Religious (Faith-Based) Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

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Individuals who are struggling with a substance use disorder or addiction and are spiritual may benefit from attending a religious-based drug and alcohol rehab program. These faith-based programs help individuals begin their journey to lasting sobriety.

Religious Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs

More than 70,000 Americans died from overdoses in 2017. Opioids are responsible for approximately 50,000. Many opioids are laced with fentanyl to increase the potency.

Part of the problem is due to the fact that only 1 in 10 of the 21 million Americans out there fighting addiction receive any treatment for it.

What Religious Addiction Treatment Options Are Available?

When people are struggling with addiction, they generally have their choice of secular and faith-based recovery treatment programs.

Faith-Based Rehab Programs

Faith-based rehab programs are based upon the perspective that substance abusers are not just chemically addicted to substances but also lacking a relationship with their Creator or a Divine Power.

Religious rehab programs can be very effective if the addicted individuals have the full support of their families and are helped along in faith. Religious drug and alcohol rehab programs can fill the void of drugs, alcohol, and Hedonism with a constructive purpose and family-oriented goals.

Christian-Based Rehab Programs

Christian-based rehab programs believe that the use of spiritual healing and an improved relationship with God provides individuals with the willpower and dramatic lifestyle changes that they need to overcome addiction.

A big part of Christian-based recovery is teaching others about the Lord’s original plan for humanity. Demonstrating through Adam and Eve how negative consequences follow the use of forbidden fruits like drugs and alcoholism also paints hope for those seeking to recover.

Many times, an addicted individual can be persuaded by the biblical teachings regarding intoxication.

When an individual is addicted, their minds can trick them into justifying the use of substances without conscience.

If they are provided with proper support in the scriptures and given an example of how to successfully recover and live a full and satisfying life without drugs, they can prosper and find the things they truly want in life.

Other Religious Rehab Programs

Christian-based rehab programs are not the only types of rehab programs out there. Many holistic rehab programs include spirituality tracks, which do not ask individuals to commit to a certain faith.

Other rehab programs may offer Jewish rehab programs, Islam-based rehab programs, and programs based in Buddhist principles.

Individuals struggling with addiction may find their faith while recovering, and committing to a faith can often help them stay strong in recovery.

How Spirituality And Religious Rehab Programs Can Aid In Recovery

Faith-based rehab programs help people believe in God by providing addicted individuals with the compassion and guidance that encourages them to reform of their own volition.

It is never possible to force someone to give up a substance because they will need another vice to fill the void of excitement and pleasures that they once experienced.

Christian-based rehab programs can help individuals to obtain satisfaction in all their endeavors by teaching them about their bodies and the benefits of taking the righteous path in life.

Most addicted individuals don’t understand how their brains function. They don’t understand that their bodies produce their own natural feel-good chemicals that are of a far richer quality than drugs and alcohol.

Although it takes time to heal, those who rely on spiritual healing for addiction can feel the Christian humanitarian love and support to overcome the bondage of substance abuse.

Religious rehab programs can offer valuable healing and support in recovery. Drugs and alcohol always end with a sour crash and other nervous symptoms that become sickening.

Providing purpose for addicted individuals to make an impact in helping starving children in other countries or to do missionary work around the world can all begin with a mindset for recovery and the drive to be kind unto others and oneself.

Religious drug and alcohol rehab programs introduce addicted individuals to others who share their plight. Together, they can find the path to sobriety and dedicate their lives to improving their health.

Fellowship with other believers and confessing your shortcomings and failures creates the perfect atmosphere for addiction recovery.

Get Help For Addiction Now

Religious rehab centers help people to find their faith and use it as a tool to help them stay true in recovery.

If you or someone you love is caught in the destructive cycle of addiction, you can find the help you need and deserve. Both inpatient and outpatient programs are available to help people suffering from addiction.

Religious drug and alcohol rehab programs can help addicted individuals see their addictions for what they are and recognize how faith can help them make meaningful changes in their lives.

To learn more about religious rehab programs, or to find a faith-based recovery center near you, contact us today.

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