10 Best Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers in Alaska

Updated on July 16, 2020

The state of Alaska has an alarmingly high rate of drug and alcohol addiction. Fortunately, there are a variety of inpatient rehab centers in Alaska available to help individuals overcome addiction and live a life of recovery.

10 Best Drug Detox And Rehab Centers In Alaska

Top 10 Inpatient (Residential) Addiction Treatment Centers In Alaska

The state of Alaska offers individuals a variety of inpatient treatment options to overcome addiction to substances like drugs and alcohol. Many addiction treatment facilities focus on the 12-step process, using it to promote a healthy and addiction free lifestyle that will last long past the end of treatment.

With drug rehab facilities that accept youth, pregnant women, mothers with children, American Indians and Alaska Natives, and men, there is a treatment option for everyone in Alaska.

This list has been ordered alphabetically.

1. Akeela Inc. Akeela House Recovery Center, Anchorage, Alaska

The Akeela House Recovery Center in Anchorage, Alaska is a long-term residential treatment center. This drug rehab center has 48 beds and can house both men and women. Akeela House is also equipped to handle co-occurring disorders since most residents are dually diagnosed.

While at this rehabilitation facility, individuals learn how to control their addiction and overcome it by identifying the triggers that lead to drug and alcohol use. Residents also learn relapse prevention methods to keep from returning to addictive behaviors in the future.

Location and contact information:

Akeela Inc. Akeela House Recovery Center
360 West Benson
Suite 300
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
(907) 565-1200

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2. Akeela Inc. Stepping Stones Residential Program, Anchorage, Alaska

The Stepping Stones Residential Program in Anchorage, Alaska is a residential treatment program for women with children. This rehab center allows mothers to seek treatment without having to be separated from their children.

Stepping Stones has 15 individual apartments for women and their children to live while overcoming addiction. The facility provides daycare for the children so that mothers can focus on healing during the day and not have to worry about their children. This residential treatment facility is also equipped to handle and treat co-occurring disorders.

Location and contact information:

Akeela Inc. Stepping Stones Residential Program
360 West Benson
Suite 300
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
(907) 565-1200

3. Alaska Dream Center, Palmer, Alaska

The Alaska Dream Center in Palmer, Alaska is a two-year, faith-based, inpatient rehab program that takes place in a variety of different levels and phases.

First Phase – Level One

The first phase, which lasts one year, is made up of four different levels. Level one is the orientation phase that lasts three weeks. In this level, residents attend classes that teach them to recognize and change the destructive thoughts and behaviors that lead to drug use and abuse.

First Phase – Level Two

Level two is the recovery phase that lasts 16 weeks. During this level, individuals participate in a holistic treatment method that focuses on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual exercises to help heal past wounds as well as to find the root of their addiction.

First Phase – Level Three

Level three is the application phase. During these 12 weeks, residents apply what they have learned so far and work on creating a solid foundation for their future by learning more about how to keep their future free from addiction through religious teachings.

First Phase – Level Four

Level four, the transition phase, is the final level of phase one. This level lasts for twelve weeks and individuals learn how to apply their new skills to their lives outside of treatment and to become functioning member of their community.

Second Phase

Phase two of the Alaska Dream Center residential rehab program lasts for another year. During this time individuals are still given specialized treatment for their unique needs as well as given access to the opportunity to complete their GED and attend the vocational training facility.

Participants can learn various skills that will assist them in finding a job after treatment. The Alaska Dream Center provides individuals with an opportunity to overcome addiction while learning valuable skills that they can apply to their future.

Location and contact information:

Alaska Dream Center
8117 East New Hope St
Palmer, Alaska 99645
(907) 746-3736

4. Bridge Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation, Juneau, Alaska

The Bridge Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation center in Juneau offers individuals struggling with an addiction to alcohol a chance to make addiction part of their past. This addiction treatment facility offers both inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient treatment options so that location is never an issue.

The Bridge allows individuals across the state of Alaska to have access to treatment. This rehab center also offers a Christian-based rehabilitation approach. By combining the traditional 12-step process with faith-based teachings, individuals can heal both their mind and body.

Location and contact information:

Bridge Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation
225 Front St
Juneau, Alaska 99801
(855) 906-4111

5. Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital, Anchorage, Alaska

The Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska is an inpatient rehab program designed for military service members and veterans who have experienced trauma, need to go through the detoxification process, or need rehabilitation for substance abuse. This Joint Commission-accredited rehab facility also extends substance abuse treatment to dependents who are 18 years or older.

Residential treatment at this facility is based on a holistic approach to overcoming addiction. Holistic treatment focuses on all aspects of the individual, mind, body, and spirit, to provide the best and most effective healing process possible.

Location and contact information:

Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital
1650 South Bragaw
Anchorage, Alaska 99508
(907) 258-7575

6. Graf Rheeneerhaanjii, Fairbanks, Alaska

The Graf Rheeneerhaanjii in Fairbanks, Alaska is a residential rehab facility for American Indian and Alaska Native adolescents ages 12 to 18.

Services at this facility include:

  • individual therapy
  • mental health services
  • anger management
  • group and family therapy
  • academic education with correspondence schools
  • 12-step meetings

Inpatient treatment typically lasts between 12 and 14 months, but is different for each individual.

This drug rehab program is designed to help Alaskan youth overcome addiction by identifying and learning how to handle triggers that lead to drug and alcohol use. Youth are also given the skills to be able to overcome challenges that occur in everyday life so that they can avoid a relapse after treatment has ended.

Location and contact information:

Graf Rheeneerhaanjii
2550 Lawlor Rd
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709
(907) 455-4725

7. Ideal Option, Wasilla, Alaska

Ideal Option in Wasilla, Alaska offers medication-assisted treatment for individuals struggling with addiction to opioids, amphetamines, alcohol, tobacco, or other substances. Treatment is administered by physicians who are double board-certified in both addiction medicine and emergency medicine.

Treatment starts with a physical and mental evaluation where the individual is prescribed a medication to help lessen withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Along with medication, individuals are expected to participate in specialized counseling to learn how to identify triggers of substance abuse and learn how to manage them.

Counseling and psychological services at Ideal Option include contingency management, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, individual counseling, and group counseling. All counseling is provided by licensed chemical dependency professionals and master-level social workers.

Location and contact information:

Ideal Option
5431 East Mayflower Lane
Unit 4
Wasilla, Alaska 99654
(877) 522-1275

8. Serenity House Treatment Center, Soldotna, Alaska

The Serenity House Treatment Center in Soldotna, Alaska is an inpatient rehabilitation facility for individuals struggling with substance use disorders. This rehab center is located on 40 acres of wooded land and has 12 patient beds. Using an intensive treatment program, rehabilitation typically lasts six to eight weeks, depending on the specific needs of each individual.

By using the 12-step program, Serenity House provides individuals with the resources and skills to live a life free of addiction. This facility is also able to identify and treat co-occurring disorders that can hide beneath the addiction.

Families are also encouraged to participate in group therapy during the weekly Family Day. This allows families to better understand the source of a loved one’s addiction and to be a part of their recovery.

Location and contact information:

Serenity House Treatment Center
250 Hospital Place
Soldotna, Alaska 99669
(907) 714-4404

9. Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC): Raven’s Way, Sitka, Alaska

Raven’s Way, part of the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium, in Sitka, Alaska is a nationally accredited inpatient treatment program for Alaskan youth, ages 13 to 18, struggling with substance abuse.

Treatment combines conventional rehabilitation programs, adventure-based therapy, and Native cultural activities. This holistic treatment approach focuses on developing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strengths to overcome addiction.

This rehab center employs licensed and certified staff that includes psychologists, therapists, alcohol and drug counselors, and a secondary education teacher.

Location and contact information:

Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC)
1200 Seward Ave
Sitka, Alaska 99835
(907) 966-8714

10. Women And Children’s Center For Inner Healing, Fairbanks, Alaska

The Women and Children’s Center for Inner Healing in Fairbanks, Alaska is a residential rehab center for women who are struggling with substance abuse and also have children. This drug rehab facility has 12 beds and is for pregnant women and mothers with children up to the age of 7. The average length of treatment is four months, but depends on the needs of each individual.

Treatment at this facility includes:

  • individual psychotherapy
  • group and family therapy
  • mental health services
  • anger management
  • 12-step programs
  • healthy parenting groups
  • infant and toddler programs
  • pre-school and school-age programs

The Women and Children’s Center for Inner Healing focuses on giving women the help that they need to overcome addiction without having to leave their children.

Location and contact information:

Women And Children’s Center For Inner Healing
3100 South Cushman St
Fairbanks, Alaska 9970
(907) 451-8164

How To Find Inpatient Rehab Centers In Alaska

Substance abuse treatment, like inpatient rehab programs, can help addicted individuals make lasting changes toward recovery. The most effective treatment for severe addictions is residential rehab programs, but this form of care may not work for everyone.

To learn more about your addiction treatment options in Alaska, or to find a rehab center near you, talk to an addiction treatment specialist today.

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