Top 10 Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Portland, OR

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In general, opioid abuse and overdose rates are lower in Portland, Oregon than elsewhere in the nation. Yet residents in this city still struggle with opioid abuse and abuse of other drugs as well.

Addiction Treatment Options In Portland, Oregon

In 2018, Portland, Oregon residents experienced 34 overdose deaths, which was the same number as 2017 and up from 2016.

For those in need, there are many accredited drug and alcohol rehab centers in Portland. These facilities offer care that encompasses inpatient and outpatient programs, therapy, recreational activities, and medically assisted detox.

The 10 best alcohol and drug rehab centers in Portland, Oregon listed here are presented in alphabetical but no other particular order.

1. Allied Health Services Of Portland

Patients at Allied Health Services of Portland receive medication-assisted treatment as they detox or taper off their drug of abuse. They are given methadone and different forms of buprenorphine to make withdrawal and maintenance easier.

However, these medications are only one facet of the treatment patients receive at Allied Health. Here, individuals are supported by a staff of doctors, nurses, and counselors during inpatient treatment.

Families are encouraged to provide additional support as their loved ones try to conquer their addictions. Treatment plans are individualized to serve the needs of each patient.

Location and contact information:

324 NW Davis St.
Portland, Oregon 97209
(503) 549-1062

2. BLVD Treatment Center

Like most other rehab facilities in Portland, BLVD Treatment Center is within view of the Willamette River. BLVD offers addiction treatment to young adults, LGBTQ individuals, and working professionals.

Programs offered here include outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment, or IOP, partial hospitalization, substance abuse counseling, and sober living.

They also treat patients with a dual diagnosis in order to foster a more lasting recovery by treating a person’s mental as well as physical health.

Therapies which may be included within individualized rehab programs are as follows:

  • yoga
  • life skills
  • relapse prevention
  • meditation groups, which practice mindfulness

BLVD also implements the 12-step philosophy and a holistic healing method, which includes a focus on nutrition and overall wellness.

Location and contact information:

1316 SE 12th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97214
(866) 231-3007

3. CODA Tigard Recovery Center

Like many Portland rehab centers, CODA helps patients through withdrawal by using medication-assisted detoxification.

They also help their patients by drawing up individualized care plans and having them attend individual and group therapy sessions facilitated by certified counselors.

They welcome pregnant patients eager to overcome their substance abuse problem before their baby is born. CODA treats patients addicted to a variety of substances, including marijuana, amphetamines, and prescription drugs.

Location and contact information:

11970 SW Greenburg Rd.
Portland, Oregon 97223
(503) 624-8304

4. Crestview Recovery

This facility has rehab programs for men and women as well as integrated alcohol and drug rehab programs.

The have an extensive list of programs that includes partial hospitalization and outpatient treatment, extended care, and continued support and monitoring from the patient’s case manager for the first six months of their sobriety.

They also offer a program for alumni and families. Crestview uses the 12-step method for treatment.

Within individualized programs, patients may participate in a number of therapies and treatments, such as:

  • art therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • dialectical behavior therapy
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • yoga
  • life-skills training courses
  • relapse prevention planning

Besides treating patients who have addictions to heroin, opioids, and alcohol, they treat people struggling with cocaine and methamphetamine addictions as well. They use medically assisted detoxification to silence cravings and the pain of withdrawal.

Location and contact information:

6025 SE Belmont St.
Portland, Oregon 97215
(866) 262-0531

5. Hooper Detox Stabilization Center

This rehab center specializes in helping Portland residents through withdrawal on both an inpatient and an outpatient basis.

They also serve people who have other conditions that complicate their substance abuse, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Pregnant patients are welcome at Hooper. The rehab center offers round-the-clock nursing care and care coordination. Here, patients can rely on the support of their peers and the empathy of the staff, some of whom have also had struggles with addiction.

Though outpatient care is only available by appointment, people with addictions can take advantage of the facility’s walk-in policy.

Location and contact information:

1535 N Williams Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97227
(503) 238-2067

6. NARA Outpatient Treatment

NARA, which stands for Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest, has been helping Native Americans near Portland overcome their addictions to alcohol and drugs since 1970.

They offer both inpatient and outpatient programs. Their outpatient programs are held in the evenings and on Saturdays to accommodate patients who need to work or go to school during the week, and childcare is available.

Among treatments offered here are traditional ceremonies, two spirit/LGBTQ and gender-based support groups, case management, and cultural activities.

This facility supports those patients who are involved in the Family Court system. Staff includes certified alcohol drug counselors, clinical supervisors, and licensed clinical social workers.

Location and contact information:

1631 SW Columbia St.
Portland, Oregon 97201
(503) 231-2641

7. Portland East Serenity Lane Treatment Center

This rehab center offers patients a variety of services, including outpatient treatment. They have Level I outpatient treatment and Level II intensive outpatient treatment.

The latter is a 10-week program where the patient attends therapy groups and is educated about addiction. These groups gather three times a week, and each session lasts three hours. There is also a family support group that meets for a three-hour session every week.

The Level I program has meetings once a week which last for an hour and a half. During these meetings, the patient learns life skills that can help them cope with stress and the challenges of their recovery program.

Portland East adopts the 12-step philosophy. They also have referral services and activities for their alumni.

Location and contact information:

12662 SE Stark St.
Plaza 125 Bldg. A
Portland, Oregon 97233
(503) 244-4500

8. Portland Metro Treatment Center

The Portland Metro Center specializes in treating opioid addiction. To do this, they employ medication-assisted treatment, which allows the patient to detox more comfortably through the use of methadone and buprenorphine medications.

This medical maintenance program supports the patient until they unravel the psychological reasons for their addiction and can more successfully overcome them.

Portland Metro offers individual, group, and family counseling, medical exams, referrals, and outpatient programs.

They have considerably longer program lengths than many other rehab facilities in Portland. Their patients can be in treatment for as long as three years, allowing for more long-term recovery results.

They also create treatment plans that address the patient’s medical, social, and psychological needs.

Location and contact information:

16420 SE Division St.
Portland, Oregon 97236
(503) 762-3130

9. Tree House Recovery

Open 24 hours a day, Tree House Recovery runs a number of addiction treatment and sober living rehab centers around Portland. They treat patients who are suffering from a variety of addictions beyond opioids, heroin, or alcohol.

Tree House is a holistic rehab center and is dedicated to healing the patient’s mind and spirit as well as their body from addiction.

To do this, they offer different types of therapies, including fitness, yoga, and writing therapy as well as group and individual counseling.

Location and contact information:

4713 N Albina Ave.
Suite 301
Portland, Oregon 97217
(855) 969-5181

10. Volunteers of America — Women’s Residential Center

Volunteers of America treats women who are trying to overcome their substance abuse problems who are also involved in the criminal justice system. This type of treatment is also known as court-ordered rehab programs for women.

The goal of WRC is to not just heal the patient, but their family and their community. Each participant is assigned a case management specialist, who not only helps them overcome their addiction, but helps them plan for housing, school, employment, and other needs.

They offer individual and group counseling and mental health services, as many women with substance abuse issues are also dealing with trauma.

This rehab facility welcomes mothers with children and is mindful of the patient’s cultural celebrations and rituals. Sporting events and other pleasurable activities remind patients of the pleasures of sober living.

Location and contact information:

200 SE 7th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97214
(503) 235-0131

How To Find Alcohol And Drug Addiction Treatment In Portland, Oregon

Though there is excellent addiction treatment within Portland, residents shouldn’t hesitate to look for rehab centers outside of the city.

Some individuals do best in facilities away from home and the triggers that can lead to cravings for drugs and alcohol.

Other patients might not want friends, family, employers, or coworkers to know that they are seeking treatment for substance abuse. In this case, a rehab facility found an hour’s drive from Portland might be best for protecting their privacy.

Call for a consultation with one of our addiction treatment specialists to help find the best alcohol and drug rehab centers in Portland, Oregon.

Find addiction treatment near Portland, OR:

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