Do Rehab Centers Offer Transportation?

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Addiction recovery centers often provide transportation services to help make treatment more accessible. These services may include shuttles, Uber pickups, travel itinerary assistance, and more.

Do Rehab Centers Offer Transportation?

Whether seeking inpatient treatment or an outpatient program, you may be wondering if addiction treatment facilities offer transportation services for you or your loved one.

The short answer is yes, some substance abuse treatment centers offer transportation options for people who need help getting to the facility.

Transportation Provided By Rehab Centers

When you call the phone number for a treatment facility, a representative can answer your questions regarding treatment programs, health insurance, and transportation options.

Facilities that offer transportation assistance will typically offer to pick you up and drop you off back at home once treatment is over. However, your location can make a difference.

Transportation may be limited to certain days, certain times of the day, or distances within a specific range.

If you are in need of travel-booking assistance, such as if you are traveling out of state for residential treatment, many facilities will also help you make travel arrangements.

Other Options For Getting To Treatment

In some cases, facilities may not have transportation options. However, there are other options for getting to a treatment center if you can’t drive yourself.

Transportation assistance for addiction treatment includes:

  • Medicaid’s nonemergency medical transportation (NEMT) is for Medicaid members who can’t use public or private transportation. Call your member service department for details.
  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV) offers free medical transportation for veterans dealing with illness or injury.
  • Sober transport services such as Sober Escorts and Safe Passage offer sober transportation services to people in certain states looking for help to and from addiction and mental health treatment.
  • Uber’s Health Program works alongside Goodwill to offer pick-up and drop-off services for people receiving treatment for alcohol or drug addiction.
  • Public transportation such as buses and trains can also help some people get to a treatment center.

Seeking help from a friend or family member may also be a viable option for getting to an addiction treatment center.

Social services databases such as 2-1-1 can also provide you with information about the services that may be available in your area.

You can also check the online database that the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers, at

From detox services to residential treatment, facilities in this database will often include whether they offer transportation assistance or not, along with other pertinent information.

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