10 Best Detox, Alcohol, And Drug Rehab Centers In Tulsa, OK

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Residents in Tulsa, Oklahoma have struggled greatly with substance abuse in recent years, especially opioid abuse. Left untreated, opioid abuse can lead to a number of adverse consequences. Individuals who struggle with opioid or other addictions can seek treatment at one of the many alcohol and drug rehab centers available in Tulsa.

Addiction Treatment Options In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Substance abuse, especially opioid abuse, is a serious problem in Oklahoma. The state is in the top 10 when it comes to opioid overdose deaths. Between 2013 and 2017, there were 661 unintentional overdose deaths in Tulsa County alone.

When it comes to fighting opioid abuse, many effective treatments have been put into place, but perhaps none are so effective as medication-assisted treatment programs.

Many places that provide addiction treatment in Tulsa offer inpatient and outpatient services and help patients overcome their substance abuse through medication-assisted detox. Methadone has been used for over half a century and is still a popular medication, but buprenorphine and its derivatives are becoming more widely used.

It’s important that addicted individuals have access to a variety of rehab programs which offer a range of treatment approaches, evidence-based treatment methods, and therapies to foster lasting recovery, such as the rehab centers in Tulsa provide.

Here are 10 of the best alcohol and drug rehab centers in Tulsa, listed in alphabetical order:

1. Center For Therapeutic Interventions (CTI)

This multi-purpose facility offers patients struggling with substance abuse both outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment. To accommodate patients who need to go to work or school or have other commitments, services are provided during the day, in the evenings, and on weekends. The families of the patients are urged to participate in their treatment.

CTI offers individualized treatment plans and operates gender-specific programs for men and women over age 18 who are involved with the Department of Human Services.

Location and contact information:

7477 E 46th Pl.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145
(918) 384-0002

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2. Choices Tulsa

Choices Tulsa offers holistic inpatient and outpatient treatment for patients struggling to overcome their addiction to alcohol and drugs. They first undergo medical detox while they are monitored by staff in a comfortable and peaceful setting. After this, the patient can formally enter an addiction treatment program.

While in the inpatient or outpatient program, the patient is helped through several types of therapies including nutritional therapy, behavioral therapies, and group therapies.

Alternative therapies such as massage, yoga, meditation, or equine therapy are also available. Patients are taught life skills and encouraged to join 12-step programs and peer support groups.

Location and contact information:

9750 E 31st St.
Suite 503
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146
(918) 347-5096

3. Inner Solutions At 12&12

Inner Solutions emphasizes treatment for those suffering from addiction to alcohol but also treats patients grappling with addiction to other substances. They help patients with dual diagnosis, or who have mental health issues along with addiction.

The rehab center in Tulsa offers medically supervised detox where the patient is monitored by a physician and nurses. After the patient is stabilized, they enter the rehab center’s residential treatment program.

While in residential treatment, the patient is helped through evidence-based modalities, education, and a variety of addiction therapies that include:

  • yoga
  • music therapy
  • meditation
  • recreation therapy
  • relapse prevention

Additional psychiatric services are available for patients with dual diagnosis.

Location and contact information:

6333 E Skelly Dr.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135
(918) 728-3133

4. Keetoowah Cherokee Treatment Services

This rehab center focuses on patients who are battling an opioid addiction. They offer MAT using methadone as well as the substance abuse therapies employed by most drug rehab programs in Tulsa.

These include family, individual, and group therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and anger management. Other addiction therapies include rational emotive behavior therapy, trauma therapy, and relapse prevention. The rehab center provides community outreach, brief interventions, and the Matrix Model, which helps patients heal from addiction to stimulants.

Patients who are taking methadone come to the clinic every day to get their medication from the dispensing nurse. Patients are also given buprenorphine or Vivitrol to help them undergo medication-assisted detox.

The rehab center treats patients with dual diagnosis, pregnant and postpartum women, members of the LGBTQ communities, older adults, and patients with HIV or AIDS.

Location and contact information:

2727 E Admiral Pl.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74110
(918) 835-3017

5. Oklahoma Safety Center Substance Abuse Services

This is a private outpatient rehab facility in Tulsa that helps patients overcome addiction through counseling, including group counseling, relapse prevention techniques, and anger management. They serve patients referred by the court for DUI or DWI charges.

The facility offers patients discharge planning and aftercare services, substance abuse, social skills education, and screening for drugs and alcohol. Case management to coordinate the patient’s care is another service offered by this rehab center.

Location and contact information:

6707 E 41st St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145
(918) 621-1600

6. Palmer

Palmer operates outpatient, women’s, and children’s rehab programs in Tulsa. The women’s program helps women who are pregnant or who are mothering young children ages 12 and younger in a 52-bed residential rehab center.

The outpatient program accepts patients who are as young as 12 years old. The children’s program is for children who were exposed to drugs prenatally or who have been living in violent or chaotic households.

Patients in the outpatient program come to weekly meetings for 12 to 15 weeks. These can be group, individual, or family sessions, or all three. Group sessions have no more than 12 patients, and each patient is provided a primary counselor. Family participation is especially important for adolescent patients.

The women’s program offers on-site care for the patient’s children as the patient is undergoing treatment. Patients have 35 hours per week of drug or alcohol treatment as well as substance abuse therapies.

Location and contact information:

5319 S Lewis Ave.
Suite 219
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105
(918) 832-7763

7. Parkside Psychiatric Hospital & Clinic

As this rehab facility in Tulsa is a psychiatric hospital, the care plans are drawn up by licensed psychiatrists and therapists who specialize in addiction medicine as well as mental health and trauma. The facility runs both inpatient, outpatient, and IOP services.

While in the inpatient program, patients are given a diagnostic evaluation and undergo medical detox as well as one-on-one, family, and group therapy. They also receive case management and discharge planning.

Patients in the outpatient program participate in family and individual therapy as well as medication management. There’s also a group for adults with dual diagnosis.

Location and contact information:

1620 E 12th St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120
(918) 588-8888

8. Renewal

Renewal is a private, inpatient rehab facility. During addiction treatment, patients receive substance abuse counseling, including group counseling, and are taught relapse prevention and anger management.

They are further helped with discharge planning, case management, substance abuse assessment and screening, and peer support. Renewal provides continuing care and helps patients develop their social skills.

Location and contact information:

201 S Garnett Rd.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74128
(918) 438-4257

9. Tulsa Rightway Medical

This is one of several CARF-accredited Rightway facilities found around Oklahoma. It concentrates on patients struggling with opioid addiction and helps them recover from their disorder through medication-assisted treatment.

In this case, the staff uses both methadone and Suboxone, opioids that block the action of other opioids and blunt cravings and the worst aspects of withdrawal. Rightway augments their medication-assisted treatment with individual counseling to help patients heal from their substance abuse.

Location and contact information:

3445 S Sheridan Rd.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145
(918) 610-3366

10. YouthCare Of Oklahoma Tulsa

Though its name mentions Youthcare, this rehab center in Tulsa also treats children, adolescents, and adults who are suffering from addiction. They offer outpatient drug rehab and regular outpatient treatment programs.

While in these programs, patients are helped through the following addiction treatment services:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • motivational interviewing
  • community outreach
  • substance abuse counseling that involves individual, group, and family meetings
  • relapse prevention

Other programs include case management, aftercare, substance abuse assessment, and discharge planning. Patients are also educated in social skills and can receive transportation assistance.

Location and contact information:

6301 East 41st St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135
(866) 926-6552

How To Find Alcohol And Drug Addiction Treatment In Tulsa

Though addiction treatment in Tulsa is available, a person shouldn’t rule out going to another city or town for substance abuse help. It may be more convenient to seek treatment in the patient’s hometown, yet traveling puts distance between the addicted individual and relapse triggers, introduces them to new types of treatment, and gives them more of an incentive to stay with a program.

Traveling also enhances their privacy. For more information about drug rehab programs in Tulsa and outside of Tulsa, get in touch with one of our treatment specialists.

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