List Of Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Kaiser Permanente Insurance

Kaiser Permanente health insurance plans provide coverage for addiction treatment and other behavioral health services. Learn what’s covered by your Kaiser Permanente plan and how to select a rehab center that accepts your insurance.

Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers That Accept Kaiser Permanente Insurance

Kaiser Permanente Insurance comprises one of the nation’s most considerable insurance providers, serving around 12 million members.

Kaiser Permanente is completely committed to helping those looking for substance abuse treatment programs and rehab centers. They offer many plans for those seeking to recover from addiction.

Each Kaiser Permanente insurance plan offers varying amounts of coverage to be applied to each addicted individual’s plan for substance abuse treatment.

Individual and family plans provided under Kaiser Permanente insurance all cover some level of addiction treatment. Full or partial treatment costs may be covered, depending on the plan.

Those struggling with addiction should thoroughly review their particular plan to determine if their substance abuse treatment program is covered by Kaiser Permanente.

Speaking with a Kaiser Permanente representative can assist you or your loved one in understanding what is covered for addiction treatment.

Kaiser Permanente Coverage For Substance Abuse Treatment

Coverage for addiction and substance abuse treatment varies by plan. Treatment types also vary depending on the type and intensity of care sought by the recovering individual.

Usually, the types of addiction services covered by Kaiser Permanente include inpatient rehab, intensive outpatient treatmemt, and outpatient services.

Additionally, rehabilitation services often consist of supervised detoxification, therapy (group and/or solo) sessions, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Kaiser Permanente currently offers Individual and Family Plans, Medicaid Plans, Medicare Plans, Employer Plans, and Small Business Plans.

The higher the tier, (Platinum being the highest, Bronze being the lowest) typically the higher the cost and the lower the copay or deductible.

Kaiser Insurance representatives will be able to tell those struggling with addiction exactly what their plan will cost and what it will cover.

Does Kaiser Permanente Cover The Cost Of Inpatient Drug And Alcohol Treatment?

Kaiser Permanente covers the cost of inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. Inpatient treatment, also called residential rehab, may last anywhere from two weeks to 30 days for short-term rehab or 60 to 90 days or longer for long-term residential treatment.

Kaiser insurance will pay a percentage of daily treatment costs determined by your individual plan. Costs not paid by Kaiser Permanente insurance become your copayment amount. Many rehab centers offer payment plans or connect recovering individuals and their families with financial assistance resources to help pay for inpatient drug rehab.

Does Kaiser Permanente Cover The Cost Of Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Outpatient treatment for addiction may also be covered by Kaiser Permanente health plans. Each outpatient treatment program offers different program lengths and treatments, so coverage varies according to the rehab program you enter.

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Depending on your plan, full or partial treatment costs may be covered, especially if the drug rehab program is in-network with Kaiser.

Does Kaiser Permanente Cover The Cost Of Partial Hospitalization Programs?

Partial hospitalization for drug and alcohol treatment may be covered by Kaiser Permanente insurance.

Coverage depends on your insurance plan tier, and may require:

  • referral from a physician
  • prior authorization for treatment
  • proof of medical need
  • patient ability to participate in treatment that doesn’t require supervision

Does Kaiser Permanente Cover The Cost Of Intensive Outpatient Programs?

Kaiser Permanente does provide coverage for the cost of intensive outpatient programs. Similar to partial hospitalization programs, Kaiser Permanente covers the cost of intensive outpatient treatment so long as the rehab program meets coverage eligibility requirements.

Intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs may meet in the day or evening and, to be covered by Kaiser, may need to meet a minimum amount of hours and days per week.

Does Kaiser Permanente Cover The Cost Of Suboxone?

Suboxone may be covered by Kaiser Permanente insurance plans. This medication is used to treat opioid addiction, including cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.

Pharmacy benefits differ by your Kaiser Permanente plan, but can be affected by:

  • your coverage tier
  • whether Suboxone is a preferred medication with your plan
  • which retailer you use to purchase Suboxone

Does Kaiser Permanente Cover The Cost Of Methadone?

Yes, methadone is also covered by Kaiser Permanente insurance plans under pharmacy benefits. However, methadone is typically part of a medication-assisted treatment plan involving therapy, counseling, and other methods.

How much of medication-assisted treatment will be covered by Kaiser Permanente depends on whether the program is inpatient or outpatient and if the rehab center offering the program is in-network with Kaiser. Though methadone is part of a larger treatment approach, the medication costs will be determined separately from the rehab program.

Does Kaiser Permanente Cover The Cost Of Sober Living?

Sober living costs may be covered by Kaiser Permanente plans if the plan provides coverage for residential treatment. Residents in sober living homes are required to participate in outpatient treatment, but transitional housing may be considered a form of residential treatment for insurance policy purposes.

Finding Rehab Centers That Accept Kaiser Permanente Insurance

Pinning down drug and alcohol rehab centers that accept Kaiser Permanente is not difficult if those struggling with addiction research to ensure that their rehab center of choice will work with Kaiser.

It is recommended that those addicted individuals seeking addiction treatment pinpoint a rehab center that will work with their insurance plan.

Addiction treatment can be expensive if being paid out of pocket. That is why it is recommended to have insurance to help cover the cost of treatment.

If those struggling with addiction try to work with a rehab center that does not accept Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser still may be able to help out the addicted individual in some way.

A lot of rehab facilities will allow the cost of treatment to be paid off bit by bit over time; this is called using installments.

Many addiction treatment centers and facilities provide outstanding financial assistance because they acknowledge that the added stress of finances may put a recovering individual in an unnecessarily stressful situation that could tempt relapse.

Some rehab programs also offer sliding fee scales, where treatment cost depends on the amount of income the addicted individual receives.

Do Rehab Centers Have To Be In-Network To Accept Kaiser Permanente?

Kaiser Permanente does have limitations on where a client may go for their substance abuse treatment.

Because Kaiser Permanente Insurance is available only in certain states, it is possible that the addicted individual may have to attend rehab centers solely in their state of residence.

If the rehab center of choice happens to be located in a state or area that is not covered under Kaiser Permanente insurance, then the recovering individual’s treatment will be considered as being out-of-network.

While some plans may cover a portion of an addicted individual’s out-of-network costs, not all plans will pay for out-of-network treatment. Some plans will not cover any out-of-network treatment costs.

It should generally be assumed that out-of-network treatment will have to be paid completely out of pocket by the addicted individual.

Any addicted individual considering going out-of-network for treatment should contact a Kaiser Permanente insurance agent to determine if they will receive any coverage for their out-of-network rehab service.

Which Rehab Centers Accept Kaiser Permanente Insurance?

Many rehab centers will operate with Kaiser Permanente insurance for addiction treatment. However, every rehab center is different.

If the addicted individual calls the treatment center in question, they should be able to provide a list of the insurance providers that they currently accept. If Kaiser is on the list, they should be able to proceed with pursuing treatment.

States That Offer Kaiser Permanente Insurance

Kaiser Permanente currently offers health insurance plans in 8 states throughout the U.S.

This is a list of the 8 states that are currently covered by Kaiser Permanente:

  • California: Kaiser Permanente of California
  • Colorado: Kaiser Permanente of Colorado
  • Georgia: Kaiser Permanente of Georgia
  • Hawaii: Kaiser Permanente of Hawaii
  • Maryland: Kaiser Permanente of Maryland
  • Oregon: Kaiser Permanente of Oregon
  • Virginia: Kaiser Permanente of Virginia
  • Washington: Kaiser Permanente of Washington

Seeking Addiction Treatment Using Your Kaiser Permanente Plan

There are many wonderful drug and alcohol rehab centers that accept Kaiser Permanente. This insurance carrier prioritizes the care of individuals struggling with addiction.

Some drug and alcohol rehab centers that accept Kaiser Permanente may be out-of-network. Those particular rehab centers may not fully cooperate with Kaiser Permanente Insurance.

That is why an individual looking to recover from addiction should first contact a treatment specialist before deciding on a treatment center. Cost should not have to be a deciding factor when locating drug and alcohol rehab centers that accept Kaiser Permanente.

Many financing and payment options are available when working with such a versatile and accommodating insurance provider like Kaiser Permanente.

Before deciding to attend treatment at a specific rehabilitation center, first talk with a specialist about your own specific health plan and the services that it provides.

Call and speak with one of our treatment specialists today to learn more about the rehab centers that accept Kaiser Permanente plans.

Updated on July 27, 2020

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