Our Editorial Process

Our commitment to providing relevant, people-first content about substance use disorders and mental health.

At AddictionResource.net, our top commitment is to serve our readers with reliable, easy-to-digest information. One reason why we are so committed to this is because the stigma of addiction – that is, the false information surrounding the disease – creates a huge barrier to care. The last thing people facing addiction need is another barrier to care. Treatment needs are often urgent.

Stigma can make addiction seem like a weakness or a choice, not the mental health condition it is. That’s why we’re here to break barriers and help our readers overcome obstacles to treatment.

AddictionResource.net is dedicated to accessible content. Our readers can find a path to treatment no matter their financial situation, level of care required, or background. From our highly vetted rank lists to our in-depth guides about mental health and substance use disorders, we apply rigorous editorial standards to each piece of content we create to help people make well-informed treatment decisions.

Our Commitment To High-Quality Content

At AddictionResource.net, we take several important steps to ensure every piece of content meets our rigorous content standards. From the topic creation, to writing, to the editing and medical review process, every member of the AddictionResource.net team is dedicated to providing the most helpful content to our readers that’s backed by research.

1. Accurate Content

Following on the heels of our commitment to service is our commitment to accuracy. Without accurate information, we wouldn’t be doing our readers a service.

To ensure accuracy, our content team employs the following:

  • Medical review: Medical professionals review our content before it’s published to ensure that all medical terms and related information is accurate. You can find the name and credentials of the medical reviewer on each informational page, along with the review date.
  • Trustworthy sources: At the bottom of each page, you’ll see links to that page’s sources, where data and other information without in-text attribution can be found. We limit our sources to government agencies, educational institutions, and trusted healthcare websites.
  • Editorial check: Each page is reviewed closely by our team of highly trained editors before being published. This ensures that every piece of content we publish is accurate, relevant, and thorough.
  • Editorial independence: None of our content is paid, giving our editorial team independence in choosing content topics and ensuring that our content is not influenced by outside interests.

2. Relevant & Original Content

We are committed to providing relevancy to our readers. We do this by consistently researching topics of interest among our readers and providing new, original content daily. Our current blog, heavily researched guides, FAQ pages, and more provide space to learn about the latest treatment approaches and other trends in addiction recovery.

When writing on challenging topics, we make every effort to circle back to treatment options, because relevancy includes reminding our readers that although addiction is a difficult condition, recovery is possible.

3. Regularly Updated Content

In addition to providing new content daily, we also regularly review our content to ensure its continued accuracy, such as that addiction treatment centers on our lists are still open and providing quality care.

During the update process, we review content for:

  • Up-to-date statistics
  • Factually correct information
  • Fresh sources
  • Outdated language
  • Readability
  • Other important criteria

4. Empathetic & People-First Content

The team at AddictionResource.net is familiar with the difficulties of addiction, including the stigma surrounding it. This strengthens our commitment to providing only helpful, accurate, up-to-date information for our readers. Our editorial team approaches each topic with the intention not just to inform but also to empower our readers to take action in support of their and their loved one’s mental health.

The Importance Of Word Choice

Our content team holds ourselves to the highest standards regarding the words we use when writing about addiction and mental health.

To best serve our readers, we refuse to use any language that may perpetuate stigma. Person-first language never defines a person by their addiction. This includes all language used to describe people with addictions, minority groups, people with mental health disorders, and other important communities that have faced stigma or discrimination.

Our AI Policy

In a world where what you’re reading right now could have been written by AI, the editorial team here at AddictionResource.net wants to assure you that everything on our site is written by humans.

We use AI as a research tool in our editorial process to gather insights and information about mental health and substance use disorders. All content is written by people, for people.

Submit A Question, Comment, Or Content Request To Our Team

Our editorial team wants to hear from you. If you have a topic related to addiction that you’re interested in learning about, have feedback for our team, or have a question we may be able to answer, contact us today.

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