9 Best Alcohol And Drug Detox Centers In The US

Updated on July 23, 2020

The first step in the recovery process is going through detox, and it’s extremely important if you want to begin your sobriety the right way. Trying to detox on your own can not only lead to relapse, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Finding an accredited and highly-qualified detoxification center is essential for recovery.

Drug And Alcohol Detox Centers

There are a variety of rehabilitation centers that offer both medical detox as well as holistic detox programs for you to stop the use of drugs or alcohol safely.

Learning about the 10 best detox centers for drug and alcohol treatment can help you feel more comfortable with the process as well as getting sober for good.

The following detox centers were selected for their facility accreditation, variety of detox programs offered, staff experience, and past client reviews.

Detox centers are not ranked, but are listed in alphabetical order.

1. Bayside Marin, San Rafael, California

Not far from San Francisco, in San Rafael, California is Bayside Marin, which offers you an amazing setting to begin your recovery process. Bayside Marin offers a serene and luxurious setting that will provide you with peace and comfort while you begin to detox.

Bayside Marin has a complete medical staff, but they also offer a holistic detox program as well. Holistic detox may be something you’re interested in if you’d prefer to not take certain medications while coming down from drugs or alcohol.

Bayside Marin is one of the most comprehensive detox rehab centers in the San Francisco Bay Area, and they will help you regain hope. After detox is complete, you can move on to inpatient treatment to begin your recovery.

Through working with therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, you’ll start to learn behavioral methods that will help you stay off drugs or alcohol for good.

Location and contact information:

Bayside Marin
718 Fourth St.
San Rafael, California 94901
(844) 205-5921

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2. Beyond The Storm, Waelder, Texas

Located in Waelder, Texas, is Beyond the Storm treatment center, which is one of the best detox rehab centers that caters to athletes, executives, and other professionals. This is a high-end addiction treatment center that offers detox as well as addiction recovery services.

Many athletes from the Texas area as well as other parts of the country come to Beyond the Storm after getting hooked on pain medications following a sports injury.

It’s also common for executives and corporate leaders who became caught up with the high-stress lifestyle to choose this luxury treatment center as well.

Beyond the Storm has been providing luxury detox and treatment services for over 30 years, and they pride themselves in complete confidentiality. To start your stay, Beyond the Storm will send a limo to pick you up at any airport in Texas to bring you to treatment.

As you go through the detoxification process, you’ll be made as comfortable as possible while under the care of qualified addiction specialists. After, you can also go through the residential treatment program to participate in therapy that will help you heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Location and contact information:

Beyond The Storm
4168 County Rd. 444
Waelder, Texas 78959
(830) 213-2577

3. Charlotte Detox Center, Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte Detox Center is located in North Carolina and specializes in helping people withdraw from drugs or alcohol, but they also help with a wide range of mental health disorders.

Those who struggle with the disease of addiction typically have an underlying mental illness as well such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or another disorder.

In order to properly diagnose or treat your mental health issues, you’ll first need to go through the detoxification process. Charlotte Detox Center uses the latest in addiction medicine to ease withdrawal symptoms and help you taper off drug or alcohol use as safely as possible.

One of the best parts of this facility is that it’s small, so you get the personalized attention that you need.

Charlotte Detox Center also helps families come together in the recovery process. They’re passionate about the family aspect of recovery because they’re a family-owned and -operated facility. Their family strives to help your family recover.

Location and contact information:

Charlotte Detox Center
8509 Crown Crescent Ct. #B
Charlotte, North Carolina 28227
(704) 326-7328

4. Columbus Springs East, Columbus, Ohio

If you’re from the Midwest or would like to go there to begin your recovery journey, Columbus Springs East can help. This medical detox facility is located in Pickerington, Ohio, and they provide clients with high-quality detox services accredited by the Joint Commission.

Their evidence-based treatment program wants to help reach beyond the typical crisis stabilization model and help you truly recover.

Part of their mission is to help change people’s lives by delivering and managing a full continuum of care from start to finish. They also offer medication management and can assist if you struggle with suicidal ideation.

Location and contact information:

Columbus Springs East
2085 Citygate Dr.
Columbus, Ohio 43219
(614) 300-9100

5. Hathaway Recovery Detox Center, Claremont, California

Hathaway Recovery Detox Center is one of the best detox programs in California, and it’s located in Claremont. They offer a medically assisted detox program that can help you withdraw from alcohol or drugs in a safe and comfortable way.

They have medical staff who will be there with you throughout the entire process. Hathaway Recovery Detox also specializes in pain management for anyone who developed an addiction to the medications they use for chronic pain.

This rehabilitation facility accepts a wide range of commercial health insurance plans, from providers such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Behavioral Health Systems, and many more.

Using your insurance can help you with the cost of the medications and medical treatment you’ll receive while detoxing.

Hathaway Recovery Detox Center also offers a dual diagnosis residential rehab program, so you can also learn how to stay sober after you go through detox. Their rehab center provides both mental health as well as addiction therapy services.

Location and contact information:

Hathaway Recovery Detox Center
1042 E Belmont Abbey Ln.
Claremont, California 91711
(909) 637-4829

6. Recovery Centers Of America At Bracebridge Hall, Earleville, Maryland

Recovery Centers of America at Bracebridge Hall is located in Earleville, Maryland, and provides detox services to the people of the Northeast United States. This detox facility is Joint Commission-accredited and provides services to young adults, adults, as well as those who are elderly.

This facility offers medically supervised detox programs to help elders who are 65 and older withdraw safely from drugs or alcohol, which is extremely important.

The long-term effects of substances can cause a lot of medical issues, so it’s important to have staff who can help you or your loved one through the detox process.

This drug rehab center is located on 560 acres of land with a stunning view of the Sassafras River, which gives you a peaceful place to detox. The staff is passionate about recovery and wants you to know that they believe in you and your ability to turn your life around.

If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction but refuses to get help, this facility also offers intervention services. By having a professional interventionist get involved, you and your family can help your loved one get the treatment they need.

Location and contact information:

Bracebridge Hall
314 Grove Neck Rd.
Earleville, Maryland 21919
(855) 982-1976

7. Retreat Behavioral Health, Lake Worth, Florida

Located in Lake Worth, Florida, is Retreat Behavioral Health, which is near Palm Springs. This inpatient treatment program offers individualized care for anyone who wants to overcome their addiction in a safe setting, beginning with medical detox.

Retreat Behavioral Health is a great facility for anyone who is physically active. They offer a full gymnasium, fitness center, as well as pool. Being active in your early recovery can help greatly with the detox process as well. Rehab programs at Retreat are accredited by the Joint Commission.

Location and contact information:

Retreat Behavioral Health
4020 Lake Worth Rd.
Lake Worth, Florida 33461
(855) 859-8810

8. Safe Haven Recovery, Miami, Florida

In Miami, Florida, you can go to Safe Haven Recovery, and they specialize in opioid detox by offering a suboxone maintenance program. With the current opioid epidemic, many people are struggling with addiction but are deathly afraid of the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

Suboxone is a medication that is specifically designed to help those struggling with an opioid addiction detox in a much easier way.

The medication works by tricking the brain into thinking that you’re still taking opioids, and this gives you the opportunity to begin working on your recovery.

If you find that you’ve been struggling with chronic relapse, the Suboxone maintenance program at Safe Haven Recovery might be right for you.

Location and contact information:

Safe Haven Recovery
540 NW 165th St., Suite 310
Miami, Florida 33169
(786) 800-3529

9. Sierra Tucson Behavioral Health And Drug Rehab, Tucson, Arizona

Sierra Tucson is in Arizona, and they are one of the best detox programs in the Southwest. They are an internationally renowned treatment facility that’s been one of the leaders in detox and behavioral health care for over 30 years.

They offer detox programs accredited by the Joint Commission as well as a combination of evidence-based practices and integrative therapies to help you learn how to manage your addiction for good.

Sierra Tucson also gives you a beautiful setting because it’s located in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains just north of Tucson.

Location and contact information:

Sierra Tucson Behavioral Health And Drug Rehab
39580 S Lago Del Oro Pkwy.
Tucson, Arizona 85739
(844) 276-1469

Finding Detox Centers For Drug And Alcohol Treatment

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