Greek Orthodox Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Medically Reviewed by Johnelle Smith, M.D. on October 26, 2020

Faith-based addiction treatment is a popular choice for a lot of people. One of the most effective recovery programs, AA, is faith-based in its methodology. Individuals who practice the Greek Orthodox faith may benefit from attending one of these faith-based rehab programs.

Greek Orthodox Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

Individuals of faith often find that a rehab program with spiritual foundations is more effective because it aligns with their beliefs.

In addition to other treatment services and tools, utilizing religion in recovery offers another source of comfort, empowerment, and strength. There are a growing number of faith-specific programs for addiction treatment, including Greek Orthodox alcohol and drug rehab centers.

What Are Greek Orthodox Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers?

Greek Orthodox-based rehab programs are designed specifically for those of the Greek Orthodox faith. In addition to the standard, evidence-based treatment options, there are a growing number of faith-based tools and resources that rely on the teachings of Orthodox Christianity.

These faith-based programs can assist people in overcoming addiction and getting their life back on track. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America even has an Addiction Care Team program available through their Center for Family Care.

They have started working to incorporate their faith into various rehab programs and treatment centers and more rehab facilities have also been realizing the need for these services.

Many rehab programs are based on religious tenets and principles of love, acceptance, and allowing God to work through the individual to overcome addiction.

Some of these programs may include Bible studies or group prayer services as a supplement to other treatment services.

What Happens In A Greek Orthodox Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center?

Like any rehab facility, Greek Orthodox-based rehab programs have a variety of different services and treatment options available.

Based on the beliefs of the religion, rehab programs may include services and principles like:

  • Scripture-based guidance and counseling
  • prayer
  • anointing with oil

The Greek Orthodox Church does value proven, science-based treatment options. Yet it also holds religious traditions in high regard as a means of helping people overcome addiction and succeed in staying sober.

Greek Orthodox-based rehab centers may also emphasize the importance of Saint Ephraim, who is the patron saint of those who struggle with addiction. Many people report appearances of Saint Ephraim in dreams or prayers when they have important moments of realization.

Goals Of A Greek Orthodox Rehab Center

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a distraction. It is a hindrance to daily life, personal and professional growth, and even to spiritual growth.

As such, the goal of any Greek Orthodox rehab center is to assist people in overcoming their addictions by focusing on spirituality and using their faith to guide them through the healing process.

Unlike some religions, the Greek Orthodox community understands and appreciates the importance of scientific and evidence-based addiction treatment in addition to spiritual healing. They also promote seeking help for addiction from both a spiritual and scientific standpoint.

The main goal of Greek Orthodox rehab centers is to show people that, rather than hiding from the church or being ashamed of their addiction, they can be embraced by it and use their faith to propel their recovery forward.

Benefits Of A Greek Orthodox Rehab Center

The most useful benefit in attending a faith-based rehab program, for most people, is that it allows them to align their faith with their recovery.

Addiction recovery tends to be easier when an individual has more support. If part of that support comes from their faith, it is important to incorporate that in addiction treatment.

Not only will this allow the individual to have a better chance at success in recovery and spiritual growth, but it will help them alleviate the guilt of feeling like they may be shamed by their church or religion.

How Greek Orthodox Rehab Programs Can Aid In Recovery

Greek Orthodox treatment programs and rehab centers with faith-based services can provide a source of strength for people struggling with addiction.

Methods of mindfulness and reflection are included in many rehab programs, and changing those to a faith-based method can be crucial to some people’s success in recovery.

Addiction is usually much deeper than what it appears to be on the surface. There are many situations, from broken homes to undiagnosed mental illnesses, that can lead to drugs and alcohol being used as coping mechanisms.

By offering a faith-based program like Greek Orthodox rehab, people will be able to find strength and support they may not get elsewhere.

Studies have also shown that people in recovery who have spirituality tend to also be more optimistic and more resilient to stress and potential relapse triggers.

Greek Orthodox rehab programs can utilize the teachings of Orthodox Christianity to help build people up and empower them to overcome any obstacle.

People who have a faith-based background also tend to respond better to addiction treatment that is also faith-based. This is especially true for minorities and teens.

Even if it isn’t regularly practiced, someone with a Greek Orthodox background may have more success with recovery by following a faith-based program with Orthodox Christian principles.

Finding A Greek Orthodox Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center

Because of the limited availability of specific Greek Orthodox-based rehab centers, you may have to look further than your city or local area to find the right place.

However, when dealing with something as serious as addiction, it is worth it to find the best rehab program regardless of whether it is around the corner or across the country. To learn more or get help finding a Greek Orthodox program, contact a treatment specialist now.

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Medically Reviewed by
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