Snorting Unisom (Doxylamine): Side Effects And Dangers

Medically Reviewed by Johnelle Smith, M.D. on July 5, 2021

Unisom (doxylamine) is a nighttime sleep aid that can sometimes be misused for its effects. One of the ways it can be misused is by snorting it, which can have serious side effects. Snorting Unisom can be a sign of drug abuse and may require treatment.

Unisom Insufflation | Dangers Of Snorting Unisom

Unisom (doxylamine) is an over-the-counter drug. It is typically used to help people fall asleep or stay asleep.

Unisom comes in tablet form that is meant to be swallowed. Snorting Unisom can be a sign of drug misuse and drug addiction, which may require treatment.

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Why Do People Snort Unisom?

Unisom is a sleep medication that may be misused by young adults or people who have a history of drug abuse or addiction. Snorting Unisom is uncommon.

Someone might snort Unisom to:

  • get high
  • feel drug effects faster
  • feel calm
  • experiment with drugs

Unisom is not a common drug of abuse. It belongs to a class of drugs known as antihistamines, which are not known to cause euphoria or be physically addictive.

Side Effects Of Snorting Unisom

Unisom is primarily taken as a sleep aid. Snorting Unisom may cause side effects of the drug to kick in quicker and may increase the likelihood of serious side effects.

Side effects of snorting Unisom might include:

  • dry nose and mouth
  • nasal inflammation
  • pain in the nose
  • sleepiness
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • chest congestion
  • nausea
  • low blood pressure
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Snorting Unisom with other drugs may cause additional effects. Serious side effects of snorting Unisom may include vision problems, hives, and difficulty urinating.

Dangers Of Snorting Unisom

Unisom is not intended to be snorted. Snorting Unisom can be dangerous, especially if taken with other drugs, including alcohol.

Primary dangers of snorting Unisom include:

  • overdose
  • physical dependence
  • addiction

Unisom Overdose

Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. Although Unisom overdose is uncommon, it can occur by snorting very high doses or taking with other drugs.

Signs of Unisom overdose might include:

  • very high body temperature
  • reddish or flushed skin
  • dilated pupils
  • hallucinations
  • delirium
  • irregular heartbeat

Serious complications from Unisom overdose can occur. Severe overdose may cause seizures, arrhythmia, respiratory failure, coma, or death.

Unisom Abuse And Dependence

Snorting Unisom can be a sign of drug misuse or addiction. People who have a history of drug addiction may snort Unisom if they lack access to other drugs.

Frequently snorting Unisom may also cause drug tolerance. This can cause a person to need higher doses of the drug over time to feel the desired effect.

While not known to be habit-forming, people who snort Unisom may become psychologically addicted or become reliant on Unisom for sleep.

Find Help For Unisom Abuse And Addiction Today

If you’re looking for treatment for Unisom addiction, we may be able to help.

Call our helpline today for more information about Unisom addiction treatment options and to find drug addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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Medically Reviewed by
Johnelle Smith, M.D. on July 5, 2021

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