List Of The 10 Best Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Florida

Updated on July 31, 2019

Florida is known as the “rehab capital of the United States” for a good reason. More treatment centers are found in Florida than any other state. With that being said, there are many unsavory providers. The following is a list of the top ten drug and alcohol rehab centers in Florida. The facilities that made the list were accredited, had great reviews, solid treatment programs, and a number of other criteria.

10 Best Detox And Drug Rehab Centers In Florida

List Of The Top 10 Florida Inpatient Addiction Treatment Centers

The state of Florida offers several residential treatment facilities that focus on healing all aspects of a person, not just their addiction. Holistic treatment is accomplished by creating customized treatment plans for each individual so that they can get the care and treatment that they need to have a successful recovery.

Many of these facilities also offer gender specific programs and relapse prevention programs which teach individuals the skills necessary to identify triggers that lead to substance abuse and cope with them without turning to the use of drugs or alcohol. Florida has a recovery center for everyone.

This list has been ordered alphabetically.

1. Beaches Recovery, Jacksonville, Florida

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida provides a variety of addiction services for men and women looking to overcome their addiction. The initial phase of treatment begins with a medically supervised detox.

Beaches Recovery believes that going through detox can be the difference in treatment that makes a recovery successful. After detox individuals can go into an inpatient treatment program. This facility offers separate programs for men and women so that everyone gets the treatment that they require in a safe and distraction free environment.

Each treatment plan at Beaches Recovery is designed with the individual in mind so each patient has a customized and holistic program. Treatment for men and women both utilize individual and group therapies to promote a life of sobriety and abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

During treatment, men and women reside in the luxurious facility to help promote a safe and supportive environment that is most conducive to healing. This facility also offers executive rehab for men and women who are unable to leave their jobs for the amount of time that in inpatient treatment program requires.

Location and contact information:

Beaches Recovery
390 16th Ave South
Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250
(866) 605-0532

2. Beachside Rehab, Fort Pierce, Florida

Beachside Rehab in Fort Pierce, Florida is an inpatient rehabilitation facility for individuals struggling with addiction. This facility provides a luxurious and supportive environment for recovery to take place.

Addiction affects everyone differently which is why Beachside requires individuals to go through an assessment where they meet with trained addiction professionals to create an individualized treatment plan that is best suited to their needs as well as medical requirements. Patients are also assigned their own therapist upon arrival so that they can begin the journey to recovery right away.

Treatment programs at Beachside Rehab typically include:

  • individual and group therapy
  • family counseling
  • EDMR therapy
  • expressive art therapy
  • educational drug addiction therapy
  • and relapse prevention classes and support to encourage individuals to live a life of sobriety long after treatment has ended

Beachside focuses on encouraging positive and healthy choices to make the best of an individual’s recovery.

Location and contact information:

Beachside Rehab
300 South 6th St
Fort Pierce, Florida 34950
(888) 382-4939

3. Evolutions Treatment Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Evolutions Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida offers long-term inpatient programs to those struggling with addiction. Long-term treatment typically lasts for three or more months so that an individual has adequate time to fully recover.

At Evolutions, individuals entering the program go through an intake process where they are evaluated and given a customized treatment plan. This approach allows individuals to have the best possible chance at a lasting recovery. Treatment at this facility is based on levels that everyone progresses to at their own pace.

Typically, treatment starts out with a higher degree of intensity and more time devoted to individual therapies. As treatment goes on and individuals and their treatment team feel they are ready to move on, they can graduate to less intensive levels that focus more on group therapies.

Evolutions Treatment Center is dedicated to helping individuals recover at their own pace and go on to live a life free from addiction.

Location and contact information:

Evolutions Treatment Center
2901 West Cypress Creek Rd
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33009
(833) 818-3031

4. Fairwinds Treatment Center, Clearwater, Florida

Fairwinds Treatment Center in Clearwater, Florida believes in the importance of an inpatient rehabilitation program for individuals looking to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Individuals who enroll in the inpatient program at Fairwinds are required to stay at the facility for the duration of treatment so that they can stay on course and have the best possible chance at recovery.

As part of recovery, it is important for patients to have access to 24 hour care. At Fairwinds, experts are available around the clock to provide the support and care that is needed during the recovery process. Fairwinds Treatment Center also offers customized treatment plans for each patient.

While in the program, individuals will receive daily treatment that can consist of group therapy, one-on-one sessions, or regularly scheduled meetings. Every addiction is different which is why each treatment plan is based on the needs of the individual.

Another important aspect of recovery is that individuals feel comfortable and supported while they journey through treatment. This facility makes it their goal to ensure that each patient is comfortable with the environment, peers, and doctors.

Fairwinds Treatment Center is dedicated to the recovery of each individual.

Location and contact information:

Fairwinds Treatment Center
1569 S. Ft. Harrison Ave
Clearwater, Florida 33756
(855) 289-0326

5. Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Naples, Florida

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in Naples, Florida is an inpatient, abstinence based, 12-step recovery program for individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol. This facility combines individual therapy, educational lectures, group therapy, and special focus groups to help individuals overcome their addiction.

Each treatment plan is specific to the patient and focuses on physical and mental health as well as healing and mending family relationships that have been affected by the use of drugs or alcohol. This facility also offers medically supervised detox, programs that are gender specific, and treatment for individuals that have been diagnosed with co-occurring disorders.

Location and contact information:

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
950 6th Ave North
Naples, Florida 34102
(855) 401-9086

6. House of Freedom, Kissimmee, Florida

House of Freedom in Kissimmee, Florida offers several different holistic drug and alcohol inpatient program options. Individuals can choose from treatment plans that can last 30 days, 60 days, or even 15 months.

While in treatment, individuals have access to 24 hour care provided by a team of highly trained professionals that consists of:

  • psychiatrists
  • licensed medical professionals
  • addiction professionals and counselors
  • behavioral health technicians,
  • personal trainers from the National Academy of Sport Medicine

Each program at the House of Freedom is customized to fit the needs of each individual, but typically include:

  • individual and group therapy
  • medication management
  • psychiatric evaluations
  • recreational therapy
  • meditation exercises
  • sauna baths
  • career and educational development
  • family therapy
  • psychological assessments
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • physical conditioning

This approach focuses on healing all aspects of addiction by treating the mind, body, and spirit.

House of Freedom is dedicated to helping patients achieve a long lasting recovery by offering relapse prevention services to help individuals identify situations and triggers that lead to drug use or cravings, how to cope with the triggers, and finally how to develop a safe and alternative route to handle these situations that does not involve the use of drugs or alcohol.

This facility is also the only one in the United States that offers the combination of SPECT imaging, neurotransmitter testing, and DNA testing to help find the root of addiction and provide patients with individualized treatment plans that help develop the skills needed to overcome it.

Location and contact information:

House of Freedom
2311 North Orange Blossom Trail
Kissimmee, Florida 34744
(888) 796-8040

7. Ocean Breeze Recovery, Pompano Beach, Florida

Ocean Breeze Recovery in Pompano Beach, Florida is an inpatient rehabilitation facility that treats the underlying causes of addiction and teaches individuals how to cope with triggers that lead to substance abuse to live a life free from the controlling nature of addiction.

This facility offers a structured and supportive environment that provides a holistic approach to healing. In order to heal the mind, body, and spirit, Ocean Breeze provides gender specific treatment to allow recovery to occur in a distraction free environment, long-term programs for those who need a longer treatment plan, and aftercare programs to support and encourage individuals to continue on the path to sobriety after treatment has ended.

To encourage healing in individuals struggling with addiction, Ocean Breeze operate on three main goals.

The first goal is to address the feeling of powerlessness that patients have towards their addiction and help them understand that they are in control.

The second goal is to address the unhealthy and destructive attitudes and behaviors that lead to substance abuse.

The third goal of this facility is to encourage individuals to make the decision to stay abstinent from drugs or alcohol and create a long-term plan to sustain recovery.

Location and contact information:

Ocean Breeze Recovery
2413 East Atlantic Blvd
Pompano Beach, Florida 33062
(844) 554-9279

8. Phoenix House Oscola Residential Center, Citra, Florida

Phoenix House has over 50 years of experience in treating men and women with addiction and substance use disorders. The treatment philosophy of this facility is that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing which is why everyone deserves treatment that offers privacy and dignity for their recovery.

Long-term success results from providing individuals with the tools and support that they need to turn their back on addiction.

Each person is different and so is their addiction. This is why every patient is given a customized treatment plan that is carried out by a team of professionals including:

  • psychiatrists and psychologists
  • medical professionals
  • social workers
  • family therapists
  • clinical case managers
  • certified alcoholism and substance abuse counselors
  • continuing care counselors
  • wellness specialists
  • vocational specialists.

Individuals work with this team to treat not just their addiction but their whole self; body, mind, and spirit.

Location and contact information:

Phoenix House Oscola Residential Center
15681 US-301
Citra, Florida 32113
(813) 881-1000

9. Wayside House, Delray Beach, Florida

Wayside House in Delray Beach, Florida is a specialized inpatient treatment facility for women struggling with addiction. Highly trained staff work with women on a daily basis to provide support in individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and educational services.

Programs are designed to teach women how to identify triggers and behaviors that lead to drug use and find another way to cope with these without the use of substances to avoid a future relapse.

Wayside House also knows that many women who struggle with addiction also struggle with self-care which is why this facility fosters a safe and supportive environment to help women rebuild their self confidence and find purpose in their life.

Location and contact information:

Wayside House
378 NE 6th Ave
Delray Beach, Florida 33483
(561) 278-0055

10. WhiteSands Treatment Center, Fort Myers, Florida

WhiteSands Treatment Center in Fort Myers, Florida offers an approach to addiction treatment that is unique to each individual. Residents at this inpatient facility will participate in an intake interview where they meet with highly trained treatment professional to develop a plan that is best suited to their treatment needs.

This facility offers several luxurious amenities and employs a team of board certified doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, and counselors that specialize in the treatment of substance use disorders as well as co-occurring disorders.

While programs at this facility are customized to each patient, treatment typically includes medically supervised detox for those who need it, individual and group therapy, educational classes and talks by experts to help understand how addiction affects the mind and body, and physical activity to enhance emotional well-being.

A variety of insurance plans are also accepted at this facility so that individuals can have access to the treatment that they need. WhiteSands provides a safe and supportive environment that is best suited to help individuals overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Location and contact information:

WhiteSands Treatment Center
1820 Colonial Blvd
Fort Myers, Florida 33907
(877) 762-9364

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