Heroin Addiction Treatment And Rehab Programs

Medically Reviewed by Johnelle Smith, M.D on May 7, 2020

Heroin, like other opioids, is highly addictive and be difficult to stop using without professional help. Seeking help from a qualified rehab center can help you get on the path to long-lasting sobriety.

Medically Reviewed by
Johnelle Smith, M.D on May 7, 2020
Heroin Addiction Treatment

Nearly 80 percent of people who have misused prescription opioids eventually use heroin, which is among the most addictive opioid types. If you’ve become addicted to heroin, you likely know how difficult it can be to stop.

Once the body becomes dependent on the drug, you will need to learn how to manage the addiction if you want to lessen your dependence on the drug and avoid the damaging side effects.

The best way for addicted individuals to learn how to manage addiction is by entering into a drug rehab program, of which there are a wide variety. Before you select a treatment program, you should first know what heroin addiction treatment and rehab involves.

How Heroin Abuse Leads To Addiction

Heroin is a type of opioid drug that’s made from a natural substance called morphine. It typically comes in a white powder but is also available in a black powder or tar-like substance.

Heroin is a very potent drug that reaches the brain rapidly, causing it to take effect in a short period of time or even immediately. When heroin reaches the brain, it will bind to various opioid receptors, which control feelings of pleasure and pain, heart rate, breathing, and sleeping.

The initial effects of heroin use involve a surge of pleasure, which is often referred to as a euphoric sensation.

Some of the short-term effects of heroin include:

  • a dry mouth
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • severe bouts of itching
  • flushed skin

The initial effects of euphoria can make the addicted individual feel as though all of their worries are gone. These emotions can make it difficult to stop taking heroin once you’ve started.

Over time, abuse of heroin can turn into addiction, which occurs when your body has become dependent on the drug in order to function properly.

Side Effects And Dangers Of Heroin Addiction

Along with the short-term side effects of using heroin, a heroin addiction can cause a range of harmful long-term effects that you’ll want to avoid.

When you use heroin over a lengthy period of time, you’ll be more likely to suffer from:

  • damaged tissue inside of your nose
  • insomnia
  • collapsed veins
  • various mental disorders, like depression
  • stomach cramping and constipation
  • abscesses
  • complications with the lungs, which can include pneumonia

Those struggling with addiction will oftentimes suffer from issues that aren’t related to their overall health.

For instance, it’s common to experience relationship issues and financial issues when suffering from addiction. The best way to avoid these long-term problems is by seeking heroin addiction treatment options so that you can learn how to properly manage your addiction.

Effective Heroin Addiction Treatment Options

Choosing to seek treatment when struggling with an addiction to heroin is the first and most important step on the road to recovery. Recovery means that you’ll be able to manage the cravings that occur with addiction.

Individuals who are able to successfully complete an inpatient rehab program usually experience substantial improvements to their personal lives as well as their overall health.

While there are a range of addiction treatment options available to you when struggling with an addiction to heroin, the most effective form of treatment is via an inpatient program at a heroin rehab center.

Inpatient programs will help you understand how to manage your addiction while also giving you the tools necessary to maintain a life that’s free from drugs.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment For Heroin Addiction

When you enroll in an inpatient addiction treatment program, you’ll be required to stay on-site at the rehab facility on a 24/7 basis until the program has been completed. These programs are available at many different lengths and come with a variety of different treatment methods.

Most inpatient programs focus on group counseling, individual therapy, recreational activities, and various forms of medical care. Detoxification will also usually be administered if you have yet to progress through the withdrawal symptoms that occur when you stop using heroin.

The staff and personnel at these facilities have received extensive training, which means they are equipped to handle any situation that might arise.

Residential Heroin Rehab Center

When you attend a residential heroin rehab center, you will reside in the facility day and night. The reason that this form of treatment is considered to be effective is because you will be in a drug-free environment for the duration of your recovery.

This environment is also free from the triggers that might have caused your addiction. The goal of an inpatient rehabilitation program is to facilitate a healing environment, which is why several measures are taken to ensure that those struggling with addiction have the best tools for recovery.

For instance, laptops, phones, and other personal devices typically aren’t allowed, which gets rid of possible distractions.

Family participation is also heavily encouraged through visitation days, education courses, and family therapy sessions. Many of these facilities are also situated in somewhat remote and rural locations, which provides attendees with a peaceful environment.

Benefits Of Inpatient Treatment For Heroin Addiction

There are a myriad of benefits provided by inpatient treatment, which is mainly due to the wide array of treatments provided with this form of rehab program.

Group therapy will help you heal among people who are suffering from the same addiction struggles as you, while individual therapy allows for a more focused look at why you suffered from this addiction in the first place.

Since you’ll be in a drug-free environment, it will be much easier for you to avoid relapsing. Likely, the most notable benefit of inpatient rehab is that it allows for ongoing care.

While progressing through treatment, you’ll receive continual emotional and mental support, which should make it easier to cope with your addiction and overcome cravings for heroin.

Why Inpatient Programs Are Effective For Heroin Addiction

Inpatient treatment programs are effective because they are the most comprehensive and in-depth forms of treatment available to those struggling with heroin addiction.

While outpatient programs offer many of the same treatments as inpatient rehab programs, they don’t provide the same drug-free environment.

Avoiding relapse is the key towards eventually being able to manage your addiction, which is why inpatient treatment is the most effective solution available.

Inpatient programs can also be customized to fit the needs of each individual. An example of this customization is the provision of co-occurring disorder treatment.

This form of treatment accommodates individuals who are suffering from a mental disorder alongside their substance abuse.

Length Of Rehab Programs For Heroin Addiction

Inpatient drug rehab programs for heroin addiction are designed to last for as long as it takes for you to learn how to manage your addiction and the cravings that come with it.

In most cases, inpatient programs are divided into long-term and short-term programs. A short-term program usually lasts for around four to five weeks, which means that the program is also more intensive than a long-term one.

Because heroin addiction treatment needs to be provided in a short time-frame, the treatment that you’re provided with will be highly targeted in its approach.

With this targeted approach, you should go through a significant amount of healing and growth in a few weeks of treatment.

As for long-term inpatient rehab programs, these programs typically last anywhere from 60 to 120 days, which allows for a more measured and relaxed approach to recovery.

Keep in mind that long-term programs can last for as long as six months to more than a year if necessary.

A longer treatment duration may be necessary for individuals with severe heroin addictions and dependencies. During this time, you’ll learn to more effectively cope with your addiction and how to live your life once the rehab program has been completed.

While heroin can be very addictive, it’s possible to wean yourself off the drug by entering into some form of addiction treatment, which should assist you in more effectively managing the symptoms of heroin abuse and addiction.

How To Find Heroin Addiction Treatment And Rehab

Whether you’ve been addicted to heroin for a couple of weeks or several years, this drug will take a toll on your body.

If you want to curb the damaging effects of heroin addiction, it’s highly recommended that you take the steps necessary to get the treatment you need. Contact one of our treatment specialists today so that we can help you find the right treatment solution.

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