapid detox. Rapid detox is where a patient addicted to opioids is placed under anesthesia, and the drug is allowed to leave their system over a period of days. Because the patient is anesthetized, they do not feel the pain of withdrawal.

Pre-rehabilitative care, which treats patients with intense addiction issues even before they enter a program, is also provided here. Patients can enter a post-rehabilitative, or secondary care, program after they have graduated from the other treatment programs.

Location and contact information:

309 W Lake Mead Pkwy.
Henderson, Nevada 89015
(702) 564-0764

4. Desert Treatment Clinic

This clinic in Henderson treats addicted patients with methadone, Suboxone, and Subutex. All of these medications are types of opioids, but they stop the action of other opioids and do not provide the high that opioids of abuse provide.

At the same time, the patient doesn’t experience the great discomfort that can come with withdrawal. Suboxone and Subutex are types of an opioid called buprenorphine. All of these medications are taken orally.

Location and contact information:

1546 W Warm Springs Rd.
Suite 130
Henderson, Nevada 89014
(702) 248-0000

5. Henderson Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Henderson Drug and Alcohol Rehab is a private organization that helps patients conquer their addiction through hospital inpatient, inpatient, and outpatient drug rehab programs. They also operate short- and long-term drug rehab programs.

While in these programs, patients attend group and cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. Open to both male and female patients, the rehab facility runs special programs for active members of the armed forces and LGBTQ patients.

Location and contact information:

1300 W Sunset Rd.
Henderson, Nevada 89014
(702) 703-7916

6. Mission Treatment Center Of Henderson

Mission Treatment Center of Henderson helps patients overcome their addiction to opioids through MAT, or medication-assisted treatment. To this end, they use methadone, Subutex, Suboxone, and Vivitrol.

The first three medications are taken orally, while the last is injected once a month. These medications block cravings and the discomfort associated with withdrawal.

Because the patient is not tormented with cravings or physical pain, the rehab center can offer them individual and group therapy to allow them to heal from their addiction through choosing healthier habits, uncovering the causes of the pain and stress that led to their addiction, and building stronger life and coping skills.

Location and contact information:

1536 N Boulder Hwy.
Henderson, Nevada 89011
(702) 932-2524

7. Seven Hills Behavioral Health Hospital

Open 24 hours a day, Seven Hills Behavioral Health Hospital treats patients with addictions to opioids and alcohol as well as benzodiazepines, methamphetamine, cocaine, and prescription drugs. They treat children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. They use evidence-based practices to help their patients.

Patients who enter the opioid treatment program undergo detoxification while being monitored by doctors and nurses. They are given medication management, individual and family therapy, group therapy, and experiential therapy. Other addiction treatments include participation in 12-step meetings, music and art therapy, exercise, and nutrition therapy.

Location and contact information:

3021 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy.
Henderson, Nevada 89052
(702) 919-6182

8. South Neighborhood Family Services Center

This mental health treatment center in Henderson welcomes child and adolescent patients who are struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs.

This is an outpatient rehab facility that gives patients individual psychotherapy and addiction therapies, such as:

  • dialectical behavior and cognitive behavioral therapy
  • activity therapy
  • couples and family therapy
  • behavior modification
  • trauma therapy

The rehab center treats patients who have been referred by the courts and offers case management and intensive case management. They provide family psychoeducation, treat children with serious emotional disturbances, and have a crisis intervention team.

Location and contact information:

522 East Lake Mead Pkwy.
Henderson, Nevada 89015

9. TCOYL | Las Vegas Opioid Detox Treatment Facility

TCOYL stands out from other drug rehab programs in Henderson in its use of NP1K to help patients recover from addiction to opioids, benzodiazepines, or alcohol.

This is a medication developed by the TCOYL staff that blocks the action of opioids. It is implanted into the patient’s abdomen and works from four to six months. While they are using NP1K, the patient receives counseling and psychotherapy.

Location and contact information:

11201 S Eastern Ave.
Suite 110
Henderson, Nevada 89052
(702) 534-4244

10. WestCare Foundation

This alcohol and drug rehab facility in Henderson is part of a network of health facilities that treat mental health and other disorders. They offer patients detox from drugs and alcohol, education, and therapies such as relapse prevention.

WestCare has special programs for veterans, pregnant women and mothers, and people returning to their communities after being incarcerated. They treat patients with dual diagnosis, offer crisis stabilization and give priority to pregnant patients and those abusing drugs intravenously.

Location and contact information:

1711 Whitney Mesa Dr.
Henderson, Nevada 89014
(702) 385-2090

How To Find Alcohol And Drug Addiction Treatment In Henderson

Though there are a number of certified places that offer addiction treatment in Henderson, a patient might want to look into traveling for help, even if they only travel to nearby Las Vegas.

According to experts in addiction medicine, traveling separates a patient from their relapse triggers, which can be anything that reminds them of their drug of abuse.

This includes people who may have abused the drug with them and may not support their attempt to get well. Traveling exposes the patient to new treatment options that may not exist in Henderson and adds to their privacy.

Experts have also found that patients who get treatment away from their hometown have more of an incentive to stay with a program.

Find addiction treatment near Henderson, NV:

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