Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Cambia Health Solutions Insurance

Learn how to use Cambia Health Solutions to pay for addiction treatment and find rehab centers that accept Cambia Health Solutions insurance.

Rehab Centers That Accept Cambia Health Solutions Insurance

With more than 15 million adults in the U.S. in need of substance abuse treatment, there are far more addicted individuals than those who attend a rehab program.

One of the things that intimidate many individuals struggling with addiction issues is figuring out how to afford the cost of attending a rehab center. Addiction treatment can be expensive without any financial assistance.

Health insurance coverage was not always available for helping addicted individuals to pay for the cost of their substance abuse treatment.

Now, most health insurance plans include coverage for addiction treatment and any follow-up care required for the policyholder.

Before checking into rehab, understanding how to pay for the cost of treatment with the help of health insurance coverage will put you at ease so that all of your focus is exclusively on the recovery process.

Lining up payment for your addiction treatment is a proactive way to ensure that your recovery is not derailed by expensive medical bills.

Does Cambia Health Solutions Cover Addiction Treatment?

Cambia Health Solutions is a nonprofit healthcare coverage company that was formerly known as The Regence Group until 2013.

Individuals who have healthcare coverage through Cambia Health Solutions will have access to financial assistance for the cost of their addiction treatment at a rehab center.

The first step in using Cambia Health Solutions to pay for drug rehab is to understand which level of coverage you have through one of their plans.

Your deductible, copay, and coverage amounts will vary by the type of Cambia Health Solutions plan that you have.

Cambia Health Solutions Plans: Levels Of Coverage

Cambia Health Solutions plans range from bronze to gold levels of coverage. The bronze plan requires the lowest premium payments from the insured, but it also requires more out-of-pocket payments for medical costs.

The bronze and silver plans are both considered high-deductible plans, which means that policyholders may pay more upfront before the insurer covers any excess costs.

These plans are typically chosen by individuals and families for their lower monthly premiums, rather than the gold plan. While the gold level is the most expensive in terms of premium cost, this plan has lower deductibles and covers a greater portion of the cost of medical treatment.

In addition, the bronze and silver plans from Cambia Health Solutions are eligible for health savings accounts (HSA).

This is a special form of savings account that allows individual policyholders to set aside a certain amount of money each year for covering the costs of medical care that are not taken care of by their insurance plans.

The gold plan from Cambia Health Solutions is not eligible for an HSA because it is not considered a high-deductible insurance plan.

How To Use Your Cambia Health Solutions Plan For Addiction Treatment

To understand how to use Cambia Health Solutions to pay for addiction treatment, accessing your specific health coverage plan details is important.

After the insurance company pays for the bulk of the medical bills for addiction treatment, the remaining amount owed by the policyholder varies by the level of coverage they have.

Generally, providers that are in-network for Cambia Health Solutions result in lower out-of-pocket expenses for policyholders. This is because Cambia Health Solutions has negotiated a lower pricing structure for medical care from in-network providers.

The key to using Cambia Health Solutions to pay for drug rehab is making sure that the rehab center that you choose is considered in-network for Cambia Health Solutions.

While you still may have to pay a copay to receive treatment at an in-network rehab center, your total overall cost will be much lower than if you went with an out-of-network rehab center for addiction treatment.

You may need different forms of treatment for recovering from addiction. This could include inpatient care at a rehab facility, medical detox, counseling, therapy, sober living housing and prescription medication management.

All of these healthcare needs are covered by the Cambia Health Solutions plans. Calling ahead of time to make sure that your rehab program is covered by your insurer will prevent the unpleasant surprise of an expensive bill during or at the end of treatment.

List Of Cambia Health Solutions Plans By State

Cambia Health Solutions maintains its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. It is a quality regional provider of healthcare insurance coverage to individuals and their families.

Cambia Health Solutions prides itself on meeting the healthcare needs of regional communities of the Pacific Northwest in the following four states:

  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • Utah

There are currently six different coverage plans available from Cambia Health Solutions in those four states. The plans cover more than 2.6 million individuals in that region.

In 2019, Cambia announced its new partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina to expand access to its healthcare plans. Both companies maintain separate operations but share access to a broader network of affiliated healthcare providers.

Finding A Rehab Center That Accepts Cambia Health Solutions

Connect with our addiction treatment specialists for a list of rehab centers that accept Cambia Health Solutions insurance.

Our specialists take the guesswork out of understanding the insurance coverage options available through your specific Cambia Health Solutions insurance plan.

This is one of the most important things that can be put in place before an individual begins addiction treatment because it removes the financial stress of covering medical bills for recovery.

Calling our knowledgeable team to find rehab center options covered by a Cambia Health Solutions plan can make recovery a reality.

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