Catholic Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Medically Reviewed by Johnelle Smith, M.D. on October 26, 2020

Specialized addiction treatment can be found for addiction sufferers who are of the Catholic faith.

Catholic Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs

Religion in addiction treatment helps individuals heal because they allow themselves to be guided by God and are thus aided and ultimately healed by their faith.

Catholic-based rehab centers can help individuals enter lasting recovery because meshing religion with recovery can keep a recovering individual on the right track.

Religion may help the addiction sufferer steer clear of negative thoughts and behaviors that lie at the root of addiction by encouraging reliance on the strength of the spirit of God.

What Are Catholic Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers?

Catholic alcohol and drug rehab centers typically follow the 12-step program, which essentially takes the responsibility off of those struggling with addiction, frees them, and gives the individual’s healing entirely up to God.

The Catholic faith consists of the basic principles of the Catechism. Following the faith, acquiring Catholic-based morals, attending worship services, and daily prayer are all components of a Catholic rehab program.

Adhering to the Catholic faith for healing can be beneficial as it encourages the belief that God is all powerful and frees the person from their addiction bonds.

The Catholic Bible can serve as the backbone for an individual struggling with addiction. They may turn to the Word of God to guide them and to be a constant, consistent motivator behind their recovery process.

The Bible dissuades its followers from harmful behaviors such as addiction. These behaviors are considered to be excessive and disrespectful to the body, which is something to be respected and revered.

What Happens In A Catholic Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center?

Catholic-based rehab programs may include:

  • mass services
  • guided daily prayers
  • faith-based counseling
  • scheduled times of confession

All these aspects are necessary to free those struggling with substance use disorders from addictive ways which are considered to be sinful.

Mass services may be provided to help reorient and rejuvenate addicted individuals with encouraging aspects of the Catholic faith. Prayer helps the recovering individual reconnect with God who is the facilitator of their true healing.

Religious leaders can help personalize the experience for those suffering from addiction by helping them to approach the faith as their own.

Some Catholic-based rehab centers even provide medical care for those recovering individuals who need detoxification support.

Being surrounded by others who are praying or singing religious songs and hymns can provide comfort and support to addicted individuals going through this painful process.

Those struggling with substance use disorders do not need to be of the Catholic faith to heal with the rehab center. All recovering individuals are welcome and are encouraged to explore the faith, even if they are unfamiliar with it.

Goals Of A Catholic-Based Rehab Center

Catholic-based rehab centers aim to help those struggling with addiction to feel loved by God and by their Catholic community, which is there to support them and grow alongside them.

Recovery starts from within. These rehab centers aim to boost addicted individuals’ self-esteem through the profound word of God.

Spiritually, these rehab centers’ goals center first and foremost on individual growth. Many individuals struggling with addiction become saved at Catholic-based rehabilitation centers; this starts their lifelong practice with Catholicism.

The ultimate goal is spiritual healing. Growing one’s spirituality through the Catholic faith can help to resolve underlying negative emotions such as emptiness, shame, guilt, rage, loneliness, and anxiety that may serve as the catalyst to addictive behaviors.

A faith-based addiction treatment program asks those suffering from addiction to give their lives to the Lord. Spirituality can be considered a type of therapeutic healing.

Catholic rehabilitation centers aim to fully heal and recover an addicted individual through the adoption and practice of Catholic beliefs.

Benefits Of A Catholic-Based Rehab Center

Individuals struggling with addiction will benefit from Catholic-based addiction treatment in many ways because it involves a comprehensive addiction treatment plan.

Catholic-based treatment advocates that Jesus heals the mind, body, and heart of the addicted individual through spiritual means.

These rehab centers operate on the hope that those struggling with addiction can become their own miracle and truly reach sobriety and a place of healing.

How Catholic-Based Rehab Programs Can Aid In Recovery

Faith-based healing aids individuals in recovery because they get to the root of the problem which lies in toxic thinking patterns. Catholicism heals an individual from the very core of their being, where the problem originates.

Faith contributes to the prevent of relapse by providing an individual struggling with addiction a community to lean into for support when the going gets tough.

These rehab programs make successful recovery possible. The Catholic Faith advocates that all is for the glory of God. He can transform the addicted individual into a healed, free being.

Though addiction is rooted in sinful desires, The Bible states that forgiveness of sins is possible and that hope is not lost for those who are struggling.

Finding A Catholic-Based Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center

Those suffering from addiction may need to consider leaving their home city to find the best Catholic-based rehab program for them.

There may be limited options in their town, so they should be open to traveling out of their hometown, even out-of-state trips may be made necessary.

Realigning the addicted individual’s faith may contribute to a successful recovery outcome in that faith provides the individual with the structure and assistance that is critical to maintaining sobriety.

Please contact a treatment specialist for more information about finding an addiction treatment center or program that suits an addicted individual’s own needs and situation.

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Medically Reviewed by
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