Cost Of Illicit And Legal Drugs Sold On The Street

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The average street prices for illegal drugs in the United States and prescription medications resold on the street will vary by a number of factors, including the measurement drugs are sold in, where they are sold, and more.

Average Cost Of Drugs Sold On The Street

Drug abuse and addiction can come with a steep financial cost which may be why it’s common to wonder about the cost of drugs sold on the street.

If you believe a loved one is buying and using drugs, the information below might help you understand how much money they’re spending.

Cost Of Illegal Drugs

Illegal (illicit) street drugs are sold throughout the United States. Unlike medications, illicit drugs are not regulated by the FDA, so the cost can vary greatly from one place to the next.

Other factors that may affect how much illicit drugs cost include:

  • the type of drug
  • the measurement of the drug (ounce, gram, etc.)
  • supply and demand

Illegal drugs sold on the street and their corresponding street dose prices include the following.

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Cost Of Legal Drugs On The Street

Legal drugs are sold illegally all over the United States and may be sold by:

  • people who have unused prescriptions
  • people who steal other people’s prescriptions and divert them for recreational use
  • drug dealers who move these prescriptions in areas with high demand

As with illicit drugs, the cost of prescription drugs sold on the street can vary greatly by location, supply and demand, and other factors.

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Opiate Prescription Prices

This group includes the deadly opioid fentanyl, as well as less potent forms of opioids used to treat severe to chronic pain, such as Vicodin (hydrocodone) and OxyContin (oxycodone).

Prices of opioids on the street vary by the drug and the dosage. Common prices for some of these opioids per pill (unless otherwise noted) include the following.

Benzodiazepine Prescription Prices

“Benzos” are highly sought on the illicit drug market for their depressant effects.

Common prices for benzodiazepine pills sold on the street include the following.

Amphetamine Street Prices

Amphetamines are commonly used to treat the behavioral disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), among others.

Street prices for amphetamines per pill are as follows on average.

Other Prescription Drug Street Prices

A vast number of prescription medications are sold on the streets for recreational use.

Some of the most common prescription drug prices per pill on the illicit market include the following.

How Drugs Are Sold: Measurements For Street Drugs

One of the primary factors that can influence the cost of drugs is how they are sold.

The way that drugs are sold may vary based on: the type of drug, average street pricing, formulation, or the preference of the dealer.

One-Eighth Of An Ounce

An eighth of an ounce, also known as an 8-ball, is a common measurement used to describe quantities of drugs like marijuana (weed) or cocaine. An eight-ball is about 3.5 grams.

By The Quarter-Ounce

Street drugs can also be sold by the quarter, or by the quarter-ounce. How far this will get you will depend on the type of drug and your usual dosage.

For instance, a quarter-ounce of weed—or seven grams—can be used to roll 14 joints at half a gram per joint.

In Grams

Drugs can be sold by the gram. This is common when buying powdered drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine, as well as non-powder drugs like cannabis and MDMA.

In Bags

Powder drugs like cocaine and heroin may be sold in small baggies. Plastic baggies are even considered an example of drug paraphernalia, which a roommate or loved one can identify.

The cost of drugs sold by the bag will depend on the average weight and the type of drug. For instance, a “baggie” of heroin may cost about $5 to $10.

Single Doses

Prescription drugs that are resold on the street—as well as party drugs like MDMA—may be sold in single doses for a single event.

A single dose, or a hit, will be less expensive than buying a bottle of pills, buying by gram, or buying by ounce—depending on the type of drug and the typical dosage.

Drug Abuse And Addiction

The use of illicit drugs like cocaine, or the abuse of prescription drugs, can be a sign of drug abuse.

Many drugs commonly sold on the street can become addictive with frequent misuse. This can affect your health, livelihood, and have a steep financial cost.

Drug addiction can also be deadly. More than 109,000 people in the United States died of a drug overdose in 2022, devastating the lives of individuals and families.

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