8 Most Expensive Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In The World

Luxury rehab facilities around the world accommodate the needs of the most wealthy and affluent people in society. While these luxury addiction treatment programs come at a high price point, they are often very successful and offer a wide range of amenities.

8 Most Expensive Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In The World

Everyone has different needs when it comes to substance abuse treatment. A variety of luxury drug rehab facilities worldwide offer a wide range of amenities to fit those needs.

These centers often accept a small number of clients at a time and may incorporate services like holistic therapy, longer stays, and chef-prepared meals into their inpatient treatment plans.

1. Paracelsus Recovery, Zurich, Switzerland

Paracelsus Recovery, Zurich, Switzerland

As one of the best luxury rehab centers in the world, Paracelsus Recovery is known for only accepting one client at a time into its program.

Costing roughly $370,000 a month, the celebrities, oligarchs, and royalty who stay here are given top-tier treatment and access to the best addiction treatment providers anywhere.

Clients stay in a penthouse with lake views and have access to concierge and limousine services as well as a personal chef, butler, and an on-site therapist.

The program uses a number of evidence-based and holistic treatment approaches and is considered highly successful.

2. Beau Monde, California, United States

Beau Monde has locations in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Hollywood Hills. This boutique experience includes private massages, gourmet meals, whale watching, and more.

Priced at $96,000 a month, it’s not uncommon to see Hollywood stars and celebrities attending this elite program.

In addition to mental health and drug abuse treatment services, this facility offers wellness retreats, which are designed to help people who are experiencing intense stress.

3. The Sanctuary, Byron Bay, Australia

The Sanctuary, Byron Bay, Australia

Considered one of the best rehab facilities worldwide, The Sanctuary specializes in providing clients with individualized care.

Using a combination of research-backed services and a holistic approach, The Sanctuary treats substance abuse, mental health conditions, extreme grief, and more.

For $18,000 dollars a week, clients receive luxury amenities, including meals prepared by private chefs, personal fitness training, private bungalows, and a team of therapists.

4. The Lighthouse, Bali, Indonesia

The Lighthouse, Bali, Indonesia

The Lighthouse, located in Bali, Indonesia, offers a treatment approach focused on healing the physical, mental, and spiritual effects of addiction — all in a beautiful tropical setting.

Private chefs, personal villas, acupuncture, wellness activities, and beach excursions are just a few of the amenities offered here.

Through a combination of evidence-based treatments and spiritual services, such as Balinese philosophy, this rehab center has a unique approach to treating addiction and mental health disorders.

Program costs range from $16,000 to $31,000 monthly.

5. Passages To Recovery, California, United States

Passages To Recovery, California, United States

Passages to Recovery, a famous addiction treatment center in Malibu, has hosted celebrity clients like Mel Gibson, Andy Dick, and Natasha Lyonne.

This recovery program houses 12 clients at a time and offers juice bars, private media rooms, and a library for guests to use at their leisure.

For $45,000 a month, you’ll have access to spiritual counselors, hypnotherapists, acupuncture, private doctors, and traditional, evidence-based services.

6. RósGlas Recovery, Dublin, Ireland

This high-end rehab center only accepts one client at a time and specializes in treating addiction, eating disorders, and dual diagnoses.

The 5-star accommodations include a private driver, a chef, a butler, and an on-site therapist who is available 24/7. This rehabilitation center costs €58,000 per week.

RósGlas is dedicated to ensuring the anonymity of its clients and assigns them pseudonyms to protect their privacy.

7. Ibiza Calm, Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Calm, Ibiza, Spain

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Ibiza Calm takes up to 12 guests at a time, ensuring each client receives plenty of care and attention.

Services range from evidence-based options, like medical detox and group therapy sessions, to more holistic treatments, such as yoga, equine therapy, or meditation.

Programs cost anywhere from €7,000 to €20,000 weekly, depending on which program option you choose. Residential options include staying in a private room or a villa.

8. AToN Center, California, United States

AToN Center, California, United States

The AToN Center is a glamorous luxury American treatment facility located near the beach in San Diego, CA.

Clients can try a number of different recovery services, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), 12-step meetings, acupuncture, energy healing, aftercare, or stress reduction training.

Each client’s living space features a jacuzzi, a garden, and a freshwater pool. Clients also have access to on-site chefs, nearby hiking, a spa, and painting classes.

Insurance plans are accepted by this facility, although they are unlikely to cover the full cost of treatment.

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