How Long Does Xanax Stay In Your System?

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Xanax is a prescription drug that can stay in a person’s system for anywhere from one to 90 days. Xanax can be detected in the urine, blood, oral fluids, and hair.

How Long Does Xanax Stay In Your System?

Xanax (alprazolam) is a prescription drug that can stay in a person’s system for anywhere from one to 90 days, depending on the type of drug testing method that is used and other factors.

General timelines for Xanax detection are as follows:

  • urine: two to eight days
  • blood: up to 24 hours
  • saliva: up to 48 hours
  • hair: up to 90 days

Xanax leaves different areas of the body at different rates. Drug testing may be ordered by a healthcare provider, employer, legal entity, or sports organization.

Xanax Detection Times

Xanax (alprazolam) is a short-acting benzodiazepine medication. It’s commonly prescribed to treat anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and panic disorder.

Xanax will stay in hair for the longest amount of time, followed by urine, oral fluids, and blood. To detect Xanax, a specialized drug screening may be required.

How Long Xanax Stays In Urine

Urine tests are the most commonly used drug testing method. For short-term users, Xanax will likely stay in urine for two to four days.

People who have been taking Xanax for a long time may have Xanax detectable in urine for up to eight days.

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How Long Xanax Stays In Blood

Xanax has a short half-life, meaning it is absorbed and metabolized in the body fairly quickly. It will generally remain detectable in the blood for up to 24 hours following ingestion.

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How Long Xanax Stays In Saliva

Oral fluids, like saliva, can contain trace amounts of Xanax for up to 48 hours after last use.

How Long Xanax Stays In Hair

Hair can contain trace amounts of Xanax for longer than any other specimen: up to 90 days, or three months after your last dose.

This timeline can be even longer for people who have taken Xanax for a long period of time, or among those with a history of Xanax abuse.

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What Factors Can Affect How Long Xanax Stays In Your System?

Not all bodies absorb and metabolize drugs at the same rate. The amount of time it takes for Xanax to leave the body can depend on a variety of factors:

Amount Taken

Taking high doses of Xanax may cause it to stay in your system longer. This can also apply to taking multiple doses of Xanax within a short period of time.

Frequency And Duration Of Use

Taking Xanax regularly for a long period of time can cause a buildup of the drug in the body.

You can also become tolerant to Xanax in time, which will require that you take higher doses in order to feel the desired effect.

Body Composition

The general rule of thumb is that the higher body fat percentage you have, the longer a drug will stay in your body. This can slow its absorption and the metabolism of Xanax.

Polydrug Use

Taking additional drugs, including alcohol, can affect how long it takes for the body to fully process Xanax. This applies to the use of other prescription drugs, as well as illicit substances.

Method of Use

Xanax can enter the bloodstream at different rates depending on how it’s used. For instance, whether it is swallowed by mouth, snorted, injected, or smoked.

Smoking or injecting drugs will generally cause it to reach the bloodstream quicker, resulting in a shorter detection window.

Liver And Kidney Function

Xanax is primarily metabolized in the body by enzymes in the liver. Poor liver or kidney function may affect the amount of time it takes for Xanax to be eliminated from your system.

How To Get Xanax Out Of Your System

Xanax is one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs. If you’re concerned about testing positive for Xanax, the only way to get it out of your system is to stop using it.

Abuse of Xanax can lead to physical dependence. If you’re dependent on Xanax, do not try to stop taking it all at once. This can lead to dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

The safest way to get Xanax out of your system is to create a tapered dosage plan with your doctor or enter a medical detox program for professional support.

Find Xanax Detox And Treatment

Testing positive for Xanax can be a concern for people who are worried about having their drug use detected by a doctor or employer.

If this is the case for you, it may be time to consider seeking substance abuse treatment.

Treatment for Xanax abuse and addiction can help you overcome your addiction and find alternative, supportive strategies for getting your needs met without Xanax.

Call our helpline today to find a Xanax detox program or addiction treatment program near you.

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