10 Best Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Nevada

Updated on July 14, 2020

Nevada residents who struggle with substance abuse and addiction have a variety of options when it comes to addiction treatment. There are several inpatient treatment programs available to help individuals overcome addiction.

10 Best Detox And Drug Rehab Centers In Nevada

List Of The Top 10 Nevada Inpatient Rehab Centers

As of 2010, the rates of substance abuse in Nevada were higher than the national average, with the most common drugs of abuse being cocaine, heroin, marijuana, amphetamines and opioids, including prescription opioids.

Fortunately, Nevada is home to a range of addiction treatment centers which offer a full continuum of care, including residential rehab programs. Here is a list of the 10 best alcohol and drug rehab centers in Nevada.

This list has been ordered alphabetically.

1. Center For Addiction Medicine, Las Vegas, Nevada

This rehab center has been serving people struggling with addiction and their families since 1998. They are a private treatment center and take a holistic approach. This means they take into account the psychological and spiritual as well as the physical health of their patients.

The Center for Addiction Medicine offers Medication-Assisted Therapy, or MAT, to ease the discomfort of withdrawal. Medication options include buprenorphine, Suboxone strips, and Sublocade injections.

These medications are types of opioids that block the action of other opioids. Antabuse is also offered to patients who have an addiction to alcohol.

The Center for Addiction Medicine, one of the highest-rated rehab centers in Nevada, offers patients comprehensive substance abuse assessments that tell the staff the extent of the patient’s substance or alcohol abuse. This makes it much easier to tailor a program to their needs.

The Center also has an expert witness program for patients who face legal repercussions because of their substance abuse. Patients can also avail themselves of outpatient detox, outpatient or intensive outpatient treatment, individual therapy, and aftercare services.

Location and contact information:

Center For Addiction Medicine
4445 S Jones Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
(702) 873-7800

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2. Desert Hope Addiction Treatment Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

This rehab center, with its patient living quarters, dining hall, gym, and beautifully manicured grounds, tailors treatment programs to the needs of the patient. Rehab programs here are also accredited by the Joint Commission.

They take into account the severity of the patient’s struggles with alcohol or drugs and whether they have comorbidities such as depression or eating disorders. They evaluate their history and determine whether they are at risk for a complicated or very difficult withdrawal process.

Desert Hope offers medical detox to allow the patient to withdraw safely and in more comfort, inpatient rehabilitation, and several types of therapies.

These include:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • dialectical behavior therapy
  • family therapy
  • EMDR, or eye movement Desensitization and reprocessing therapy

EMDR is beneficial for patients who have PTSD, as it uses the patient’s eye movements as they watch the therapist’s hand to help them cope with and release traumatic memories.

Location and contact information:

Desert Hope Addiction Treatment Center
2465 E Twain Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121
(702) 848-6223

3. Destinations For Teens Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada

Adolescents also need help with their struggles with substance abuse, and Destinations focuses on their specific needs. They offer teenagers an intensive outpatient program that allows them to heal from their addictions while they still have the support of living at home.

There’s a partial hospitalization program during the day that allows the patients to partake in family, individual, group, and creative therapy programs. They have a dual diagnosis program for teens who are not only combating drug abuse but mental health issues as well. Treatment here is fully accredited by the Joint Commission.

Location and contact information:

Destinations For Teens Las Vegas
2851 N Tenaya Way, Suite 205
Las Vegas, Nevada 89128
(866) 770-8956

4. Foundation For Recovery, Las Vegas, Nevada

Foundation for Recovery believes that a person can vanquish their problems with substance abuse with the help of education, family, peers, and the larger community. With that in mind, they have special rooms set apart for patients with different needs.

These rooms hold meetings of Heroin Anonymous, Crystal Meth Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics, and Narcotics Anonymous, among many others.

They have workshops for men, women, and couples and a Women’s Success Program. This outpatient rehab program helps pregnant women and mothers of young children who are combating substance abuse and who are involved with Nevada’s criminal justice system.

Location and contact information:

Foundation For Recovery
4800 Alpine Place, Suite 12
Las Vegas, Nevada 89107
(702) 257-8199

5. LYFE Recovery Services, Sparks, Nevada

Also called New Lyfe Solutions, this Sparks location is one of several LYFE Recovery locations and one of the 10 best alcohol and drug rehab centers in Nevada.

They combine outpatient treatment with sober living and pride themselves on a strong and supportive alumni community. They offer intensive outpatient programs, inpatient rehab programs staffed by certified therapists and sober coaches, and partial hospitalization programs.

They guide their patients through a four-phase LYFE process. This is: transition, transformation, tranquility, and triumph. LYFE programs can last as long as three years.

Location and contact information:

LYFE Recovery Services
3430 Mashie Dr.
Sparks, Nevada 89431
(888) 590-9691

6. Mission Treatment Center Of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada

This rehab center serves a variety of patients who have addictions to drugs or alcohol, including young adults and adults, pregnant or postpartum women, and methadone patients.

Rehab programs here offer addiction counseling, medication-assisted treatment, methadone maintenance, and opioid addiction treatment as primary services. Extra services include after or continuing care, discharge planning, and housing services.

Location and contact information:

Mission Treatment Center Of Las Vegas
2887 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
(702) 747-7075

7. Solutions Recovery, Las Vegas, Nevada

This Joint Commission-accredited rehab center offers a holistic approach to addicted and recovering individuals. Patients are treated in peaceful and supportive recovery homes and follow a schedule where they attend individual, group, and family counseling and different forms of therapy.

These therapies include equine, musical, and canine therapies. Solutions also offers 12-step programs and an intensive outpatient program that allows people to live at home and attend school or work.

Location and contact information:

Solutions Recovery
2975 S Rainbow Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89146
(702) 509-7438

8. Vogue Recovery Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

This inpatient, luxury rehab center is accredited by the Joint Commission and offers semi-private rooms and round-the-clock clinician and RN care as well as healthy, gourmet meals. For every client, there are five staff members, and the focus of the center is on holistic therapy.

Vogue residential treatment offers both alcohol and drug rehab and detox, and the patient who is addicted to narcotics can opt for buprenorphine-assisted withdrawal. They receive care 24 hours a day, seven days a week as they withdraw.

Counseling, group therapy, yoga, massage, and fun weekly outings also help Vogue’s patients recover from their substance abuse problems.

Location and contact information:

Vogue Recovery Center
6655 W Sahara Ave., Suite D208
Las Vegas, Nevada 89146
(866) 458-5010

9. We Care Foundation, Las Vegas, Nevada

We Care Foundation features a 12-step-based inpatient rehab program that is exclusively for women and run by women. They live in a structured, supportive environment attended by a staff and sober managers who are available around the clock.

Residents not only attend therapy sessions and group outings, but make meals together and perform other household tasks.

Women meet in small, peer-led groups of no more than eight people. There’s an emphasis on unearthing the trauma that caused the patients to start abusing drugs and alcohol in the first place.

Location and contact information:

We Care Foundation
2216 S 6th St.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
(702) 369-0613

10. WestCare Nevada — Women And Children’s Campus, Las Vegas, Nevada

WestCare has several treatment locations, and this CARF-accredited rehab center in Las Vegas caters to the needs of women who have substance abuse issues and their children.

The rehab program also treats women who are pregnant. For 40 years, Westcare has offered outpatient and residential treatment and substance abuse prevention as well as transitional housing.

They also help an addicted patient detox from drugs and alcohol in a safe environment and offer addiction treatment in Nevada to veterans.

Location and contact information:

WestCare Nevada
5659 W Duncan Dr.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
(702) 385-2020

How To Find Alcohol And Drug Addiction Treatment In Nevada

The best way to find rehab centers in Nevada is to have a consultation with one of our addiction treatment specialists.

Though it’s true that most of the best drug rehab centers are located in or near Las Vegas, you don’t have to stick to these particular facilities for addiction treatment.

It might even be best to travel to a facility that’s not close to where you live. One benefit of this is you will be removed from the triggers that make your struggles with substance abuse that much more difficult to overcome.

For more information on addiction treatment and rehab centers that offer it in Nevada, speak to one of our treatment specialists.

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