Are There Drug Rehab Centers For Veterans?

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If you are a veteran facing substance abuse, you can find addiction treatment providers who understand what you are experiencing. Addiction treatment for veterans may include trauma-informed therapy, co-occurring disorder care for PTSD or depression, peer recovery support, housing services, and more.

Are There Drug Rehab Centers For Veterans?

Veterans who are facing drug or alcohol addiction can benefit from treatment programs and approaches that address their specific needs.

This may include trauma-informed care, peer recovery groups, and treatment approaches for a dual diagnosis, because many veterans experience substance use along with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Veterans may also need assistance with securing housing or employment opportunities, which some veteran-focused treatment centers also offer.

Are There Drug Rehab Centers For Veterans?

Yes, there are drug rehab centers for veterans that focus on helping veterans or their family members recover from drug addiction or alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Addiction treatment options for veterans include:

  • addiction recovery programs through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • drug rehab centers specifically for veterans only
  • drug rehab centers that offer veteran-specific treatment programs

Many of these programs offer the same proven treatment approaches, making your selection dependent on your personal needs and treatment preferences.

Addiction Treatment Through The VA

One of the primary ways that veterans find addiction treatment is through the VA, the federal government department responsible for ensuring that the lifelong medical needs of veterans are met.

The VA provides a number of specialized treatment options for veterans, including for women veterans, veterans who are unhoused, and veterans who have experienced combat.

Treatment programs and services at the VA may include:

Veterans eligible for VA benefits have options throughout the United States for low-cost or free addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment Through Veterans Rehab Centers

If the VA isn’t an option for you, you can find substance abuse treatment centers that are focused on addressing the needs of veterans.

These treatment centers can provide the same treatment options as those listed above, with the same focus on trauma-informed care and other specialized services.

These treatment centers may also place an emphasis on reaching unhoused veterans by offering vocational training, life skills education, and similar services.

Some of these rehab centers work in partnership with the VA so that you can use your VA benefits to access their addiction treatment programs too.

Specialized Programs For Veterans At Rehab Centers

Veterans can also find addiction care through veteran-specific treatment programs at rehab centers that also offer treatment for the general population.

Sometimes rehab centers that offer specialized treatment programs for first responders also offer separate programs for veterans, due to the on-the-job trauma that both first responders and veterans often face.

You may also be able to use VA benefits or military insurance to access some of these treatment programs.

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