10 Best Detox And Rehab Centers In Canada

Canadian residents struggle with addiction to alcohol and drugs, although addiction rates are lower than in many other countries. Addiction treatment in Canada involves evidence-based alternative rehab programs and holistic treatment approaches to foster lasting recovery.

Canada Drug Rehab Options

Though Canada’s substance abuse problem isn’t as severe as the United States’ and has actually been waning since 2006, Canada too, has many who are struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Addiction treatment in Canada is comparable to addiction treatment in the United States, though more of the rehab centers in Canada stress holistic methods to help their patients. There is also more of an emphasis on treating First Nations patients in culturally sensitive ways.

For example, First Nations patients can sometimes opt for sweat lodges and traditional medicines to help purge their system of drugs of abuse (detox). This is especially notable in the western part of the country.

Facilities are selected based on accreditation, rehab program efficacy, positive reviews, and other criteria. They are ranked in alphabetical order:

1. Alcove Addiction Recovery For Women, Calgary, Alberta

Located in the province of Alberta, this Canadian-based rehab center provides inpatient rehabilitation, intensive outpatient (IOP), and outpatient services for women, including pregnant women.

Like many of the best detox centers in Canada, they offer holistic rehab programs to heal the entire person and offer substance abuse education and counseling for the patients’ families. Childcare is available as well.

Residential rehab programs include a 12-week program for individual patients which includes:

  • individual therapy
  • group therapy
  • nutritional therapy
  • learning management skills
  • exercise
  • recreational therapy
  • spiritual support

There is also a Mothers and Children program that helps mothers heal from their addiction while their children continue to live with them. It has the same treatment options as the individual program but includes parenting education.

Location and contact information:

1941- 42 Ave. SW
Calgary, Alberta, T2T 2M6
(403) 984-2707

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Plymouth, Massachusetts

2. Athabasca Health Authority—Addiction Services, Saskatchewan

This Athabasca Health Authority is an outpatient rehab center in Canada geared toward adolescents who are struggling with substance abuse. Based in Saskatchewan, they treat patients from the area of Black Lake, Fond du Lac, Stony Rapids, Uranium City, and Camsell Portage.

They treat patients holistically and have specialized rehab programs for pregnant women and members of First Nation communities. Athabasca provides aftercare for those who have graduated from their addiction treatment programs.

Location and contact information:

Box 124 Black Lake
Saskatchewan, S0J 0H0
(306) 439-2200

3. Aurora Recovery Centre, Gimli, Manitoba

Open 24 hours, this 70-bed residential rehab and detox facility in Manitoba provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment for people struggling to overcome addiction.

To that end, they employ evidence-based treatment, medical detox to help patients withdraw from their drug of abuse in a monitored and secure environment, and holistic treatment.

Inpatient treatment programs here include:

  • continuing care
  • family counseling
  • individual counseling
  • a physical fitness program that includes yoga, hiking, meditation, and swimming

Patients can attend 30-, 45-, 60- or 90-day treatment programs after they have completed detox. Aurora helps patients transition into sober living or transitional housing and encourages them to follow the 12-step or 12 traditions approach. Outpatient treatment services include comprehensive addiction treatment, or CAT, for patients with a dual diagnosis.

Location and contact information:

20025 Lakeside Rd.
Gimli, Manitoba R0C 1B0, Canada
(204) 819-0197

4. Bridges Of Canada Inc., Fredericton, New Brunswick

Found in New Brunswick, Bridges of Canada runs the Sarah Tracy Centre for Women. The inpatient rehab program has room for 21 women who are treated from nine to 12 months and is separated into three phases.

The first phase deals with the patient’s substance abuse, the second phase helps them achieve employment, and the third phase helps the patient re-enter the community.

The rehab center also takes women with a dual diagnosis or those who are suffering from mental illness as well as substance abuse. They also take women who have been involved with the criminal justice system for court-ordered rehab.

Patients at Sarah Tracy are helped by a team of professionals and given treatment and education that includes:

  • 12-step approach
  • life skills
  • individual therapy
  • spiritual support

Location and contact information:

47 Avonlea Ct.
Fredericton, New Brunswick E3C 1N8, Canada
(506) 443-9960

5. Canadian Centre For Addictions, Port Hope, Ontario

This private rehab facility in Ontario offers patients medically supervised detox on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Patients struggling with prescription medications, marijuana, heroin, and crack/cocaine are treated as well as patients addicted to alcohol.

CCFA treats patients with a dual diagnosis and stages interventions. They also provide lifetime aftercare. Other outpatient addiction treatment services are individual and group counseling by counselors who are certified in addiction medicine.

Location and contact information:

175 Dorset St. W
Port Hope, Ontario L1A 1G4, Canada
(855) 939-1009

6. Charles J. Andrew Youth Treatment Centre, Newfoundland

Located in Newfoundland in the eastern part of Canada, this rehab center offers inpatient rehab programs, medical detox, and outpatient treatment programs for adolescents struggling with addiction. They treat patients holistically to help heal their minds and spirits as well as their bodies and have substance abuse education for patients and their families.

Like many places that provide addiction treatment in Canada, the rehab center welcomes and is culturally sensitive to members of the First Nations communities.

Other services offered by the alcohol and drug rehab center include:

  • individual therapy
  • family therapy
  • group therapy
  • prevention
  • family programs
  • community outreach
  • aftercare
  • emotion management
  • stress management

Location and contact information:

North West River
Newfoundland and Labrador, A0P 1M0
(709) 497-8995

7. Chatsworth Pavilion, Montreal, Quebec

Found in Montreal, this residential rehab program helps patients heal from addiction to drugs and alcohol largely through counseling, including individual and group counseling. The short-term residential program lasts for three weeks, and groups are kept to no more than six patients. Counselors serve no more than two patients.

The staff at Chatsworth provides psychiatric health services and helps patients understand the biology of addiction. They examine the relationships the patients have with themselves and their families and the trauma and negative experiences that have contributed to their substance abuse.

Other addiction treatments utilized here include:

  • inner child work
  • trauma therapy
  • experiential therapy
  • role play

There is also a two-day family program, and the staff stages interventions if necessary.

Location and contact information:

5890 Monkland Ave.
Suite 16
Montreal, Quebec H4A 1G2, Canada
(514) 931-2999

8. Crosbie House, New Minas, Nova Scotia

Located in Nova Scotia, this Canadian inpatient rehab facility’s focus is on homeless people who are grappling with substance abuse. They encourage patients to follow the 12-step philosophy and offer counseling for groups, families, and individuals.

They also have services for employees and family programs. Most of their residential rehab programs last for four weeks.

Other types of treatments offered include:

  • aftercare
  • relapse prevention
  • education in substance abuse
  • counseling tailored to the patient’s drug of abuse

Patients also benefit from recreation such as hiking and exercise in the facility’s exercise room. There is a spiritual room for meditation available as well.

Location and contact information:

113 Cornwallis Ave.
New Minas, Nova Scotia, B4N 3M9
(902) 681-0613

9. Harbour Light Detox, Vancouver, British Columbia

This alcohol and drug rehab center is operated by the Salvation Army, which has dozens of facilities in the United States and many other countries. In the Vancouver rehab facility, they run both a residential addiction program and a detox program.

The residential treatment program is divided into phases. The first phase lasts 90 days and treats the patients intensively for their substance abuse. The second phase, which lasts eight weeks, focuses on life skills. The supportive care phase lasts at least 18 weeks, and the last phase concerns aftercare. The patient is by then living in sober housing even as they stay in connection with the facility.

The detox program serves patients ages 19 and older and helps them withdraw from their drug of abuse in a safe and supportive space.

During detox, patients are often helped through:

  • 12-step meetings
  • music therapy
  • acupuncture
  • counseling

Location and contact information:

119 E Cordova St.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 1K3, Canada
(604) 646-6844

10. Neworld Medical Detox, Ontario

This inpatient rehab center in Ontario helps patients with medically managed detox from both drugs and alcohol. The staff uses buprenorphine and naloxone to help patients withdraw from opioids, including prescription opioids.

Patients at Neworld are given round-the-clock care and an exit plan tailored to their needs. This can include a post-detox placement. They offer drug testing and yoga and meditation sessions led by a certified yoga instructor as a way to cope with anxiety and stress.

Location and contact information:

13604 6th Line, Limehouse
Ontario L0P 1H0, Canada
(844) 639-3389

How To Find Alcohol And Drug Addiction Treatment In Canada

Finding help for addiction is vitally important, as addiction to drugs or alcohol can lead to calamity in all aspects of your life. Fortunately, there are many excellent detox and drug rehab programs in Canada.

Despite this, it may be a good idea to consider traveling for help outside of your neighborhood or city. You may even want to travel to the United States. New Brunswick, for example, borders the state of Maine while British Columbia borders Washington state.

Traveling separates you or your loved one from relapse triggers, gives an extra layer of protection to your privacy, might introduce you to more effective treatments, and gives you more of a reason to stick with a treatment program.

Updated on July 24, 2020

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