Protestant Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

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Addiction treatment can be sought in a variety of ways. Religion and spirituality in addiction treatment can help individuals heal while being aided and supported by their faith.

Protestant Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

Faith-based addiction treatment, such as Protestant-based rehab programs, can provide a great support for addicted individuals seeking to integrate their faith into recovery.


What Are Protestant Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers?

Protestant alcohol and drug rehab centers utilize the basic principles of the Protestant faith.

The faith refers to these principles and more:

  • Man is corrupt in Nature.
  • Grace comes from God alone.
  • Salvation comes from Christ.
  • Scripture provides the foundation for faith.

These principles enforce the idea that man is going to sin no matter what. Addiction is similar to excess, which is a sin. It is in man’s nature to be sinful. However, grace comes from God. Grace cannot come from man because of his sinful nature. It must be sought elsewhere.

Thus, freedom from addiction and forgiveness for falling into the trap of addiction come from God. Christ saves sinners because they cannot save themselves. The scriptures in the Bible will provide the guidance necessary to keep the faith.

If addicted individuals are provided with proper support in the scriptures and given an example of how to successfully recover and live a truly wonderful life without reliance on external substances, they can grow, evolve, and find the things they truly want in life.

Protestant drug and alcohol rehab centers aim to provide individuals with everything they need to both enter addiction recovery and restore their faith.

What Happens In A Protestant Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center?

Those suffering from addiction will find many methods towards healing in a Protestant-based rehab program.

These methods can include but are not limited to:

  • worship services
  • counseling sessions (group and private)
  • behavioral therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Bible studies and prayer

Individuals will find that they are supported by other like-minded individuals going through the same process. Faith can be a way to bring individuals struggling with addiction together.

Faith-based addiction treatment provides numerous activities and programs that have been shown to prevent relapse from occurring. These are meant to be versatile and to keep addicted individuals focused on their road to recovery.

Worship services can help the addicted individual reconnect with the healing power of the Almighty God.

The programs in Protestant-based rehab facilities are strictly guided by a religious and spiritual awareness. These rehab centers incorporate faith-based counseling sessions so that staff can individually guide the addicted individual on his or her road to recovery.

Bible studies can aid those struggling with addiction in garnering more spiritual support; verses can be tailored to the individual experience.

Goals Of A Protestant-Based Rehab Center

The spiritual goals and recovery goals of Protestant-based rehab centers involve becoming so attached to the faith that the recovering individual does not even need to look towards harmful substances for temporary relief.

The Protestant faith provides lasting relief that those struggling with substance use disorders may turn to when they are having a tough time.

The ultimate spiritual and recovery goal involves the addicted individual giving up control over his or her own addiction and giving that control over to God.

Because addiction is out of the addicted individual’s control, a source outside of the individual must take over. The addicted individual must rely on God’s power in order to recover, instead of his or her own willpower, which will never be enough.

Benefits Of A Protestant-Based Rehab Center

Individuals will benefit from Protestant-based addiction treatment by gaining strength and new insights. Positive life changes can occur when those struggling with addiction are placed within a positive environment.

Utilizing scripture and attending counseling sessions can reinforce positive and hopeful life aspects such as:

  • self-love
  • forgiveness
  • redemption

These aspects and more can also heal the damage done to the addicted individual by his or her addiction. Daily, faith-based activities will help to provide strength to those suffering from the grip of addiction. God can guide addicted individuals out of toxic states.

How Protestant-Based Rehab Programs Can Aid In Recovery

Faith-based healing aids individuals in recovery by providing those struggling with addiction the strength of God when their own strength has been sapped by addiction.

Faith contributes to the prevent of relapse by acting as a continual source for healing, guidance, and hope. Protestant-based rehab centers work to restore the balance that is missing from the lives of these recovering individuals.

Often, the famous 12-step recovery program is used to guide individuals suffering from addiction. Having a community of like-minded individuals in recovery can help the addicted individual find much-needed spiritual and emotional support.

Focusing on God and His word allows the addicted individual to shift his focus off their addiction. Meditations, reflections, journaling, and daily prayer allow individuals to become centered and grounded, thus paving the way for true transformation to occur.

Finding A Protestant-Based Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center

Addicted individuals may want to consider leaving their home city to find the best Protestant-based rehab program for them.

There may be limited options in their town, so they should be open to travel, even out-of-state if necessary, to look for some of the best Protestant-based rehab program for them.

If the individual struggling with addiction realigns their faith, it may contribute to a successful recovery outcome by ensuring that these addictive cycles finally break once and for all.

The Protestant faith provides the addicted individual with a sense of purpose and direction. Please do not hesitate to contact a treatment specialist for more information about entering/finding addiction treatment that suits your own individualized needs.

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Medically Reviewed by
Johnelle Smith, M.D. on October 26, 2020
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