10 Best Detox, Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women who are addicted to drugs or alcohol may benefit from specialized addiction inpatient treatment. The following outpatient and residential rehab programs are designed specifically for pregnant women struggling with addiction.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be the motivation for a woman struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to seek treatment. The challenge of inpatient rehab programs for pregnant women is that the staff of the rehab center is treating not one but two patients.

The goal is not just for the woman to recover from her addiction, but for a healthy outcome for her baby as well.

Here, in alphabetical order, are the 10 best alcohol and drug rehab centers for pregnant women.

1. Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, New York

In service to the residents of Manhattan’s Lower East Side for over a hundred years, Beth Israel Medical Center now helps pregnant women to heal from substance abuse problems.

To that end, they offer outpatient rehab programs as well as individual and group counseling. These drug rehab programs are conveniently scheduled during the day, evenings, and on weekends.

They are especially useful for women who have low-level addictions and need the support of both professionals and others coping with low-level substance abuse problems. Beth Israel also has a methadone maintenance program for people addicted to opioids.

Location and contact information:

Beth Israel Medical Center
109 Delancey St.
New York, New York 10002
(212) 614-2840 x2594

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2. Bridging The Gap Services, Baltimore, Maryland

Bridging the Gap Services provides more intensive addiction treatment for pregnant women than most other outpatient rehab programs. This rehab center works best for those pregnant patients who don’t need inpatient rehab or partial hospitalization services.

The staff helps draw up an ISP, or individual service plan, for the needs of the patient, which is important if the patient is pregnant or has a child. At Bridging the Gap, she gets at least three hours of addiction treatment every week, depending on her needs.

Location and contact information:

Bridging The Gap Services
1043 South Hanover St.
Suites 102 and 103
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
(410) 528-8692

3. Child Center Of NY, Jamaica, New York

With most of its offices located in the borough of Queens, New York, Child Center of NY is licensed under the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services to provide outpatient rehab services for patients of all ages.

This includes addiction treatment for pregnant women and women with young children. Their rehab programs also help children who have parents who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

The drug rehab center offers both group and individual therapy, vocational and family counseling, a DUI program and other services. For New York City residences, Child Center of NY is easily accessible by subway.

Location and contact information:

Child Center Of NY
115-15 Sutphin Blvd.
Jamaica, New York 11434
(718) 297-8000 x256

4. HCMC Addiction Medicine Program, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This rehab center is part of the Hennepin County Medical Center network and is found in the Shapiro Building.

HCMC welcomes pregnant women who are struggling with addictions to opioids, alcohol, and even tobacco. They offer either outpatient services or the patient can use the services of the medical clinic.

HCMC’s rehab programs for pregnant women include methadone and buprenorphine maintenance.

The patient can also consult with a physician to get help with their addiction problems, attend individual and group counseling, and join a rehab program dedicated to care coordination for pregnant women.

Location and contact information:

HCMC Addiction Medicine Program
914 South 8th St.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404
(612) 873-5500

5. Institute For Health And Recovery, Cambridge, Massachusetts

This drug rehab center found in Cambridge, Massachusetts focuses on addiction treatment for women with children as well as pregnant women. They also acknowledge and help to heal the trauma and mental health difficulties that are often connected to substance abuse.

They assess the patient by phone using a Four Point Process that helps them tailor an addiction treatment program for her specific needs. Pregnant women need to fill out an intake form, which is downloadable from the rehab center’s website.

When they’re accepted into the program, pregnant women will be offered medicated-assisted treatment, intensive outpatient services, detox, help with recovery, and other methods to help them overcome their addiction.

Pregnant women and women who have recently given birth can also join IHR’s residential treatment program. There’s also a residential rehab and sober living program for the patient’s family. The staff helps the patient reunite with their children if the children are no longer in her care.

Location and contact information:

Institute For Health And Recovery Inc.
349 Broadway
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
(617) 661-3991

6. Kent Sussex Community Services, Dover, Delaware

Besides their drug rehab programs that highlight medication-assisted opioid and substance abuse treatment, this rehab center has a perinatal program dedicated to the well-being of pregnant women who have drug or alcohol abuse problems.

They also treat women who have just given birth and work with their families to help them overcome their addictions. This in turn helps them to become better mothers to their children and improve their own lives.

Location and contact information:

Kent Sussex Community Services
1241 College Park Dr.
Dover, Delaware 19904
(302) 735-779


7. Neil Dobbins Center, Asheville, North Carolina

The Neil Dobbins Center excels in crisis management when it comes to substance abuse. They have health professionals who are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for pregnant women or others who are having a crisis concerning their substance abuse struggles.

The professionals are available to come to the place where the crisis is occurring, whether it is home, work, or school. They offer short-term, non-hospital medical detoxification for drugs and alcohol and operate a walk-in crisis center.

Location and contact information:

Neil Dobbins Center
356 Biltmore Ave., Lower Level
Asheville, North Carolina 28801
(828) 253-6306

8. Spectrum Healthcare, Jersey City, New Jersey

This rehab center focuses on outpatient rehab programs for women with children and pregnant women without separating them from their communities, including their families and their places of work.

The professionals at Spectrum use MAT, or medication-assisted treatment, which employs both behavioral therapies and medication to help the patient combat and vanquish her addiction.

MAT calls for the services of a medical doctor and uses medications such as methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone to help ease the patient away from her opioid addiction.

Location and contact information:

Spectrum Healthcare
74-80 Pacific Ave.
Jersey City, New Jersey 7304
(201) 860-6100

Inpatient Rehab Centers For Pregnant Women

9. Positive Images, Detroit, Michigan

This rehab center focuses on women, including pregnant women and their families. They offer 12-step groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous, as well as residential rehab programs, intensive outpatient, and traditional outpatient treatment.

The staff assesses where the client is strong and where she needs the most help in regards to her substance abuse issues and her parenting.

The residential rehab center accepts women with children and offers group, individual, and family counseling to help the patient overcome her addiction and prevent relapsing.

Location and contact information:

Positive Images
13340 East Warren Ave.
Detroit, Michigan 48215
(313) 822-1148 x103

10. Tarzana Treatment Centers, Tarzana, California

Tarzana Treatment Center is part of a network of inpatient treatment centers found in the Los Angeles area, and it offers residential rehab programs for women with children, including pregnant women and postpartum women.

After her assessment, each patient is given a customized treatment plan to help her overcome her substance abuse problem. For pregnant women, treatment plans can include parenting skills courses, on-site childcare, and childcare development courses.

Tarzana has 12-step programs and is staffed by such professionals as certified chemical dependency counselors, medical doctors, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists, dietitians, and licensed social workers.

The rehab center also offers crisis management, group and individual therapy, and family therapy and participation. Detox from drugs or alcohol includes the FDA-approved NSS-2 bridge for opioid detox.

The NSS-2 bridge is a percutaneous nerve field stimulator that helps ease the discomfort of opioid withdrawal. The device is placed behind the patient’s ear and sends electric impulses to certain cranial and occipital nerves in the brain.

It takes less than half an hour to install and can reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal as much as 90 percent.

The patient doesn’t need medication for this therapy to work, which should be of interest to pregnant patients. However, medical professionals recommend that the patient have MAT therapy after the NSS-2 bridge anyway.

Location and contact information:

Tarzana Treatment Centers
18646 Oxnard St.
Tarzana, California 91356
(888) 777-8565

How To Find Inpatient Rehab Centers Or Outpatient Programs For Pregnant Women

Though it may be challenging to travel far from home to get the best care, especially if the patient has children at home, this might be the best solution to conquer her substance abuse problem.

Getting out of the neighborhood for a while also keeps the patient away from triggers that might make it that much more difficult for her to enter recovery.

A woman who is pregnant but still struggling with her drug or alcohol addiction shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our addiction treatment specialists to find the best rehab center for her.

Updated on June 30, 2020

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