Editorial Guidelines

At AddictionResource.net, we provide accurate, reliable, current information on addiction, treatment, and addiction resources.

To that end, we take our editorial process seriously, vetting each piece of content we publish from start to finish.

Our Content Process

Our content department first works to select topics that are meaningful and/or helpful to those with an addiction and their families.

We then write the content, send it to one of our medical reviewers, and conduct a final review before publishing to our website.

All content is thoroughly examined to ensure it contains only the most relevant, research-based, and up-to-date information available.

Selecting Topics To Cover

We select topics that are related to addiction and substance abuse treatment. To do this, we use software that tells us which topics people are actually searching for.

In this way, we cover information that is—we hope—helpful to you, the website visitor.

We recognize that not all topics are user-sensitive. Indeed, many topics related to addiction are delicate and even shocking to digest.

By writing about these topics, we aim to help end the stigma associated with addiction.

In short, our content serves two main purposes:

  • Providing relevant information
  • Connecting people with the resources they or a loved one need to seek recovery

Reviewing Content For Medical Accuracy

After writing and copy editing our content, we send it off to a member of our medical review team to check for factual accuracy.

All members of our medical review team hold a master’s degree or higher in fields related to addiction.

Medical reviewers may be:

  • therapists
  • doctors
  • nurses
  • nurse practitioners
  • counselors
  • other qualified addiction specialists

Medical reviewers check for errors in factual information related to addiction treatment. This field, like others, is science-backed, which means it may change.

Our medical review team ensures there have been no prescription recalls, changes to a treatment name, newly available treatment methods we failed to mention, or other factual errors.

Final Edit

Medical reviewers send the completed content to a member of our publication team who reviews the piece one last time for accuracy, empathy, and relevancy.


If the piece needs further work, it is sent back to the content team. If it is ready to go, we publish it here on our website, AddictionResource.net.


We check on our content regularly, with different pieces receiving daily, weekly, or monthly reviews to ensure the content is still the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

Our content team works to update any information that is incorrect due to changes or no longer relevant.

We are not afraid to retract content or perform a complete overhaul of any pages that we find are not useful to our site users.

Our Content Team

The AddictionResource.net content team is comprised of writers, editors, and content managers who are dedicated to providing content that helps people with addiction and their families.

What We Do

Our content directory can help you find treatment centers near you, or our informational web pages can help you learn more about an addiction-related topic.

Our Goal

We strive to bring you information that is helpful, but which takes into account your walk with addiction.

Our purpose is to help as many people as possible find the resources they need to enter long-term recovery.

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