Can I Bring My Newborn To Drug Rehab?

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There are specialized addiction treatment programs for postpartum mothers. These drug and alcohol rehab centers help new mothers achieve and maintain recovery while providing general health care for both the mother and baby.

Can I Bring My Newborn To Drug Rehab?

Yes, you can bring your newborn with you to an addiction treatment center but only if the facility offers specialized programs for mothers and their babies.

Treatment programs designed to provide addiction care for pregnant and postpartum women also usually provide infant care due to the effects of addiction on the baby both before and after birth.

Facilities that provide this type of specialized care can help if the newborn is experiencing withdrawal symptoms and reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Addiction Treatment Centers That Accept Mothers And Newborns

Drug rehab centers that make it possible for mothers to seek treatment with their newborns make it easier for many new moms to access addiction care, including single mothers.

Knowing that your baby is nearby, safe, and cared for can help ease stress and anxiety, making it easier to focus on recovery.

These residential facilities, where mom and baby live onsite, can help provide basic care for infants, such as feeding, as well as frequent health check-ups from licensed nurses on staff.

Services Available For Newborns

Some newborns to mothers with drug or alcohol addiction may be at risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms or other health complications.

Addiction treatment centers that treat mothers with newborns often provide monitoring of vital signs and other general healthcare services for the baby.

This may include monitoring for neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) and providing treatment if required.

What To Do If You Cannot Bring Your Newborn To Treatment With You

In the case that you cannot bring your baby to a residential addiction treatment center with you, other options are available.

Mothers with mild to moderate addictions may be suited for outpatient programs, where treatment is provided for a set number of hours per week but clients remain living at home.

In these cases, childcare services might be provided by the treatment centers, or you can look into seeking help from your spouse, parents, siblings, or other family members or friends.

If this type of social support isn’t available, look into other resources for new mothers, including the Early Head Start program for low-income families, which provides care for infants up to children 3 years of age.

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