How To Properly Take Zubsolv

Medically Reviewed by Johnelle Smith, M.D. on December 28, 2021

To properly take Zubsolv, it should be placed under the tongue and fully dissolved before eating, drinking, or talking. If more than one tablet is needed, it’s safe to take it all at once. Zubsolv can be taken indefinitely, for as long as the patient and doctor see fit.

How To Properly Take Zubsolv

Zubsolv is a tablet medication containing buprenorphine and naloxone that should be fully dissolved under the tongue.

It should be taken in two stages: the induction stage and the maintenance stage.

During the induction stage, your doctor will monitor your dose of Zubsolv to determine how your body responds to the medication and how much is needed to treat opioid withdrawal.

Entering the maintenance stage means that you and your doctor have determined the lowest possible dose to achieve the desired results for treating the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

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Steps To Taking Zubsolv

If you or a loved one are beginning Zubsolv treatment, use the following steps to properly administer the medication.

Here are the steps to taking Zubsolv:

  1. Wet your mouth by drinking a few sips of water. This will help the tablet to dissolve most effectively.
  2. Place one tablet under the tongue.
  3. If a second or third tablet is needed, place them on different locations under the tongue and take them all together. Try to avoid overlap as much as possible. If it’s uncomfortable to have more than two in your mouth at once, take the first two together and then take the third once those are fully dissolved.
  4. Allow the tablet(s) to completely dissolve. This should take about five minutes, but it may take longer for some. Do not eat, drink, or talk while the tablet is under the tongue.

When Should I Start Using Zubsolv?

The most important factor in properly taking Zubsolv is timing. In order for Zubsolv to be effective and treat opioid withdrawal symptoms, it needs to be taken at the right time.

Precipitated Withdrawal With Zubsolv

With buprenorphine treatment, it’s important not to take the medication too early. If it’s taken before the body has detoxed from opioids, this will result in precipitated withdrawal.

Precipitated withdrawal happens when there are too many opioids in a person’s system when they start taking an opioid medication.

Because buprenorphine has partial agonist properties, taking it too early will induce opioid withdrawal signs and symptoms.

To avoid precipitated withdrawal, wait at least six hours since your last dose of opioids to take Zubsolv. There should be clear signs of opioid withdrawal before Zubsolv is taken.

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Best Time Of Day To Take Zubsolv

There’s no right time of day to take Zubsolv. The best thing to do is to work it into your daily routine so you remember to take the prescription at the same time each day.

For Zubsolv to work properly, it needs to be taken at the same time daily. You might choose to take it in the morning with breakfast, at night before bed, or some other time in the day.

Make it a time that works for you. And if it’s difficult to remember to take the prescription at the same time every day, set an alarm as a reminder to take it.

What If I Miss A Dose Of Zubsolv?

If you miss a dose of Zubsolv, it’s nothing to worry about. The medication will remain effective for at least 24 hours, so if a dose is missed, the medication should still provide relief.

Take Zubsolv as soon as you remember your missed dose. If you remember it close to the time of your normal dose, skip the missed dose and take Zubsolv at the scheduled time.

Do not take two Zubsolv doses at the same time unless your doctor has directed you to do so.

Improper Use: Do Not Crush, Chew, Or Swallow Zubsolv

Abusing or altering the medication by crushing it, chewing it, swallowing it, or other methods will hinder the effectiveness of the medication.

Zubsolv is designed to work by absorbing directly into the mouth. If a person swallows or chews it, the medicine will not work well and symptoms of opioid withdrawal will return.

If Zubsolv is taking more than five or 10 minutes to dissolve, keep waiting for the medicine to absorb, and do not swallow it. The next time you take it, drink water first to add moisture.

How Long Should I Take Zubsolv?

There is no maximum recommended length of Zubsolv treatment. A person can remain in the maintenance stage of Zubsolv treatment for as long as they’re benefitting from the medication.

Zubsolv treatment can last weeks, months, or years. Most people use the medication for at least a year, but it depends on the needs of the individual seeking treatment for opioid dependence.

Take Zubsolv Alongside Behavioral Therapy

Zubsolv shows the best results when it’s used in combination with behavioral therapies.

Using Zubsolv without psychological and social support will only treat the physical aspects of opioid dependence, and won’t address underlying concerns of mental and emotional wellbeing.

Zubsolv can be combined with behavioral therapies such as:

  • individual, group, and family therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)

Programs that integrate these medical and behavioral therapies may include:

Learn More About Zubsolv Treatment For Opioid Abuse

There are many addiction treatment programs equipped to use Zubsolv and behavioral therapies to treat opioid dependence.

If you or someone you love are struggling with an opioid use disorder, help is available. Call our helpline today to find more information on this medication and how you can get started.

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