Seventh-Day Adventist Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

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Addiction treatment can be incorporated into an addicted individual’s particular faith. Adding in aspects like religion and spirituality into addiction treatment can really help these addicted individuals to completely heal.

Seventh-Day Adventist Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

When individuals are aided by their faith, recovering individuals have a community and a network of support for them to fall back on when the going gets tough.

Studies have shown that religion and spirituality have positive effects on many aspects of an individual’s health.

Additionally, religion and spirituality are aspects that have the potential to be very useful in addiction recovery because they can help alter the root cause of the addictive behaviors.

What Are Seventh-Day Adventist Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers?

Seventh-day Adventist alcohol and drug rehab centers provide spiritual outlooks on addiction treatment. The Seventh-day Adventist church has a total of 28 fundamental truths/principles that its followers are supposed to adhere to.

Because this list of beliefs is extensive, the church itself has placed them into six total classifications.

These classifications include:

  • God Loves
  • God Creates
  • God Redeems
  • God Inhabits
  • God Transforms
  • God Triumphs

Ultimately, these principles can help individuals struggling with addiction to overcome addictive behaviors because they reinforce positive values that state God restores, heals, and forgives those who seek to follow Him and His ways.

What Happens In A Seventh-Day Adventist Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center?

The activities going on in Seventh-day Adventist rehab centers circumvent around its core belief in The Sabbath, Bible Study, and Prayer.

Faith-based counseling sessions are also available to help addicted individuals receive guidance and reassurance as they continue on their recovery path.

The Sabbath day exists as a day for rest and recovery. Addicted individuals have already had to suffer through a lot.

The Sabbath day is intended to be a day where individuals grow closer in their relationship with God. This intimacy can help addicted individuals to become stronger.

The words of The Bible are supposed to give hope to those individuals struggling with addiction when they may need it the very most.

Its words assure addicted individuals that there is a way out of this dark spot they have been brought into. The Bible provides extremely helpful insight into ways of life that are uplifting and healthy.

Prayer is recommended for direct communion with God. This paves the way for true spiritual transformation to take place.

Goals Of A Seventh-Day Adventist Rehab Center

Ultimately, getting an addicted individual fully recovered from addiction extends well beyond just the detoxification process. Seventh-day Adventist rehab centers make sure that the recovery process is seen out through its entirety.

Spiritually, these faith-based rehab centers seek to weed out addiction and replace it with hope, love, and true transcendence that only God can offer.

The goal here is that instead of relying on addictive substances, the addicted individual will turn to God and to the resources the Seventh-day Adventist church has provided.

Full recovery takes time but is not impossible to achieve. The recovery goals of faith-based addiction treatment involve getting the addicted individual to fully remove his or her desire to ingest harmful substances by filling himself up with the words and guidance of God.

Benefits Of A Seventh-Day Adventist Rehab Center

Having a community to rely on is a pivotal part of Seventh-day Adventist-based addiction treatment. Seventh-day Adventist rehab programs provide activities to help get the addicted individual’s mind off their previous behaviors.

Addiction is essentially a bad habit. Breaking the habit means that the behaviors must be changed and replaced with more positive behaviors.

Other benefits of a Seventh-day Adeventist rehab center can extend far past just spiritual health. Studies have shown that belonging to a group can increase one’s physical and emotional health as well.

How Seventh-Day Adventist-Based Rehab Programs Can Aid In Recovery

Faith-based healing provides a different outlook for addicted individuals to incorporate into the way they view their lives. Having something to focus their energy and time on can help those suffering from addiction to regain their lives and refocus their energy on something good.

The regular meeting that occurs here can inform addicted individuals on ways they can gain increased self-esteem and to rebuild their lives for the better from the ground up.

The healing that takes place here is not restrictive, but is wide-ranging. Addiction affects all aspects of a person’s wellness.

According to the Seventh-day Adventist church, time spent with God really does have the power to heal those suffering from addiction. Feeling lonely or misunderstood can contribute to negative feelings which are associated with using drugs or alcohol.

That is why having a community of churchgoers is crucial to the addicted individual’s recovery process.

Finding A Seventh-Day Adventist Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center

Those suffering from addiction may have to travel outside of their home city to find the best Seventh-day Adventist rehab program to suit their own recovery needs and goals.

The addicted individual’s town may not have a wide array of options for them, so they should look towards traveling to find a good rehab center for them. Some may need to look outside of their home state.

Attending Seventh-day Adventist rehab programs can aid the addicted individual in achieving full recovery by allowing them to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Please consider contacting a treatment specialist or another qualified individual to assist with recommendations in locating the right alcohol or drug treatment center.

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Medically Reviewed by
Johnelle Smith, M.D. on October 26, 2020


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