Top 5 Free Rehab Centers In Arlington, TX

Arlington, Texas offers many private and state-sponsored rehab centers for those seeking substance abuse treatment. You can obtain low-cost or free drug and alcohol rehabilitation services with the assistance of Medicaid and a variety of grants.

Free Arlington, Texas Rehab Centers

Arlington is home to a number of rehab centers offering services to assist those seeking addiction treatment.

Some addiction treatment services you can find free of charge in Arlington, TX include group therapy sessions, detox centers, wellness programs, and inpatient treatment.

Learn more about finding free addiction treatment in Texas

List Of Free Rehab Centers in Arlington, TX

Arlington provides a variety of non-profit treatment centers that you can choose from to help yourself or a loved one meet your goals for better health.

We have selected the top five free addiction treatment centers in Arlington based on:

  • accreditation from trusted sources
  • testimonials from clients
  • certifications

1. Chemical Dependency Health Services (CDHS), Arlington, Texas

CDHS is a fully accredited non-profit treatment facility that specializes in assisting those who have become addicted to opiates.

Their treatment plan focuses on MAT (medication-assisted treatment) using methadone to help patients rid themselves of their chemical dependency.

Features of CDHS include but are not limited to:

  • shining customer testimonials and a 4.3-star Google rating
  • Joint Commission Accreditation
  • member of USAOTP since 2000

CDHS offers detoxification and medication-assisted treatment as well as:

  • chemical dependency counseling
  • relapse prevention
  • inpatient programs for adolescents and adults
  • treatment plans that may not include medication
  • individual-oriented treatment
  • support groups

Location and contact information:

214 Billings St.
Suite 240
Arlington, TX 76010
(817) 652-1004

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2. My Health My Resources (MHMR), Arlington, Texas

MHMR is a non-profit mental health and substance abuse clinic for clients of all ages with multiple locations, including a treatment center in Arlington.

For more than 50 years, MHMR has provided counseling services and rehab programs to children and adults seeking help with addiction.

​Trusted qualities of My Health My Resources:

  • member of AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) since 2002
  • 4.7 Google star rating

MHMR offers an array of inpatient housing options and treatment services, such as:

  • housing for adolescents with mental disabilities and early onset chemical dependencies
  • opportunities and housing programs for homeless veterans
  • inpatient treatment
  • clinical diagnostics for individual-based assistance
  • faith-based therapy, which includes sponsorships and charitable funds from religious foundations
  • offers donation-funded treatment programs
  • accepts Medicaid, major insurance companies, and government vouchers

Location and contact information:

601 W Sanford St.
Arlington, TX 76011
(817) 569-4900

3. Millwood Hospital, Arlington, Texas

The inpatient and outpatient treatment programs offered by Millwood Hospital are based on the principle that patients dealing with alcohol or substance abuse are more than just numbers.

Behavioral health and drug dependency treatment are two mainstays of Millwood Hospitals’ care strategy, as well as helping individuals spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Notable features:

  • partnership with the NAASP (National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention)
  • named Top Performer by the Joint Commission
  • member of the Mental Health Association of Tarrant County
  • quarterly patient satisfaction scores of 90% or above since 2020
  • low-cost or free treatment with state grants and private scholarships
  • accepts Tricare and Medicaid

Millwood Hospital offers drug and inpatient treatment programs, such as:

  • temporary inpatient housing
  • outpatient counseling
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • alcohol abuse treatment
  • motivational interviewing

Location and contact information:

1011 N Cooper St.
Arlington, TX 76011
(817) 261-3121

4. Texas Health Resources, Arlington, Texas

Texas Health Resources (THR) offers access to drug and alcohol treatment as well as behavioral health services in Arlington and Dallas, Fort Worth, and Bedford.

Rehab counseling, aftercare, and recovery tools are all accessible through the Texas Health hospital portal.

Notable qualities and accreditations of THR include:

  • ANCC Magnet accreditation
  • Department of State Health (DSHS) approved for trauma related to substance abuse
  • fully accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • 4.2-star Google rating and a variety of positive patient testimonials
  • commissions unfunded care on a case-by-case basis
  • accepts all major health insurance companies

Services offered by the Texas Health recovery center:

  • recovery-oriented inpatient and outpatient programs
  • residential treatment
  • 24-hour inpatient care
  • addiction rehab
  • drug and alcohol detox

Location and contact information:

800 W. Randol Mill Rd.
Arlington, TX 76012
(817) 960-6100

5. Starlite Recovery, Arlington, Texas

Starlite Recovery is a dual diagnosis drug rehab center that provides Arlington and other outlying counties with a variety of drug treatment services.

Starlite also offers group therapy and counseling, on-campus residential opportunities, spiritual and emotionally uplifting programs, and emergency services.

Notable features:

  • listed and approved on the national registry for addiction treatment providers (NAATP)
  • fully accredited through CARF
  • 4-star Google rating with over 150 client testimonials
  • accepts private and publicly-funded payment options, Tricare, Medicaid, and state grants

Starlite offers recovery programs such as:

Location and contact information:

230 Mesa Verde Dr.
Arlington, TX 78010
(830) 460-6655

How Can I Get Free Substance Abuse Treatment in Arlington?

Rehab centers that offer low-cost or free drug and alcohol treatment are most often funded by state and federal grants as well as private donations.

State grants and Medicaid-funded assistance is accessible without charge through both private and public rehabilitation centers.

These vouchers can be cashed in at almost any federally approved rehab center.

Using Medicaid To Cover Rehab Costs

There are many rehabilitation centers in Arlington that accept Medicaid as a means of payment.

You may use Medicaid to cover the majority of the costs, but depending on the location, a small co-pay may be required, although this fee is usually very small.

Learn more about using Texas Medicaid to help cover the costs of substance abuse treatment

Texas State Grants For Substance Rehab Help

Texas offers an array of state grants and exemptions to those who are seeking monetary assistance in turning the page on their addiction.

Grant applications may require you to include proper identification, your social security number, and letters of intent.

Grants Offered By The Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Association

In addition to the many grants offered by the state, you can also directly apply to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for grants to cover rehabilitation fees.

Substance Abuse and Treatment Block Grants (SABG) provided by SAMHSA help those who are financially incapable of paying for rehabilitation.

The SABG Grant is for those who are:

  • women with dependent children
  • pregnant women
  • those searching for early intervention with STDs
  • patients in need of emergency respiratory health services
  • those with a chemical dependency

What Other Financing Options Are Available For Rehab In Arlington?

If you do not qualify for a state grant or Medicaid, you can still get rehab. Private health insurance can make substance abuse treatment very low-cost or free of charge to you.

You can also use savings, crowdfunding, or apply for a payment assistance plan based on your income through your rehab facility of choice.

Arlington Free Rehab FAQs

You can use the information listed below from our frequently-asked-questions section to help refer you to the best addiction treatment center in Arlington, TX.

❓ What Type Of Drug Addiction Treatment Is Available At A Free Rehab Center In Arlington?

✔️ Each addiction center offers different kinds of counseling, therapy, opioid treatment, alcohol recovery, and substance use disorder services.

Other services offered at free rehab facilities may include:

  • aftercare
  • emergency services
  • drug and alcohol detoxification
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) support groups
  • inpatient and outpatient care programs
  • therapy sessions, both private and group-oriented

❓ Is There Free Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Arlington?

✔️ There are many nonprofit, low-cost, or entirely free alternative facilities that help those facing different kinds of addiction in Arlington as well as those in search of mental health therapy.

These free rehabilitation centers offer a variety of programs for those that have little to no income to enter lasting recovery from substance abuse.

❓ What Are The Benefits Of An Arlington Free Drug Rehab Program?

✔️ There are a lot of benefits to becoming a client at a free rehab center.

The accessibility and affordability of free treatment services can prove helpful to individuals living on their own, single parents, low-income families, and others that are seeking help.

❓ ​What Is The Typical Length Of Stay At A Free Rehab Center In Arlington?​​​

✔️ No two individuals’ duration or stay or approach to treatment will be the same, as different people require different forms of attention and intervention.

Some rehabilitation centers offer anywhere from a few weeks to a whole year of residential assistance, although this varies greatly by location and by the needs of the client.

Find Free Drug And Alcohol Treatment In Arlington

If the cost of rehabilitation centers or the difficulty of finding a treatment facility that accepts your insurance or accommodates your financial needs proves difficult, do not be discouraged.

We encourage you to call our helpline today and speak with one of our treatment specialists about finding low-cost or free rehab centers in Arlington, either for yourself or a loved one.

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