Top 4 Rehab Centers That Accept New Hampshire Medicaid (Medical Assistance)

Medicaid has been set up to provide health care insurance to low-income people. A resident of New Hampshire who is struggling with addiction has a number of rehab centers to choose from that accept New Hampshire Medicaid.

Rehab Centers That Accept New Hampshire Medicaid

As with most health care, cost is a consideration when a person needs substance abuse treatment. For many people, the expense of addiction treatment means they forgo treatment altogether.

Yet Medicaid programs throughout the United States make treatment for alcohol and drug abuse and other conditions possible for many people.

The other name for New Hampshire Medicaid is Medical Assistance, and it’s operated by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, or DHHS. It allows low-income patients in the state of New Hampshire to afford health care coverage.

If you or a loved one are in New Hampshire and in need of alcohol or drug treatment, you may be able to use your Medicaid plan for treatment coverage.

New Hampshire Medicaid Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment

In 2014, the Affordable Care Act allowed for the expansion of New Hampshire’s Medicaid program, though it is somewhat different from straightforward Medicaid expansion. In New Hampshire’s case, Medicaid expansion operates under PAP, or the Premium Assistance Program.

The health insurance plans for New Hampshire Medicaid may charge copays for prescription drugs. For AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire, for example, the pharmacy copay for prescription drugs is one dollar.

New Hampshire Medicaid also has a substance use disorder (SUD) benefit for its standard Medicaid recipients who are enrolled in the Well Sense Health, the NewHampshire Healthy Families, or AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire health plans.

New Hampshire is also one of only 10 states to receive funding from the federal government under the Maternal Opioid Misuses, or MOM Model. This model tries to support pregnant women with addiction from the early months of their pregnancy to two years postpartum.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs Often Covered By New Hampshire Medicaid

New Hampshire Medicaid’s substance abuse benefits provide access to multiple treatment programs. These may include inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, detox programs, and many other treatment services.

A few addiction treatment services which may be covered by New Hampshire Medicaid, depending on your plan, include:

  • ambulatory medication-assisted withdrawal
  • counseling
  • intensive outpatient treatment
  • partial hospitalization treatment
  • crisis intervention
  • peer recovery support
  • non-peer recovery support groups
  • continuous recovery monitoring

Which drug and alcohol rehab programs you can access may depend on the treatment provider you choose.

Some treatment providers which accept Medicaid insurance programs may include:

  • drug rehab centers
  • drug and alcohol detox centers
  • psychotherapists, who also support the patient’s mental health (outpatient treatment)
  • community centers that also provide mental health services
  • medical clinics, which are able to provide ambulatory medical detoxification

Top 4 Rehab Centers That Accept New Hampshire Medicaid

About 62 New Hampshire drug and alcohol addiction centers accept Medicaid. The following treatment facilities were chosen based on patient reviews, their accreditation, and treatment approaches.

1. Manchester Comprehensive Treatment Center, Manchester

This treatment center offers MAT in the form of buprenorphine and methadone and operates a SAMHSA-certified opioid treatment program. It is an outpatient rehab center, and its medication-assisted treatment is ambulatory, which means the patient can partially detox at home.

In the meantime, they are also helped by such addiction therapies as:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • dialectical behavior therapy
  • anger management
  • motivational interviewing

The rehab center promotes the 12-step philosophy and has special treatment programs for pregnant and postpartum women. They have exclusive services for their buprenorphine, methadone, and DWI patients.

Location and contact information:

20 Market Street
Manchester, NH 03101
(844) 878-7394

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2. Merrimack River Medical Services Healthcare Resource Centers, Somersworth

This alcohol and drug treatment center is another that offers patients medication-assisted detoxification through several layers of outpatient treatment, including regular outpatient services and outpatient drug rehab.

Patients are further helped to heal from their alcohol or drug addiction through therapies, community outreach, anger management, and relapse prevention.

The rehab facility also assists patients with finding social services and offers different types of counseling, including couples and individual counseling. Patients with dual diagnoses and pregnant or postpartum women are helped through special programs.

Location and contact information:

200 Rte 108
Somersworth, NH 03878
(603) 953-0077

3. Southern New Hampshire Medical Center West Campus, Nashua

This medical center belongs to a network of providers who treat addiction. They are comprehensive and offer outpatient, inpatient programs, and partial hospitalization treatment. It’s one of several rehab centers that accepts both Medicaid and Medicare insurance providers.

The recovery center offers programs for patients with co-occurring disorders, members of the LGBT communities, patients with HIV/AIDS, and those who have experienced trauma.

Along with treatment approaches such as individual and couple therapy, they offer diet and exercise counseling and activity therapy. They have a crisis intervention team and offer walk-in services for psychiatric emergencies.

Location and contact information:

29 NW Blvd.
Nashua, NH 03063
(603) 577-5721 x5701

4. West Lebanon Comprehensive Treatment Center, West Lebanon

This drug and alcohol rehab center operates a SAMHSA-certified Opioid Treatment Program. All patients are part of the rehab program even if they have come to be treated for alcohol and other non-opioid addictions. They also offer outpatient treatment.

Other therapies available are motivational interviewing, anger management, relapse prevention, and trauma therapy. The treatment facility also practices community outreach and brief interventions.

Their many special programs are geared toward adult women and men, and pregnant and postpartum women. They offer drug and alcohol screening, housing services, and transportation assistance.

Location and contact information:

254 Plainfield Rd.
West Lebanon, NH 03784
(888) 997-5494

Medical Assistance FAQs

Navigating what your insurance does and does not cover can be difficult when it comes to choosing the right addiction treatment program for you or a loved one. Below are some of the most frequently asked and answered questions about Medical Assistance, or New Hampshire Medicaid.

❓ Does New Hampshire Medicaid Cover The Cost Of Inpatient Drug And Alcohol Treatment?

✔️ New Hampshire Medicaid coverage pays for inpatient treatment programs for drug and alcohol abuse, which traditionally lasts between three and six weeks. It also covers the cost of special residential treatment for pregnant and postpartum women.

❓ Does New Hampshire Medicaid Cover The Cost Of Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

✔️ New Hampshire Medicaid programs cover the costs of several kinds of outpatient treatment, including ambulatory outpatient detox, outpatient drug rehab, and regular outpatient treatment.

❓ Does New Hampshire Medicaid Cover The Cost Of Partial Hospitalization Programs?

✔️ Partial hospitalization, where the patient has at least 20 hours of treatment at a rehab center per week, is also covered by New Hampshire Medicaid.

❓ Does New Hampshire Medicaid Cover The Cost Of Intensive Outpatient Programs?

✔️ Intensive outpatient, or IOP programs, are considered part of outpatient treatment, so they are covered by New Hampshire Medicaid.

❓ Does New Hampshire Medicaid (Medical Assistance) Pay For Medication-Assisted Treatment?

✔️ Medication-assisted treatment is often covered by New Hampshire Medicaid. More and more drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities are having patients undergo detox well before they start on other types of addiction therapy.

That way, the patient won’t be distracted by the discomfort of withdrawal or cravings and can benefit from therapies that support behavioral health and relapse prevention.

❓ Does New Hampshire Medicaid Cover The Cost Of Suboxone?

✔️ New Hampshire Medicaid plans cover the cost of Suboxone, buprenorphine, and Vivitrol to help patients in their recovery from opioid abuse. The patient needs written proof that they are being treated by a substance abuse treatment facility to qualify.

❓ Does New Hampshire Medicaid Cover The Cost Of Methadone?

✔️ New Hampshire Medicaid services do cover methadone under FFS, or fee-for-service and managed care health plans. As with Suboxone and other medications used to treat opioid abuse, the patient needs to have proof they are being treated for addiction.

How To Pay For Costs Not Covered By New Hampshire Medicaid

If you or a family member need addiction services outside of those paid for by New Hampshire Medicaid, you may have a number of private pay options and assistance programs available.

These can include:

  • savings
  • private loans
  • crowdfunding
  • health coverage credit cards
  • non-Medicaid state-financed health insurance plans

Many rehab facilities also offer payment plans, such as the use of a sliding scale.

Eligibility Requirements For New Hampshire Medicaid

To be eligible for New Hampshire Medicaid, a person needs to be a resident of the state. They need to be a citizen, a national, or a permanent resident alien who is in need of health care and whose income is near or below the federal poverty level.

Medicaid eligibility in the state of New Hampshire also requires a person to be pregnant, responsible for a minor child, disabled, or living with a family member who is disabled.

For Medicare, they must be at least 65 years old and not have an income level above $16,971 a year for an individual or $22,930 a year for two people.

Finding A Rehab Center That Accepts New Hampshire Medicaid

There are many ways to find New Hampshire rehab facilities that accept the state’s Medicaid program. For more information about rehab centers near you and which insurance providers they accept, get in touch with one of our addiction specialists today.

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