6 Texas Non-12-Step Drug Rehab Centers

For people who would prefer a non-12-step approach to their substance abuse treatment, there are non-12-step treatment centers in Texas. This type of rehab center often offers a full continuum of care with treatments that are based on evidence and science.

Non-12-Step Rehab Centers In Texas

Drug and alcohol rehab centers which use evidence-based and science-backed treatment services are sometimes referred to as non-12-step rehab centers.

Texas has multiple types of drug and alcohol treatment facilities, including those which are 12-step and those which are non-12-step.

For people who do not believe in or do not feel comfortable with a higher power, treatment at a non-12-step rehab center may be the better choice.

List Of Non-12-Step Rehabilitation Centers In Texas

The following list of non-12-step drug and alcohol rehab centers in Texas offer evidence-based treatment and have marks of quality care, such as accreditations and positive reviews.

1. Embracia Health, Austin, Texas

Embracia Health - Austin, Texas Drug Rehab Centers

At Embracia Health, adults have access to outpatient medical detox in Austin, TX, as well as outpatient psychiatric services like therapy and counseling.

Treatment plans at this facility are individualized and treatment services are all based on evidence and supporting research.

Trusted features of quality care at this addiction treatment center include:

  • positive testimonials from past clients
  • high ratings on Google
  • evidence-based treatments

Location and contact information:

503 W. 41st St.
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 551-8545

Ohio Recovery Center


Plymouth, Massachusetts

2. Greenhouse Treatment Center, Grand Prairie, Texas

Greenhouse Treatment Center - Grand Prairie, Texas Drug Rehab Centers

Greenhouse Treatment Center is a medical detox and residential rehab facility in Grand Prairie, TX, that is part of the American Addiction Centers network.

Evidence-based treatments available at this treatment facility include SMART recovery, individual, group, and family counseling, and dual diagnosis treatment.

Features of quality care at this rehab center include:

  • accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • positive client testimonials

Location and contact information:

1171 107th St.
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
(469) 423-6967

3. Plum Creek Recovery Ranch, Lockhart, Texas

Plum Creek Recovery Ranch - Lockhart, Texas Drug Rehab Centers

Plum Creek Recovery Ranch offers multiple levels of care that include inpatient treatment, medication-assisted treatment, and aftercare in Lockhart, TX.

Non-12-step treatments at this rehab center are designed with a whole-person approach, addressing each person medically, psychiatrically, and socially.

Marks of trusted care at this drug and alcohol treatment center include:

  • positive client testimonials
  • accredited by the Joint Commission
  • certified by LegitScript

Location and contact information:

519 Briar Patch Rd.
Lockhart, TX 78644
(512) 559-8534

4. The Right Step Houston, Houston, Texas

The Right Step Houston - Houston, Texas Drug Rehab Centers

The Right Step Houston offers both residential treatment and intensive outpatient treatment in Houston, TX, while specializing in the use of dual diagnosis treatment.

Evidence-based treatment programs here are highly structured and include services like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

Trusted features of quality care at this rehab facility include:

  • accredited by the Joint Commission
  • certified by LegitScript
  • accredited by BBB

Location and contact information:

12350 Wood Bayou Dr.
Houston, TX 77013
(844) 751-6043

5. Turtle Creek Recovery Center, Dallas, Texas

Turtle Creek Recovery Center - Dallas, Texas Drug Rehab Centers

At Turtle Creek Recovery Center, there is an outpatient treatment program for adult men and women, as well as a gender-specific residential rehab program for men in Dallas, TX.

The residential program for men in Texas is considered intensive and includes such evidence-based treatments as counseling, case management, and relapse prevention support.

Marks of trusted care at this substance abuse treatment center include:

  • designation as a nonprofit organization
  • positive client testimonials
  • high Google ratings

Location and contact information:

2707 Routh St.
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 871-2483

6. Willow Springs Recovery, Bastrop, Texas

Willow Springs Recovery - Bastrop, Texas Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

At Willow Spring Recovery, adults have access to separate 12-step program and non-12-step program treatment models in Bastrop, TX.

Non-12-step drug and alcohol rehab programs focus on physical health, secular therapies, and on building a person’s self-esteem.

Features of quality care at this treatment facility include:

  • accredited by the Joint Commission
  • awards and accolades
  • positive testimonials from past clients

Location and contact information:

1128 TX-21
Bastrop, TX 78602
(855) 402-8544

What To Expect In A Non-12-Step Addiction Treatment Program In Texas

While addiction treatment is commonly associated with Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-step model, many people would prefer a non-faith-based approach to their treatment.

Non-12-step rehab centers can provide this, and, because they typically have healthcare providers on staff, can provide services that involve prescription medications, too.

Common treatment approaches at a non-12-step drug rehab center include:

  • inpatient rehab
  • outpatient rehab
  • detoxification
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid and alcohol addictions
  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • case management
  • holistic treatment options
  • individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy
  • medication management
  • support groups

Many people, including those who are of a strong faith, find that this model of non-faith-based treatments works best for them in achieving long-term sobriety.

FAQs For Non-12-Step Rehabilitation Centers In Texas

Here are answers to a few questions that are commonly asked about non-12-step rehab centers in Texas by people who are looking to start addiction treatment.

Payment options will vary at each facility, but may include private health insurance, state-funded health insurance, or cash and self-pay.

It is very common to find dual diagnosis treatment used in non-12-step rehab centers, as this is a type of evidence-based treatment that works to address a person’s co-occurring disorders.

Learn more about dual diagnosis treatment centers in Texas.

Religious people are absolutely welcome at non-12-step rehab programs. No reputable rehab center will ever discriminate against you for any reason.

Some people who are religious may find themselves most comfortable keeping their religion and addiction treatment separate, and may therefore prefer a non-faith-based recovery program.

Find A Non-12-Step Rehab Center In Texas Today

If you or one of your loved ones is currently living with a substance use disorder in Texas, know that you are not alone and that you have options.

Whether you would like to get started on a non-12-step rehab program right away or simply have questions, call our helpline today for assistance.

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