Mormon Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

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For many individuals struggling with addiction, treatment starts with a faith-based healing practice. Mormon drug and alcohol rehab programs may be just what you need to finally overcome your addiction once and for all.

Mormon Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

Using religion and spirituality when treating individuals struggling from addiction can catalyze the healing process by providing addicted individuals with a community for support and guidance.

With their faith at the forefront, addicted individuals will feel like they are not alone in their addiction. Using religion and spirituality like that found in Mormonism can help give addicted individuals much-needed purpose and direction in life.

Mormon alcohol and drug rehab centers help individuals utilize their faith to aid in becoming sober, entering addiction recovery, and building a substance-free life.

What Are Mormon Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers?

Mormon alcohol and drug rehab centers offer programs for addicted individuals that adhere to the basic principles of the Mormon faith. The main principles of the Mormon faith are highlighted in the Articles of Faith.

They are as follows:

  • The belief in God
  • Men will be punished for their sins
  • Christ will save men from their sins
  • Faith, repentance, baptism and the Holy Ghost are the Gospel’s main aspects
  • Man must let God speak through him
  • The modern church is the same as the first church
  • Prophecy is a real gift
  • The Bible and The Book of Mormon are the word of God
  • God will continue to reveal many great things
  • Christ will reign again
  • Worshiping God is a privilege
  • The law should be followed
  • Honesty and virtue should always be sought first and foremost

These elements keep addicted individuals held accountable for their sinful actions, while giving them an opportunity to seek assistance outside of themselves for full, comprehensive healing from their addiction.

What Happens In A Mormon Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center?

In a Mormon-based rehab program, activities are designed to be informative and educational for those suffering from addiction so that they may locate, pinpoint, and then eradicate the source of the individual’s addiction.

Sometimes, an individual’s entire family has been harmed and affected by the individual’s addiction. Therefore, Mormon rehabilitation centers find it prudent to incorporate the family into certain aspects of the recovery process, when and if necessary.

In Mormon alcohol and drug rehab centers, the services and programs offered include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • following of the 12-step program
  • the practice of mindfulness
  • guidance in interpreting The Book of Mormon
  • individualized support from substance abuse therapists

Ultimately, it is up to those individuals struggling with substance use disorders to get themselves well. However, faith-based addiction treatment is designed to provide the foundation for true healing to occur.

Mormon-based rehab programs can aid in allowing the individual to concentrate on getting well and living a life that far exceeds their expectations.

Addiction can take away an individual’s life force, so getting those suffering from addiction to find a way out of that trap is crucial to lasting recovery.

Goals Of A Mormon-Based Rehab Center

Every individual is different. That is why each individual suffering from addiction will have different spiritual and recovery goals in mind.

Faith-based addiction treatment is structured so that it is highly personalized. The path to recovery does not have to be so wayward if it is guided by God.

The goals of a Mormon-based rehab center will include helping an individual to not only connect or reconnect with God, but to put God and their faith at work in their everyday lives in order to foster lasting recovery results.

Benefits Of A Mormon-Based Rehab Center

Mormon-based rehab centers operate on the foundational belief that God will come through for those addicted individuals who call out to Him for help and leadership. The advantages of these types of rehabilitation centers are extensive.

Spirituality is not separate from the bodily being. Recognizing the body’s need for spiritual healing can make religion a very appealing aspect to follow for those who are stuck in the throes of addiction.

How Mormon-Based Rehab Programs Can Aid In Recovery

Faith-based healing methods can make recovery possible because they give the individual suffering from addiction the tools needed to heal themselves.

Faith works alongside love, hope, compassion, and forgiveness. Many addicted individuals are operating on intense feelings of low self-worth and self-loathing.

Mormon-based rehab programs work to reprogram the addicted individual’s mind and get them to a place where they stop desiring to self-destruct and begin desiring to grow and to better themselves.

New beginnings can be found through these rehab programs. Recovery begins with the individual exploration of faith. Addiction is rooted in darkness.

Mormon-based rehab centers intend to shed light on the darkness by surrounding addicted individuals with support, love, guidance, and scripture to guide them out of these dark times and dark ways of living.

Addiction is often enmeshed in an attitude of denial. Following the Mormon religion and enhancing one’s spirituality can bring the truth and reality of life into the addicted individual’s mind.

Triggers can often cause those suffering from addiction to relapse. That is why Mormon rehab centers help addicted individuals pinpoint their own triggers and learn healthy coping mechanisms. This involves strategizing and developing a plan that will lead to lasting sobriety.

Finding A Mormon-Based Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center

Locating Mormon-based rehab centers and Mormon-based rehab programs may require some searching. There may not be viable options in the addicted individual’s hometown and they may need to consider traveling or relocating to find a rehab center that is applicable to them.

It is pertinent that those struggling with addiction do their research to ensure that they locate the right program for them. Contact one of our treatment specialists to determine which rehab programs are available for you or a loved one.

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