About Us

The primary goal of Addiction Resource is to provide information, resources, and strength in support to addicted individuals.

Addiction Resource is an informational content guide serving individuals and their families who struggle with addiction, substance use disorders, and mental health disorders.

Striving to provide relevant information related to addiction and addiction treatment, Addiction Resource is owned by the Addiction Resource Media Group. This marketing group has more than fifteen years of combined knowledge in marketing and more than a decade in addiction treatment content creation.

What We Do

Addiction Resource works in several ways, namely by:

  • providing up-to-date, accurate, and evidence-based information related to addiction, substance abuse, mental health, and treatment
  • connecting individuals with treatment providers and matching them to rehab programs which will best meet their needs
  • facilitating initial assessments to determine if addiction is present
  • referring individuals to informational resources for all their addiction treatment needs

About Our Content

Our content is created with the most current research available and updated regularly by our editorial team.

Topics are selected based on research, which tells us which types of treatment our audience may be looking for, which types of addiction individuals across the nation may be facing, and which types of treatment may be most helpful and effective.

Articles are written based on fact and checked for accuracy by treatment professionals in the industry. For any information relating to addiction treatment or addiction, we use only government-led, medically reviewed, or university-published sources.

Our Mission

Here at Addiction Resource, our goal is to provide the most trusted content for individuals and their families who are researching addiction, substance abuse, and treatment options. We strive to offer a wealth of information that is both useful and completely accurate in our quest to help individuals seek recovery.

Our Editorial Team

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