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Massachusetts has several substance abuse treatment options, and locating affordable treatment can seem to be an overwhelming task. This list includes 30 of the most affordable and free rehab options in the state.

Free Or Low-Cost Massachusetts Rehab Centers

Since January 2018, over 1500 people in Massachusetts have died as a result of opioid overdose. This number is expected to climb even higher by the end of the year. Many of these deaths are a result of illicit fentanyl, and Massachusetts has been working to address the large amount of fentanyl in their state.

States like Massachusetts have started accessing a $1 billion dollar grant and change their approach to substance abuse as a result of the sudden spike in drug overdoses and substance abuse.

Massachusetts has focused on substance abuse treatment in a way that addresses the need for continued care and relapse prevention. Helping those in recovery continue to be sober, and this means allowing access to otherwise unattainable items, technology, and housing.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment centers in Massachusetts are available, and the list below includes several facilities that are low-cost or free to the person seeking treatment.

*Facilities are listed in alphabetical order

1. Boston Rescue Mission

A shelter that also serves as a substance abuse recovery facility for those in need of treatment. This location provides shelter services, and for those who have begun the journey toward sobriety, they can complete an application for acceptance into the residential recovery program at Boston Rescue Mission.

During the stay at the mission, residents will have access to assistance with vocation training, employment, education, housing, mental health services, budgeting, relationship repair, and socialization, in addition to substance abuse treatment.

All services are free for residents.

Location and contact information:

39 Kingston St.
Boston, Massachusetts
(617) 338-9000

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2-8. CASPAR Addiction Services

Cambridge And Somerville Program for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Rehabilitation (CASPAR) offers substance abuse treatment options for those struggling with addiction. They have comprehensive care that starts with alternatives to addiction through to aftercare services.

  • CASPAR FirstStep is considered an outreach program that seeks to build relationships with unsheltered homeless individuals who appear to be affected by substance abuse and other issues associated with homelessness. These individuals canvas areas that are densely populated by homeless people, and offer assistance where needed.
  • Andrew House Detox Centers are located in Boston and Stoughton and provide medically supervised detox from drugs and alcohol. The Stoughton location also offers stabilization services to those who need more intensive assistance in the first few days of detox.
  • Men’s Residences use case managers to assist in developing a six to nine-month program to help men move through the early stages of sobriety. This process allows each person to work on sobriety while also allowing themselves to focus on the next step after residential treatment; getting a job, finding housing, building a supportive community, and staying clean.
  • Women’s Residences (WomanPlace) is a six-month program at an all-female environment. Trauma therapy is provided in addition to substance abuse rehabilitation treatment. In addition, these women also provide support and learning opportunities to one another. Community involvement is important at WomanPlace, as it helps ease the transition back into the community for these women.
  • New Day offers family-based facilities to women who are pregnant or have recently given birth and are struggling with substance abuse. The intent is to keep mothers with their children, and if that is not initially possible, reuniting these families is the main focus of this program.
  • Grow House is considered a transitional living program for those who have been in residential treatment and in recovery for a minimum of six months and are in the process of becoming gainfully employed or are employed. This location provides continued care for substance abuse in a structured environment.
  • Hagan Manor caters to disabled men who have a history of substance abuse. Maintaining independent living in an environment that is structured and aware of the additional needs of someone struggling with a disability on top of substance abuse is a delicate balance. Case managers address group and individual needs to offer continued positive experiences.

Many of these treatment options are covered by insurance, however, residents are not expected to pay for service if there is a need for assistance. Substance abuse treatment is usually offered free of charge.

Location and contact information:

11 Russell St
Cambridge, Massachusett
(844) 221-2276

9. Holyoke Transitional Support Services

At this residential facility in Holyoke, men who have completed detox can live in a structured environment while learning how to stay sober. Keeping residents on a structured schedule that includes group therapy, support services, self-help workshops, and other skill-building sessions during this 30-day program is important for maintained sober living.

Insurance is accepted at this location. For those who are uninsured or underinsured, the cost will be determined on a case by case basis.

Location and contact information:

130 Pine St.
Holyoke, Massachusetts 01040
(413) 538-8188

10. Phoenix House

Phoenix House has upwards of 20 or more substance abuse programs scattered through the New England area. Phoenix House in Dorchester has been providing addiction treatment services, emergency shelter, and rehousing services to women and women with children since 2009.

Phoenix House Residential Services addresses and treats substance abuse in mothers while allowing them to remain with their children during treatment. In addition to substance abuse treatment, keeping families together is the main focus at Phoenix House. This location provides referral service and case management as well.

Phoenix Families provides emergency shelter and rehousing services to women and their children. While residing at Phoenix Families, women can work toward independence and freedom from restriction.

Both Dorchester locations offer some services free of charge for residents. Some programs within each location may charge a nominal fee, however, there are funds available to cover costs that residents are unable to pay for. Service will not be denied due to inability to pay.

Location and contact information:

90 Cushing Ave
Dorchester, Massachusetts 02125
(888) 671-9392

11. Springfield Residential – Phoenix House

This long-term residential program is offered to both men and women struggling with substance abuse or addiction. At Springfield, gender-specific treatment and programming are utilized. The services provided are intended to help maintain sobriety and address the specific issues related to substance abuse and addiction.

The cost of treatment depends on services required, however, funding is available to offset the cost. For individuals in need of financial assistance, there are scholarships and a sliding scale.

Location and contact information:

5 Madison Ave
Springfield, Massachusetts 01105

12-30. Victory Programs

Victory Programs operates 19 different programs across Boston, Topsfield, and Cambridge to help address homelessness and substance abuse in Massachusetts. Providing addiction services to those who suffer from substance abuse, while addressing the additional issues, like homelessness, HIV, Hepatitis, poverty, and lack of resources is what makes Victory Programs an asset to Massachusetts.

Some of the programs offered by Victory Programs include the following:

  • New Joelyn’s Home is the largest women’s rehabilitation facility in Massachusetts and can house up to 24 women who are struggling with addiction.
  • Living and Recovering Community (LARC) this 30 to 90-day program for both men and women recovering from addiction, living with HIV/AIDS, and often struggle to maintain sobriety. Most residents of LARC are also homeless.
  • New Victories is a 25-bed male residential facility for men with substance abuse and other co-occurring diagnoses.
  • New Victories for Women facility can house up to 14 women who are dealing with co-occurring disorders in addition to drug and alcohol abuse, usually HIV/AIDs or mental health diagnosis.
  • Shepherd House residential transitional living offers sober living to 32 women after completion of substance abuse treatment.
  • Victory House is a men’s only drug and alcohol abuse treatment location in South Boston. This location provides services for up to 24 men.
  • Women’s Hope is a 32-bed women’s facility that offers short-term, intensive, transitional support services for substance abuse.

After completing treatment, the need for housing is addressed at Victory Programs by offering the following transitional housing and training options:

  • Bobbie White Housing Services
  • Cedar Family Home
  • Portis Family Home
  • ReVision Family Home
  • ReVision Family Resource Center
  • ReVision Urban Farm
  • Ruah House
  • Serendipity Supportive Housing
  • Warren Street Victory Housing
  • Victory Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

These programs are offered free of charge to those who are in need of financial assistance.

Location and contact information:

965 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, Massachusetts
(617) 541-0222

Low-Cost Or Free Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Treatment In Massachusetts

In recent years, Massachusetts has received millions of dollars to help combat the opioid crisis they are struggling with.

Access to funding like this can alter and modify access to quality treatment and make it more affordable to those in need. Contact us today so we can help you find the rehab that meets the needs of you or your loved one.

Find free Massachusetts rehab centers in a city near you:

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