Top 5 Free Rehab Centers In Baltimore, MD

Substance abuse rehab can cost thousands of dollars without the help of insurance or other financing options. In Baltimore, free drug rehab is an option at multiple treatment centers.

Free Baltimore, Maryland Rehab Centers

In Baltimore, there are dozens of top-quality inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for drug addiction.

However, many of these behavioral health centers can be very expensive.

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Free Rehab Centers In Baltimore, MD

Though not all addiction treatment centers have free drug abuse services, there are several options for free and low-cost treatment in Baltimore.

Free and low-cost options include those that have fully free services, those that accept Medicaid, offer scholarships, and have sliding scales.

The five Baltimore free drug rehabs listed below were chosen for accreditations, positive Google and client reviews, and other top qualifications.

1. Helping Up Mission, Baltimore, Maryland

This faith-based rehab program can be covered with food stamps or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The cost is $400 per month.

The program involves a full year of residential programming in a 12-Step therapeutic community.

Helping Up Mission is supported by:

  • a 4.3-star Google rating
  • positive client testimonials
  • recognition from Charity Navigator as a 4-star charity
  • membership with Citygate Network

Location and contact information:

1029 E. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21202-4705
(410) 675-7500

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2. Johns Hopkins Broadway Center For Addiction, Baltimore, Maryland

The Broadway Center for Addiction provides publicly funded substance abuse programs for those without the ability to pay for treatment.

This Baltimore city drug and alcohol addiction program is backed by:

  • positive Google reviews and client ratings
  • Joint Commission accreditation

Services at this rehabilitation center include:

  • opioid detoxification
  • intensive outpatient programs
  • standard outpatient treatment
  • opioid maintenance treatment
  • halfway house

Location and contact information:

911 N Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205
(410) 955-5439

3. MedMark Treatment Centers, Baltimore, Maryland

Free treatment can be obtained with Medicaid coverage at the Baltimore MedMark treatment center.

Top qualities of this location include:

  • accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • evidence-based treatment

Treatment here involves:

  • methadone and buprenorphine treatment for addiction to opiates
  • referrals
  • group counseling
  • case management

Location and contact information:

821 North Eutaw St.
Suites 101 & 201
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 225-9185

4. Penn North Recovery, Baltimore, Maryland

All addiction treatment services are provided free of charge at Penn North Recovery.

Features of Penn North Recovery include:

  • evidence-based treatments
  • a 4.1-star Google rating

Here, anyone overcoming addiction can participate in counseling, outpatient programs, and intensive outpatient programs.

Location and contact information:

2410 Pennsylvania Ave.
Suite 200
Baltimore, MD 21217
(410) 728-2080

5. Valley Bridge House, Baltimore, Maryland

As a nonprofit funded by donors and government funds, no client will be denied treatment for an inability to pay.

Services include individual counseling, group therapy, aftercare, and more.

Valley Bridge House has the following features:

  • evidence-based treatment
  • a 4-star Google rating
  • accreditation from CARF

Location and contact information:

28 & 30 S. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 675-7765

How Can I Get Free Drug Or Alcohol Treatment In Baltimore?

Some rehab centers may be funded through private donations or government funds to provide fully free services.

Others may accept Medicaid coverage or state grants for treatment coverage.

Nonprofit And Faith-Based Organizations

Organizations that get outside funds can often offer free and low-cost services. Many nonprofits, charitable organizations, and faith-based ministries get this type of funding.

For some, an optional donation is encouraged to cover fees. Others may require small payments or nothing at all.

Medicaid Coverage

Residents of the state of Maryland can get Medicaid coverage if they earn a low income.

For a single adult, the maximum monthly income is $1,482; for a family of two, the limit is $2,004; and for a family of three, the limit is $2,525.

Medicaid covers a wide range of substance abuse services. The only portion you may pay is a monthly premium for the insurance and a copay.

Many health plans provided under Maryland Medicaid have a $0 copay and a $0 premium, meaning all services will be completely free.

Read more about paying for alcohol and drug rehab in Maryland with Medicaid

State Grants

There are a few state grants available to help with the cost of addiction treatment.

In 2020, The Maryland Department of Health gave over $50 million in grant funding for substance abuse treatment, prevention, and recovery.

The Maryland Community Health Resources Commission has listed 72 grants to increase access to behavioral health care.

What Other Financing Options Are There For Rehab In Baltimore?

Some programs may have limited access to free substance abuse treatment based on a person’s income and living arrangements.

Additionally, if you are unable to get grant funding or Medicaid coverage, free treatment may not be an option.

Drug treatment centers often extend various ways of funding a program, such as:

  • scholarship money
  • personal loans
  • self-pay
  • sliding fee payment scales
  • vouchers

Another option for free peer support and relapse prevention is a 12-step program. There are many Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings available for free across the city of Baltimore.

Free Rehab Centers In Baltimore FAQs

Use the answers to commonly asked questions about Baltimore free drug rehab below to guide your pursuit of an affordable rehab.

❓ Are There Free Rehab Programs In Baltimore?

​✔️ If you or a loved one are in need of affordable or free substance use disorder treatment, Baltimore has several free and low-cost recovery programs.

Services offered by the rehab program for free or under Medicaid coverage may vary based on the recovery center.

In general, free treatment may entail:

  • standard outpatient services
  • individual, group, and family counseling
  • peer support groups
  • detoxification
  • residential programs

❓ What Is The Average Cost Of Rehab In Baltimore?

​✔️ Without financial assistance or the use of a free program, rehab can be expensive.

The average costs of different programs are:

  • detox: $300 to $1,000
  • outpatient rehab: $1,000-$9,000
  • residential treatment: $10,000-$20,000

❓ How Long Can I Stay At A Free Rehab Center In Baltimore?

✔️ For those using a program funded through outside sources, such as private donations, you can stay for as long as the program has the resources.

This usually means 30 days and under, but some programs may last up to one year.

Medicaid coverage will also fund a rehab program for about 30 days, though an extension may be possible under certain circumstances.

❓ Is There A Waiting List For Baltimore Free Drug Rehab?

✔️ Due to the high volume of those seeking affordable treatment, free treatment facilities tend to have long waiting lists.

You may remain on the waitlist for days, weeks, or in some cases months, depending on the size of the rehab facility.

Find Free Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Baltimore

If you, a family member, or a loved one are in need of free or low-cost addiction treatment services, reach out to our helpline.

​Even without the assistance of private health insurance, affordable treatment options are available to anyone in need of behavioral health or mental health services.

To learn more about your options and to find a treatment plan, call us today to get started.

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