What If I Need Extended Treatment Beyond What My Insurance Covers?

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Health insurance often covers addiction treatment services, but some people require more treatment than what their policies cover. If you need extended addiction treatment, some options include appealing directly to your insurance company and finding ways to reduce the cost of care.

What If I Need Extended Treatment Beyond What My Insurance Covers?

Most health insurance programs cover some form of substance abuse care, but using insurance for addiction treatment can bring complications.

For example, some people require more care than their health insurance provider covers.

These individuals have several options, including making an appeal, seeking payment assistance, and looking for reduced-cost care choices.

Make An Appeal

Some insurance providers may provide additional coverage if extended services are deemed medically necessary.

A doctor within your treatment facility or your own primary care doctor may help you appeal to your insurance company and explain why further treatment is necessary for your health.

Ask About Payment Assistance

If your insurance will not provide further coverage even after an appeal, you may still reduce your care costs through payment assistance.

Some addiction treatment centers offer financial assistance for uninsured and underinsured clients.

Many programs also offer long-term payment plans, allowing clients to pay for their treatment over time.

Negotiate The Cost Of Substance Abuse Care

In many cases, it is possible to negotiate the cost of addiction treatment. Some programs offer discounts for clients who pay cash for their services.

Consider A Less Intensive Treatment Option

If your addiction care provider has recommended extended care, ask if less intensive treatment options are available.

For example, if you participate in inpatient or residential treatment, an outpatient program may allow you to continue treatment at a lower cost.

Look For Free Or Reduced-Cost Addiction Treatment

Some people already enrolled in addiction programs may continue their treatment at a different facility if they can no longer pay for their current program.

Free and low-cost programs, including state-funded addiction programs, may provide a cost-effective option for your continued treatment.

Get Help For Addiction

Addiction complicates multiple areas of life, but it is a treatable condition, and you don’t have to navigate your treatment options alone.

If you or a loved one is experiencing substance abuse, contact Addiction Resource today to discover your options.

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