Can I Use The Internet In Rehab?

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Internet use is usually limited during residential and inpatient addiction recovery programs. Exceptions may be made to keep in touch with loved ones or complete work-related tasks.

Can I Use The Internet In Rehab?

If you are enrolled in a rehab program at an inpatient treatment facility, check with the facility about the specific policies regarding internet use.

Each facility is different and will have its own set of rules and guidelines that are necessary for staff and clients to follow.

Some rehab centers will allow you to check-in your smartphone or electronic device with staff at the front desk before treatment officially starts.

Using The Internet To Stay In Touch

Most rehab facilities will have a set time period for a phone call or video call with your loved ones while in treatment.

You can use your personal device, if allowed, or call from the facility’s phone line to contact friends and family during this time.

If internet use is allowed, you can also stay in touch with family via email. Maintaining social support is often critical during the recovery process.

Work-Related Internet Use

Some people may have outside work obligations they have to attend to while completing a rehab program.

Be sure to advise the facility beforehand about any time-sensitive tasks that will need your attention and require internet use during your stay.

If you are comfortable telling your employer about where you will be, your supervisor at work may be able to reach you at a set time to discuss work obligations.

If you are having a hard time finding a rehab facility that allows the internet for work use, consider looking into executive-friendly addiction treatment programs.

Internet Blackout Periods

Outside of work-related calls/emails and contacting loved ones, it is generally discouraged to bring personal electronic devices to rehab for internet use, or any use.

In fact, many rehab programs begin treatment with a “blackout” period, where clients are away from all technology and the internet.

This “blackout” period is meant to assist in the detox process, so that clients are able to begin treatment with as few distractions as possible.

Varying Internet Policies At Rehab Centers

Remember that all treatment centers have different policies regarding internet use, so it’s critical to ask what’s permitted before enrolling, especially if you’re planning on working during your rehab program.

Some treatment centers see the value of staying connected to the outside world while attending rehab.

The treatment process can be isolating and time-intensive, so being able to keep up with current events, watch comforting videos, and listen to music may be allowed for relaxation.

Your best course of action is to call your treatment facility to confirm what is permissible during your stay.

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