10 Best Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Michigan

Michigan is home to Brighton Center For Recovery, one of the oldest treatment centers in the United States. Additionally, Michigan has many other top treatment centers for individuals struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

Michigan Inpatient Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

AddictionResource.net has compiled a list of the top 10 drug and alcohol treatment centers in the state of Michigan after thoroughly reviewing ratings on Google, Facebook, and other websites. The following list of top treatment centers will be revised on a semi-annual basis.

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1. Brighton Center for Recovery, Brighton, MI

As the first-established treatment center in Michigan, Brighton Center for Recovery has been serving people of the metro Detroit, Brighton, Howell, South Lyon, and other areas for over 60 years. This facility offers a variety of programs according to patient need, including inpatient and outpatient programs, access to prevention techniques, and lifelong recovery support.

Individuals can receive medical care and participate in detox programs as needed. The facility provides access to educational programs for family and friends in order to support long-term sobriety for recovering individuals.

2. Dawn Farm, Ann Arbor, MI

Dawn Farm residential treatment centers have two locations: one is situated on a 64-acre working farm and the other in downtown Ann Arbor. On the farm, participants can engage in work therapy, rural living, and enjoy an organic garden. Both locations offer a holistic healing approach to treat the differing aspects of health affected by addiction.

Programs at Dawn Farm are individualized, and may include art therapy, education, recreation, and group and individual therapy. This facility places a strong emphasis on the importance of support in healing from addiction, working to help recovering individuals integrate into their home communities after treatment.

3. Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center, Richmond, MI

Sacred Heart provides addiction treatment in a residential setting, as well as specialized women’s treatment, outpatient services, medical detoxification services, and access to free care for HIV/AIDS.

Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center is located in Richmond, but offers a variety of addiction and health services through its other locations in Bay City, Flint, Saginaw, Port Huron, New Haven, and Madison Heights.

4. Sanford House, Grand Rapids, MI

Sanford House treatment centers are located in two separate houses in Grand Rapids: one for men and one for women. Individuals in the Grand Rapids metro area, Grand Rapids, west michigan, and other areas can seek treatment here. The founders of Sanford House recognize the unique needs of men and women in treatment and devised treatment programs based on these needs.

Some of the services Sanford House offers include relationships in recovery therapy, art and yoga, recreation, fitness and wellness education, exploring loss and grief therapy, stress reduction group therapy, and overdose and relapse prevention.

5. Bear River Health, Walloon Lake, MI

Bear River Health at Walloon Lake provides addiction treatment combined with nature-based activities, like camping and hiking. Located south of Petoskey in Charlevoix County and just two hours from Traverse City, Bear River Health services recovering individuals in northern Michigan and other areas.

The facility’s campus is on four acres, with access to trails, woods, and more. It provides separate residential areas for men and women and allows access to recreational activities like yoga and fitness, as well as to effective treatment methods and detox programs.

6. A Forever Recovery, Battle Creek, MI

A Forever Recovery addiction treatment center offers a tranquil environment for recovering individuals. The center is located on 14 acres with a 60,000-sq.ft. facility. Programs are individualized, but include detox components when needed, behavioral modification therapy, counseling, and access to aftercare support. Located in lower Michigan, A Forever Recovery services individuals in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Calhoun County, and other areas.

7. Skywood Recovery, Augusta, MI

Skywood Recovery believes in the power of nature to help people heal from addiction and mental health issues. The Skywood Recovery facility is located in Augusta, not far from Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and Galesburg.

This rehab center provides treatment programs which incorporate evidence-based treatment methods, like counseling and group therapy, as well as experiential therapy, wilderness therapy, and recreation.

8. West Brook Recovery Center, Grand Rapids, MI

The West Brook Recovery Center provides a variety of addiction and mental health services, including outpatient and residential treatment. The facility also provides a unique Health Professional Recovery Program for addicted health professionals and its Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program, which provides consultations for members of the State Bar and its employees who struggle with addiction and related issues.

West Brook Recovery Center is located in Grand Rapids, or western Michigan, also near Muskegon and Holland, and services addicted individuals in those areas and others.

9. Addiction Treatment Services, Traverse City, MI

Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City serves the northern Michigan area and others, offering detox services, separate, residential services for men and women, and a community outreach center.

10. Best Drug Rehabilitation, Manistee, MI

Best Drug Rehabilitation center provides affordable addiction treatment services, including detox programs, counseling, continued education, and aftercare support. Here, the importance of long-term sobriety and access to relapse prevention services is highly valued. The facility is situated in Manistee, which is the county seat of Manistee county in northwestern Michigan.

The facilities provides access therapy, counseling, personal assessments, and other addiction services, such as outpatient services and intensive outpatient programs.

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