Hebrew Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

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Addiction treatment can be catered towards any addicted individual’s faith. Combining both elements of religion and spirituality into a comprehensive addiction treatment program can encourage individuals towards healing.

Hebrew Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

Following the religious path advocates that the individual give his body to God instead of any harmful substances. Aided by their faith, addicted individuals can be guided through their recovery.

Entering into faith-based addiction treatment through a Hebrew alcohol and drug rehab center may be helpful for Jews who wish to find recovery that lasts, because they have their faith to turn to and to fall back on.

What Are Hebrew Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers?

Hebrew alcohol and drug rehab centers contribute to an addicted individual’s recovery by ensuring that he or she follows the ways of living that the faith has outlined for its followers.

Rehab centers which offer Hebrew-based rehab programs guide addicted individuals through the 13 basic principles of the Jewish faith, which can be applied to all aspects of addiction recovery.

The 13 principles of the Jewish faith are as follows:

  • God is real
  • Believe in God’s absolute unity
  • Belief in God’s incorporeality
  • God was the first being in existence
  • Followers should pray directly to God
  • God has sent prophets
  • Moses was God’s greatest prophet
  • Heaven sent the text of the Torah as a guide
  • The Torah will never change
  • God pays attention to those on Earth
  • God rewards and punishes based on actions
  • The Messiah will come one day
  • The dead will rise

Following and adhering to these basic 13 principles can encourage the addicted individual to develop a closeness with God and to sever his or her bonds with harmful and addictive substances.

What Happens In A Hebrew Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center?

In a Hebrew-based rehab program, the traditional 12-step program is often followed.

Activities for those suffering from addiction may include:

  • worship services
  • daily and guided prayers
  • spiritual meditations
  • Hebrew-based counseling
  • healing workshops

An addicted individual’s recovery can be attained by their attendance of these faith-based programs.

The programs are designed in the name of Jewish tradition and are intended to inspire those struggling with addiction to fully immerse themselves in the community of their Jewish Temple and use Judaism to overcome substance abuse triggers.

Jewish rehabilitation programs are structured to incorporate all aspects of an addicted individual’s needs into the profound teachings of the Torah.

Those struggling with addiction cannot overcome the struggles on their own. Finding a community of individuals going through the same process is an essential part of healing.

The Jewish community and support groups that these programs offer will help keep addicted individuals feeling a little less alone.

Goals Of A Hebrew-Based Rehab Center

The spiritual goals and recovery goals of Hebrew-based rehab centers include the complete integration of Jewish spirituality with addiction recovery.

Addicted individuals can be reborn into their religion, thus removing all ties from their previous addicted way of living. This can be totally freeing. The teachings of the Torah do not change. However, they can be adapted to each individual’s needs and goals.

The Torah speaks the truth. Many who are addicted individuals are in a state of denial. Jewish-based rehabilitation centers bring addicted individuals out of this state of denial and into a state of truth and peace.

Having a relationship with God ensures that he does the true healing and takes the burden off of the addicted individual. Sometimes addiction can be isolating. Finding a Jewish support network and a relationship with God can make the recovering individual feel at home.

Benefits Of A Hebrew-Based Rehab Center

Individuals will benefit from Hebrew-based addiction treatment by developing a reliance on God to help them recover.

Hebrew rehabilitation centers encourage the addicted individual to help himself by using the tools God has given his people. The benefits of these rehabilitation centers are extensive and can truly lead to lasting recovery.

How Hebrew-Based Rehab Programs Can Aid In Recovery

Faith-based healing methods can assist those suffering from addiction by holistically approaching each recovering individual’s needs.

Faith can keep individuals from relapsing because it provides a constant source to tap into when the addicted individual is feeling stressed or strained.

Instead of turning to harmful and addictive substances, the recovering individual relies on the tenets of Judaism that are outlined above.

These principles reinforce the idea that those suffering from addiction are not alone; God is with them.

Hebrew-based rehab centers continually reinforce the concept that God will slowly awaken his children (those struggling with addiction) who have fallen asleep due to their addiction.

The Jewish traditions can be a wonderful way to transition the addicted individual into his or her new way of life. Addiction can be an all-consuming force.

Religious-based rehabilitation centers show compassion to those who are suffering and teach them to have compassion on themselves. Addicted individuals can be smothered by shame, but they do not have to be.

Finding A Hebrew-Based Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center

Addicted individuals may need to look into traveling away from home to find the best Hebrew-based rehabilitation or substance abuse program.

Adequate treatment options may not exist in their town, so individuals recovering should consider traveling. Realigning their faith may contribute to a successful recovery outcome because it gives the addicted individual hope and direction.

Recovering individuals should be sure to explore all treatment options and reach out to Hebrew centers to see if they are a good fit. To learn more about faith-based rehab programs for you or a loved one, contact a treatment specialist today.

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