What Does Subutex Look Like?

Medically Reviewed by Johnelle Smith, M.D. on July 14, 2021

Subutex is a brand name for a medication that is used to treat opioid use disorder. It comes in the form of a white, dissolvable tablet.

What Does Subutex Look Like?

Subutex, also known as buprenorphine, is a prescription medication. It comes in the form of a tablet that is placed under the tongue to dissolve. It is not meant to be swallowed or crushed.

What Subutex looks like can differ based on whether someone receives brand-name Subutex tablets or its generic equivalent.

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Color Of Subutex

The brand-name version of Subutex is white in color. The generic equivalent, buprenorphine hydrochloride, may be white or orange in color.

Shape Of Subutex

Subutex tablets are oval or elliptical-shaped.

The generic version of Subutex may be oval-shaped or round. Suboxone, which is a drug similar to Subutex, may also be round or oval-shaped.

Logo Printed On Subutex

Subutex tablets usually have a number printed on their face. For instance, the 2-milligram dosage of Subutex manufactured by Indivior has a ‘B2’ printed on its face.

Numbers or letters printed on Subutex tablets can vary depending on the manufacturer, dosage strength, and whether someone has received generic or brand-name Subutex.

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What Form Does Subutex Come In?

Subutex is a drug that is only manufactured in tablet form. Other types of buprenorphine, such as Suboxone, Butrans, and Zubsolv may come in the form of a patch, implant, or film strip.

Does Subutex Come In Powder Form?

Subutex does not come in powder form. When misused, Subutex tablets may be crushed into a powder to be either snorted or injected.

Does Subutex Come In Liquid Form?

Subutex does not come in the form of a liquid. Subutex tablets may dissolve in other liquids, but it is not dispensed in this form at a pharmacy or physician’s office.

Finding Subutex Treatment

Subutex is one of several medications that are FDA-approved to treat opioid dependence and addiction. As part of a full drug rehab program, Suboxone can support addiction recovery.

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Medically Reviewed by
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