10 Best Drug And Alcohol Rehabs In Minnesota

Updated on September 17, 2019

Individuals struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol will find many of the finest addiction treatment programs in the country in Minnesota. Choosing a rehab center that fits your individual needs is extremely crucial to a positive experience in early recovery.

10 Best Detox And Drug Rehab Centers In Minnesota

List Of The Top 10 Inpatient Rehab Centers In Minnesota

The state of Minnesota offers a variety of treatment options when it comes to an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Many of these facilities provide individuals with customized treatment plans and access to highly qualified professionals to ensure that everyone is getting the care that they need to have a successful recovery.

From highly structured residential programs, to residential programs for individuals with cognitive impairments, to residential programs that specialized in the treatment of co-occurring disorders, Minnesota offers everyone the chance at a long-term recovery.

1. Allina Health, Cambridge, Minnesota

Allina Health in Cambridge, Minnesota is dual licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to treat addiction in conjunction with a co-occurring mental disorder such as depression, PTSD, and anxiety. This facility offers a residential treatment option that is based on the 12-step recovery process, cognitive therapies, and the concepts and philosophies of alcoholics and narcotics anonymous. While in treatment, patients have access to licensed alcohol and drug counselors, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and nursing staff to ensure a healthy and successful recovery.

Location and contact information:

Allina Health
701 S Dellwood St
Cambridge, MN 55008
(763) 689-7700

2. Eden House, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Eden House in Minneapolis, Minnesota offers treatment to any adult struggling with addiction regardless of their financial status. Many patients in this program have long histories of substance abuse and addiction, have been involved in the criminal justice system, or have very little family or financial resources. Men and women who come to Eden House are placed into separate programs that are designed to fit the specific needs of each gender.

Both programs are highly structured and feature personalized treatment plans for each individual. The length of stay varies depending on the needs of each patient and the progress they have made on meeting the goals they and their counselor have outlined on their customized treatment plan.

Residents will also have access to a variety of services while in treatment that include: onsite access to mental health care, developing independent living skills, recreation and social activities, relapse prevention planning, and access to 24-hour professional care. Eden House believes in a successful recovery for everyone.

Location and contact information:

Eden House
1931 West Broadway Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55411
(612) 287-1600

3. Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation – Plymouth, Plymouth, Minnesota

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in Plymouth, Minnesota provides residential treatment for individuals in need. Upon admission to the program, each patient undergoes an evaluation with a highly trained and experienced counselor to determine the specific needs of each individual and create a customized treatment plan. Counselors also work with other treatment professionals that a patient may already be working with to get a full understanding of needs and challenges.

While treatment is different for everyone, typical activities may include: group therapy, individual therapy, spiritual care, wellness and fitness activities, educational workshops, and continuing care planning. This facility also uses a variety of treatment methods that can include: cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, 12-step education, and many more. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has a treatment program for everyone.

Location and contact information:

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
11505 36th Avenue North
Plymouth, MN 55441
(888) 832-7061

4. Lakeplace Retreat Center, Bovey, Minnesota

Lakeplace Retreat Center in Bovey, Minnesota offers residential addiction treatment to men and women in a highly structured environment designed to treat the needs of each individual patient. Located in Northern Minnesota, near serene lakes and forests, this facility provides residents with the opportunity to recover in a safe place away from the influence of drugs or alcohol.

While in treatment, men and women will be housed separately to help minimize distractions in the healing process and patients will have around the clock access to professional care to ensure the safety of each resident and that all treatment needs are being met.

As part of their holistic method to promote healing in the mind, body, and spirit, this facility puts an emphasis on sober recreational activities as an offset to the intense treatment program. Lakeplace is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment to help men and women make addiction a part of their past.

Location and contact information:

Lakeplace Retreat Center
25704 County Road 338
Bovey, Minnesota 55709
(218) 245-1395

5. Meadow Creek, Pine City, Minnesota

Meadow Creek in Pine City, Minnesota is an inpatient treatment facility for women over the age of 18. This facility sits among fields and forests and is staffed by professionals trained in both mental and chemical health needs to provide the best possible recovery experience to women in need.

Meadow Creek offers customized treatment plans to each patient to encourage healthy living and develop coping skills for the future. After completing treatment, women leave with the skills necessary to have a successful life in recovery.

Location and contact information:

Meadow Creek
17305 Meadow Creek Lane
Pine City MN 55063
(763) 444-4838

6. New Beginnings, Waverly, Minnesota

New Beginnings in Waverly, Minnesota offers residential treatment for men and women struggling with addiction. Located on the north shore of Lake Waverly, this program is designed for those who want to escape the daily pressures that lead to substance abuse and recover in a safe and supportive environment.

This recovery program is based on a balance of education sessions, peer support meetings, social activities, exercise, healthy meals, and support from program alumni who have been through the same experiences.

At this facility, treatment does not have to end after completing the residential program. For those who still seek support, New Beginnings offers ongoing clinical support, 12-step education, cognitive and behavioral skills, and alumni support in an outpatient setting. This way, patients can successfully transition back into society without the added worry of a potential relapse.

Location and contact information:

New Beginnings
109 N Shore Drive
Waverly, MN 55390
(800) 487-8758

7. Project Turnabout Centers For Addiction Recovery, Granite Falls, Minnesota

Project Turnabout in Granite Falls, Minnesota offers separate men’s and women’s inpatient programs for the treatment of addiction.

Licensed professionals facilitate healing in men and women through activities such as

  • individual therapy
  • group therapy
  • family therapy
  • mental health services
  • physical fitness services

Individuals learn valuable skills needed to stay away from dangerous substances while growing as a supportive community.

Upon admission, each patient will meet with a multi-disciplinary treatment team to develop a personalized treatment plan based on substance use, psychological health, physical health, and the physical fitness needs of each individual.

While each plan is unique to the individual, they are all based on the 12-step model, substance education, evidence-based therapies, holistic services, and fellowship. Project Turnabout is dedicated to healing all aspects of addiction in each patient.

Location and contact information:

Project Turnabout Centers For Addiction Recovery
660 18th St
Granite Falls, MN 56241
(320) 564-4911

8. Twin Town, St. Paul, Minnesota

Twin Town, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a licensed residential treatment facility for men struggling with addiction. Since the 1960’s, men have come here in search of a way to overcome the grip of drugs and alcohol. Through the self-realization model, patients are taught new ways of thinking to help reduce thoughts of alcohol or other drugs.

During the treatment process, patients will work with a dedicated therapist is both individual and group settings to work towards their recovery. Twin Town is dedicated to healing the whole person and every man that enters into their program.

Location and contact information:

Twin Town
1706 University Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104
(651) 645-3661

9. Vinland National Center, Loretto, Minnesota

Vinland National Center in Loretto, Minnesota provides inpatient addiction care to adults with cognitive impairments like memory issues, learning disabilities, or other defects. This facility is fully accredited and employs highly-trained licensed professionals who are dedicated to adapting proved treatment methods to each unique patient.

Vinland offers several services such as: separate treatment programs for men and women to help minimize distraction, one-on-one counseling to ensure the needs of each individual are met, group sessions to build relationships with peers and create a support system, on-site mental health care by licensed psychologists and psychiatrists, yoga to improve overall mental and physical health, music therapy which provides a variety of benefits, and many more.

Vinland National Center strives to make recovery possible for all individuals.

Location and contact information:

Vinland National Center
3675 Ihduhapi Road
Loretto, Minnesota 55357
(763) 479-3555

10. Wellcome Manor Family Services, Garden City, Minnesota

Wellcome Manor in Garden City, Minnesota provides women struggling to overcome addiction with flexible inpatient care. The treatment program at this facility has been designed specifically with women in mind and provides a safe and peaceful setting in which to recover.

Women with children are also encouraged to seek treatment at this facility. While in treatment, they will receive special classes geared towards child care, parenting, and family development. This way women can learn parenting skills while recovering from their addiction. Women with children reside in a separate wing of the facility so that they can get the care they need without interfering with the care women without children need.

Location and contact information:

Wellcome Manor Family Services
114 Pleasant St W
Garden City, MN 56034
(866) 559-3295

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