Top 10 Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Austin, TX

There are many people in Austin, Texas who are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. If you’ve developed a substance use disorder, know that you’re not alone, and there is help available.

Addiction Treatment Options In Austin, Texas

The following are some of the best alcohol and drug rehab centers in Austin, Texas, and they can help you begin your recovery journey. Addiction treatment will assist you with getting sober and learning how to manage life in a new way that doesn’t involve alcohol or drugs.

These 10 best rehab centers in Austin were selected based on a number of criteria, including variety of treatments offered, facility accreditation, and positive reviews from clients. Facilities are not ranked, but are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Arbor Intensive Outpatient Program

Arbor Intensive Outpatient Program is one of the best alcohol and drug rehab centers in Austin that can help you regain control of your life.

This is an eight-week, outpatient rehab program that will help you overcome various personal issues as well as barriers that may be blocking you from recovery.

Each week, you’ll receive 10 hours of clinical treatment, and this includes both group therapy and individual therapy sessions. For accountability, you’ll also be randomly drug tested throughout the program.

This PhD-led team has a wide range of licensed professionals to help you begin living the life that you deserve. The facility uses an array of evidence-based treatment methods, and your treatment program will be personalized to your specific needs.

Not only will you receive therapy here, but this program also helps with life-skills training and vocational development. By the time you leave the Arbor Intensive Outpatient Program, you’ll feel confident that you can face life successfully to build a brighter future.

Location and contact information:

6448 Hwy 290 East
Suite E108
Austin, Texas 78723
(877) 968-3214

2. Ascension Seton Behavioral Health

Ascension Seton Behavioral Health is an intensive outpatient program offering a variety of evidence-based treatment methods. These treatments work together to help you overcome your addiction and manage any mental health issues you may be struggling with.

The qualified team at this rehab facility specializes in therapies like dialectical behavioral therapy for substance use as well as programs that are specifically designed to help veterans.

Some of the mental health disorders they can treat include bipolar disorder, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, self-harm, and more.

They will also be able to help you with anger management, issues with codependency, and emotional disturbances.

Location and contact information:

5407 Clay Ave.
Austin, Texas 78756
(512) 271-4044

3. Briarwood Detox

The detoxification process of addiction treatment is the most important part of recovery, and Briarwood can assist you with coming off alcohol or drugs both safely and comfortably.

They provide an individualized detox program because they understand that each person trying to enter recovery has a different experience.

The rehab program at Briarwood prides itself in providing a full assessment that will help them design a detox program that meets your physical, emotional, and wellness needs.

The facility is located in a beautiful, luxurious environment that gives you a tranquil place to begin your recovery journey.

At Briarwood Detox, you’ll be in a fully furnished, semi-private room, and there are beautiful indoor and outdoor eating areas. They have a talented, in-house chef who creates delicious meals and snacks.

Briarwood Detox wants to give you the opportunity to take a break from the stresses of everyday life as you go through the recovery process.

Location and contact information:

11711 N Lamar Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78753
(512) 942-0881

4. Center For Discovery

The Center for Discovery treatment center has 20 years of experience of addiction treatment in Austin. This is a facility that’s designed to help both women and young women from the ages of 11 to 19 years old.

The Center for Discovery also specializes in eating disorders, because many women who struggle with addiction have a dual diagnosis. By being at an all-female facility, you’ll feel comfortable and see that you aren’t alone in the struggles that you face.

You’ll be able to build bonds and friendships that will help support you in your recovery journey and which can last long after treatment is over.

Center for Discovery uses different therapeutic methods to help you recover. This residential program offers evidence-based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, as well as mindfulness-based therapies.

The treatment team here uses positive psychology as well, which will help you begin to build confidence and self-esteem. If you’re more of the creative type, you’ll love the additional therapies, such as art therapy and expressive arts.

Location and contact information:

1717 West 6th St.
Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78703
(512) 524-6895

5. Innovation360 Austin

Innovation360 Austin has a unique treatment program that focuses on seven pillars that can help you live the life that you deserve.

These seven pillars focus on addiction, medical, mental health, physical wellness, relationships, spirituality, as well as work and school.

This intensive outpatient program is held three days a week and involves cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and schema therapy.

Together, these treatment methods work to educate clients on the disease of addiction, help them process, and help them learn to grow within recovery.

Innovation360 will also help you with life development because a major part of recovery is learning how to achieve the goals that you desire and knowing how to reach them.

Location and contact information:

6850 Austin Center Blvd.
Suite 210
Austin, Texas 78731
(512) 686-0743

6. Northwest Counseling And Wellness Center

Northwest Counseling and Wellness Center has been providing addiction treatment in Austin since 1996, and they offer a wide range of treatment methods to help you overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

They provide a holistic alternative to traditional, hospital-based treatment. Northwest Counseling and Wellness Center understands that many people struggling with an addiction also have mental health issues as well.

This is a fully accredited dual diagnosis treatment center, so they can also help you recover from trauma, anxiety issues, depression, or any other mental health issue you may be struggling with.

This intensive outpatient program can also help you detox in a natural way. The facility specializes in AcuDetox and many other holistic methods, so this is the perfect way to detox if you don’t want to take the typical detox medications, like Suboxone.

Through the treatment process, you’ll learn how to develop healthy coping skills and live an incredible life. Northwest Counseling and Wellness is also an LGBTQ-friendly rehab facility that has programs specifically designed for members of the LGBTQ community.

Location and contact information:

12335 Hymeadow Dr.
Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78750
(512) 271-4908

7. Omega Recovery

If you’re looking at rehab programs in Austin that provide long-term, residential treatment, Omega Recovery may be the right program for you.

The rehab program at Omega Recovery not only specializes in drug and alcohol addiction, but they can also help if you struggle with any process addictions as well, which can include gambling, internet, and shopping addictions.

Aside from residential treatment, Omega Recovery also has a partial hospitalization program and an intensive outpatient program. Here, you’ll receive the continuum of care you need to build a strong foundation for your recovery.

For the loved ones of those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, Omega Recovery offers intervention services. They’ll speak with you to help you develop a plan of action to get your loved one the help that they need.

In this treatment program, you or your loved one will get to experience outdoor therapy which helps people reconnect with themselves as well as the world as a whole.

Through the rehab program at Omega Recovery, you’ll see how your entire family can begin healing from addiction.

Location and contact information:

1710 Evergreen Ave.
Austin, Texas 78704
(512) 233-6083

8. Positive Recovery Centers

Positive Recovery Centers is located just outside of Austin, and this is an intensive outpatient program (IOP) with a wide range of therapies.

This is the perfect place to continue strengthening your recovery after you’ve completed an inpatient program.

Specifically, the IOP here can help those who are newly in recovery and ready to return to work or school, but want to continue treatment in order to help manage their recovery.

Services here are bilingual, catering to those who speak both Spanish and English.

The intensive outpatient program combines the following treatments for a well-rounded approach to long-term recovery:

  • individual and group counseling
  • family therapy
  • ongoing chemical dependency education

The goal of Positive Recovery Centers is to help you deal with the new challenges you face in early sobriety. They also have a special track for LGBTQI individuals as well as groups for family members.

Location and contact information:

4701 Westgate Blvd.
Suite D404
Austin, Texas 78745
(833) 960-1348

9. Sage Recovery And Wellness Center

The Sage Recovery and Wellness Center is passionate about helping people recover by learning to change unwanted or unhealthy behaviors.

They know that long-term recovery comes from treating both the mind and body. The facility integrates traditional mental health treatment with a complete wellness program.

At Sage Recovery and Wellness Center, they help the entire family begin the recovery journey by offering family therapy, couples counseling, and more.

This intensive outpatient program can also assist you with managing thinking disorders, mood disorders, as well as personality disorders.

They offer EMDR therapy for those who are trauma survivors, and they also provide acceptance and commitment therapy (ACD) and rational emotive behavioral therapy.

For more holistic therapies, you can get involved with yoga therapy as well as mindfulness-based practices. By the time you leave, you’ll have all the tools you need to stay sober and begin rebuilding your relationships with loved ones.

Location and contact information:

7004 Bee Caves Rd.
Building 2
Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 960-3586

10. Texas Star Recovery

If you’re in need of a short-term residential program, Texas Star Recovery offers a 30-day residential program as well as an intensive outpatient program.

This rehab facility is certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and accredited by the Joint Commission. Texas Star Recovery also specializes in helping people who struggle with chronic pain.

For those in need of inpatient treatment, they can receive a medical detox and intensive treatment here.

This rehab program includes:

  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • 12-step principles
  • crisis stabilization
  • ongoing medical supervision
  • relapse prevention planning

You’ll receive both individual therapy as well as group therapy sessions, and they also have a family program to help your loved ones begin healing as well.

Location and contact information:

1106 Dittmar Rd.
Austin, Texas 78745
(512) 865-6576

How To Find A Rehab Program In Austin, Texas

If you’re ready to get help for your addiction to drugs or alcohol, we’d love to assist you with finding the right treatment center for you.

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