14 Best Rehab Centers In Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles drug rehab centers offer many alcohol and drug rehab programs to help individuals with addiction reach and maintain sobriety. These programs often involve 24-hour care, counseling, group sessions, and more.

Los Angeles, California Drug Rehab Options

Los Angeles, California is home to a wide selection of drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities.

Those in need of addiction treatment in LA have a range of care levels to choose from. The top rehab programs provide highly effective, accredited services.

These programs often use evidence-based, traditional, and alternative treatments to help people who enter recovery.

What Addiction Programs Can I Get In Los Angeles?

Just about every form of addiction treatment is available in LA. With everything from detox to inpatient treatment, you can likely find a program that works for your recovery needs.

Here are some of the programs generally offered at rehab centers in LA:

Residential And Inpatient Rehab Programs In Los Angeles

Residential and inpatient programs are two of the most effective choices for drug and alcohol treatment in Los Angeles.

Here’s what you can expect in one of these programs:

  • 24-hour supervision and medical care
  • if necessary, medication assistance
  • individual, group, and family therapy sessions
  • behavioral therapies
  • holistic and experiential methods, such as exercise or nature outings
  • private or semi-private living arrangements

List Of Los Angeles Drug Rehab Programs

There are dozens of top-quality addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles that feature accreditations, glowing reviews, and other qualifications.

With so many options available, it may be difficult to narrow down your search for the right treatment program.

We’ve chosen the top 14 inpatient and residential recovery programs based on:

  • a range of services and features offered
  • accreditation from organizations like the Joint Commission
  • high Google ratings and reviews from clients
  • certifications, memberships, and awards

1. Alta Centers, Los Angeles, California

Alta Centers, Los Angeles, California Drug Rehab Center

This is a substance abuse treatment program offering treatment options like inpatient rehab and detox.

Inpatient drug treatment here includes:

  • individual, group, and family counseling
  • medication management
  • recreational therapy
  • relapse prevention

A few of the top qualifications of Alta Centers are:

Location and contact information:

6100 Rodgerton Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90068
(323) 685-4971

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2. Authentic Recovery Center (ARC), Los Angeles, California

Authentic Recovery Center (ARC), Los Angeles, California Drug Rehab Center

Addictions to alcohol, cocaine, hallucinogens, heroin, and more can be treated here. At ARC, a person may also receive a dual diagnosis and get co-occurring disorder treatment.

Features of ARC include:

  • accreditation from the Joint Commission
  • certification from LegitScript

This drug abuse addiction treatment program offers:

  • detoxification at their detox center
  • a 12-step program
  • residential treatment
  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • aftercare

Location and contact information:

10780 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 240
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(844) 928-2103

3. BeWell Recovery, Los Angeles, California

BeWell Recovery, Los Angeles, California Drug Rehab Center

BeWell Recovery prides itself in offering new life to those with substance use disorders.

The treatment phases provided here are as follows:

  • detox: this happens before treatment begins
  • rehabilitation: this may include residential inpatient, extended care, or intensive outpatient rehab
  • recovery and maintenance: post-treatment maintenance services include sober living and aftercare

This wellness center is backed by:

  • accreditation from the Joint Commission
  • LegitScript certification
  • recognition as a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business

Location and contact information:

Tarzana, Sherman Oaks
(866) 317-8395

4. Breathe Life Healing Centers, Los Angeles, California

Opioid treatment, drug and alcohol addiction treatment, and eating disorder programs are offered here, with a focus on addressing underlying psychological issues and trauma.

Notable features of this drug and alcohol abuse program are:

  • accreditation from the Joint Commission
  • features on Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and other programs

Here, a person with an addiction or mental health issues may get treatment at the residential treatment center, outpatient treatment center, or another program.

Location and contact information:

8730 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 550
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(877) 312-3496

5. Conquer Recovery Centers, Los Angeles, California

Conquer Recovery Centers, Los Angeles, California Drug Rehab Center

Residential treatment at Conquer Recovery Centers includes individualized treatment plans, individual therapy, group therapy, co-occurring disorder treatment, and more.

This treatment center is supported by several qualities, such as:

  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • LegitScript certification
  • a 5-star Google rating

Location and contact information:

1324 Keniston Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(855) 958-4333

6. Forward Recovery, Los Angeles, California

Forward Recovery, Los Angeles, California Drug Rehab Center

Forward Recovery is a residential, medical detox, and inpatient treatment facility located in Los Angeles.

Supporting features of Forward Recovery include:

  • a 4.7-star rating on Google
  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • LegitScript certification

Location and contact information:

9740 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(866) 202-0047

7. Haven House, Los Angeles, California

Haven House is a drug and alcohol rehab center that provides residential treatment. This drug addiction center offers medically assisted treatment, sober living, and more.

You might choose this rehab facility for:

  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • LegitScript certification
  • evidence-based treatment

Location and contact information:

2252 Hillsboro Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(424) 258-6792

8. Muse Treatment, Los Angeles, California

Muse Treatment, Los Angeles, California Drug Rehab Center

Muse Treatment provides an environment of recovery and healing with therapy, neural recovery, and 12-step programming.

A few of the top features here include:

  • certification from LegitScript
  • a 4.6-star Google rating
  • testimonials from previous clients
  • Joint Commission accreditation

Treatment options at Muse Treatment include, but are not limited to:

  • detox
  • inpatient rehab
  • outpatient rehab
  • medication-assisted treatment

Location and contact information:

1251 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(866) 488-0078

9. Profound LA, Los Angeles, California

Profound LA, Los Angeles, California Drug Rehab Center

Located in West Los Angeles, Profound LA treats drug and alcohol addictions with residential rehab, detox, partial hospitalization, sober living, and other options.

Profound LA demonstrated top-quality treatment with:

  • a 4.6-star Google rating
  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • evidence-based treatment modalities

Location and contact information:

1990 Westwood Blvd.
Suite 350
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 929-9546

10. Recovery Corps Health Group, Los Angeles, California

Residential care with Recovery Corps involves experiential therapies (such as yoga, fitness, and music therapy), private cottages, CBT, DBT, and more.

This holistic treatment program is backed by the following:

  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • 4.8 stars on Google
  • multiple accepted insurance providers

Location and contact information:

422 N. Commonwealth Ave.
Los Angeles, CA
(866) 565-3330

11. Westwind Recovery, Los Angeles, California

Westwind Recovery, Los Angeles, California Drug Rehab Center

Substance abuse treatment is provided with drug and alcohol detox services, sober living, inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment.

Westwind Recovery has the following features:

  • LegitScript certification
  • recognition from Dr. Phil as a preferred facility
  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • a 4.8-star Google rating

Location and contact information:

7966 Beverly Blvd.
Suite 102
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(855) 340-9952

12. 1 Method Center, Los Angeles, California

1 Method Center, Los Angeles, California Drug Rehab Center

This luxury addiction treatment center features individualized holistic programs.

We’ve chosen this rehab center based on:

  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • membership with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)
  • partnership with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

A person in recovery might choose one of the following treatments here:

  • residential treatment
  • detox
  • day/night treatment

Location and contact information:

1964 Westwood Blvd.
Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 837-7330

13. 310 Recovery, Los Angeles, California

This residential treatment center features medical detox, behavioral therapy, outings, therapy, and other services.

At 310 Recovery, you’ll find substance abuse services backed by:

  • positive client testimonials
  • 5 stars on Google
  • LegitScript certification
  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • partnership with SAMHSA

Location and contact information:

1741 Hauser Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019

14. 90210 Recovery, Los Angeles, California

90210 Recovery, Los Angeles, California Drug Rehab Center

This Joint Commission-accredited facility accepts several health insurance providers to cover costs for individualized and evidence-based treatment.

The programs offered here include:

  • residential inpatient
  • detox
  • family services
  • aftercare and alumni services

90210 Recovery is also LegitScript certified and verified by Psychology Today.

Location and contact information:

1775 Summitridge Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(844) 462-8571

FAQs For Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Los Angeles

As you search for a rehab program for yourself or someone you love, look through answers to some of the top asked questions about rehab in Los Angeles.

❓ Do Los Angeles Rehab Programs Accept Insurance?

✔️ Most drug rehabilitation programs accept health insurance.

If your insurance provider is not accepted, you may be able to finance your rehab stay with other means, such as loans, sliding-fee scales, and self-payment.

❓ Who Can Enter Drug Rehab In Los Angeles?

✔️ Anyone who wants to overcome addiction can enter rehab in Los Angeles.

There are many behavioral addiction and substance addiction programs, so everyone can get the treatment they need.

❓ What Is The Average Cost Of A 30-Day Treatment Program In Los Angeles?

✔️ A 30-day program may cost anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000.

❓ What Are Waitlists Like For Los Angeles Drug Rehab Centers?

✔️ Some rehab programs have smaller capacities or have a higher demand than other treatment facilities, so they’ll have longer waitlists.

You may have no wait at all, or you may have to wait a few weeks to get into the program, depending on the rehab center.

How To Find The Right Los Angeles Drug Rehab Center

If you or a loved one are dealing with a substance abuse problem, there are several top Los Angeles drug rehab programs.

While there are plenty of drug rehab programs in Los Angeles to choose from, the rehabs in this list may not accept your insurance or offer the services you need.

Find additional treatment near Los Angeles:

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