Top 5 Rehab Centers That Accept Indiana Medicaid

Indiana Medicaid provides healthcare coverage for many Indiana residents, with a recent expansion which ensures coverage for more individuals. Medicaid members in Indiana can use their plan to seek addiction and mental health treatment.

Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Indiana Medicaid

Rehabs That Accept Indiana Medicaid

Indiana Medicaid programs cover about 1.4 million of the state’s low-income residents or roughly one in six adults.

Indiana has a comprehensive medical assistance program, offering numerous programs for most age groups. Addiction and mental health treatment are some of the essential health benefits covered by Indiana Medicaid.

Indiana residents can use their Medicaid plans to pay for rehab programs. To ease this process, it can be helpful to find a rehab center that accepts Indiana Medicaid.

Indiana Medicaid Coverage For Addiction Treatment

Indiana Medicaid plans come in several forms. To find out which plan a person will qualify for, they must first apply for Medicaid and be deemed eligible.

Each plan has a specific list of covered services, copay amounts, and a network of treatment providers.

Addiction Treatment Services Covered

While plans differ in levels of coverage, all Indiana Medicaid plans provide coverage for addiction and mental health treatment.

The following addiction treatment services are covered by Indiana Medicaid plans:

  • inpatient treatment
  • outpatient treatment
  • medication-assisted treatment
  • counseling: group, family, individual
  • behavioral therapy
  • evidence-based therapy
  • traditional therapy
  • medication management
  • medically supervised detoxification

Indiana expanded its Medicaid program in January 2015, allowing for individuals with a higher income to seek coverage.

As of 2019, Indiana Medicaid recipients must also complete a work requirement to continue receiving coverage.

Top 5 Rehab Centers That Accept Indiana Medicaid

In Indiana, 12 rehab centers accept Medicaid insurance coverage for addiction treatment. To ease the selection process, the following list contains the top 5 rehab centers that accept Indiana Medicaid plans.

Rehab centers were selected based on rehab program excellence, accreditation of the facility, and positive reviews from participants.

1. Hamilton Center, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Hamilton Center is accredited by the Joint Commission for addiction treatment, having received the gold seal of approval.

A community-focused facility, the Hamilton Center offers treatments and services ranging from information to intensive outpatient programs.

All programs include multiple forms of therapy and are individualized to meet the needs of each person in treatment.

Addiction treatment services include:

  • consultation
  • addiction education
  • dual diagnosis programs
  • case management
  • The Matrix Model
  • individual and group therapy
  • relapse prevention services
  • transitional living programs
  • 24-hour crisis intervention

In addition, the Hamilton Center also offers specialized programs for youth, veterans, and resources for the homeless.

The Hamilton Center accepts Indiana Medicaid, private insurance, and private pay, basing fees on a sliding fee scale.

Location and contact information:

2160 N. Illinois St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

2. Emberwood Center, Indianapolis, Indiana

Emberwood Center is a CARF-accredited facility for addiction and mental health treatment. The rehab center provides youth and adult substance abuse and mental health treatment services.

All programs through Emberwood are either outpatient or intensive outpatient programs. Each program includes a counseling component, combined with a number of therapies and other treatments.

Programs are administered at three levels: education, intensive treatment, and outpatient. Each level has phases of treatment arranged according to a person’s needs, including duration and severity of addiction.

Treatments offered vary according to the program level an individual enters, but may include:

  • group therapy
  • individual and family therapy
  • treatment planning
  • drug screens
  • relapse prevention planning

Emberwood accepts Indiana Medicaid plans and provides treatment to many individuals for free or reduced charges made possible by private donations.

Location and contact information:

1431 N. Delaware St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

3. Families First, Indianapolis, Indiana

Families First Indiana provides licensed addiction treatment services for substance abuse. Outpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs, and relapse prevention education are available here.

Treatment is provided by certified clinicians and counselors. The main focus of treatment at Families First is to help individuals understand their destructive choices and behaviors so they can make meaningful changes.

Programs are tailored to the individual, with a primary goal of teaching each person to manage their addiction and live substance-free.

Because Families First is a community health center, it also provides a number of services for co-occurring disorders and issues including:

  • crisis intervention services
  • domestic violence treatment and support
  • mental health counseling
  • parenting education
  • sexual assault counseling
  • support groups
  • career help

Indiana Medicaid, private insurance plans, and self-pay are accepted through Families First. Many individuals are sponsored for treatment through in-kind donations.

Location and contact information:

615 N. Alabama St., Suite 320
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

4. Fairbanks Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana

Fairbanks Hospital provides a full spectrum of addiction and mental health treatment services accredited by the Joint Commission.

Rehab programs available include:

  • outpatient
  • inpatient
  • residential
  • detoxification
  • supportive living
  • substance abuse education
  • recovery management

While treatment is available for men and women, youth and adults, Fairbanks offers a gender-specific program for young adult men ages 19 to 24.

Fairbanks also provides a specialized addiction treatment program for women who have suffered from trauma.

Programs are tailored to each person, but may include:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
  • dialectical behavior therapy
  • Seeking Safety
  • yoga

Working in combination with the Indiana National Guard and Community Health Network, Fairbanks provides treatment for service members with substance abuse problems.

Fairbanks Hospital accepts all Indiana Medicaid plans, most private insurance plans, and offers discounts to those who choose private pay if they don’t have insurance.

Location and contact information:

8102 Clearvista Pkwy
Indianapolis, Indiana 46256

5. Amethyst House, Bloomington, Indiana

Amethyst House provides CARF-accredited addiction treatment and sober living services.

Programs are both outpatient and residential and are available in both Bloomington and Evansville.

While Amethyst House provides treatment for adults, preference is given to pregnant with substance abuse issues and iv drug users.

Residential, gender-specific programs are available for men and women, typically beginning with medically supervised detox. Amethyst House treats chemical dependencies as well as gambling addiction.

Amethyst House provides a sober living environment and ongoing treatment for residents. Individuals who are stable are required to maintain a job, become financially secure, and attend outpatient services.

Women with children up to age six can bring their children with them while attending treatment. Amethyst House also provides supportive services, such as life-skills courses.

Amethyst House is a sober living home, so fees are expected for the first month of rent, and the House connect members with treatment services, which may accept Indiana Medicaid.

Location and contact information:

645 N. Walnut St.
Bloomington, Indiana 47404

Paying For Addiction Treatment With Indiana Medicaid

Indiana Medicaid plans fall into four categories: traditional Medicaid (Indiana Medicaid), Hoosier Healthwise (HHW), Hoosier Care Connect, and the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP).

Each plan serves a different group of Indiana residents. Hoosier Healthwise serves pregnant women. Healthy Indiana Plan serves adults without a disability, and Indiana Medicaid and Hoosier Care Connect serve those who are aged, blind, or disabled as well as others.


Each plan comes with its own eligibility requirements, but all are based first on low-income qualifications.

Certain plans also require individuals to submit information about their assets. Individuals who work will be required to pay a monthly premium.

Income information and eligibility is set according to the federal poverty level and household size.

Copays And Premiums

Premiums apply to Indiana Medicaid members who are on Hoosier Healthwise plans. Premiums are determined based on a person’s household income and how far above the federal poverty level it falls.

Monthly premium amounts for Indiana Medicaid plans range from $22 to $70.

Copays apply to most Indiana Medicaid plans and range from $.50 per service to $3.00. Copay amount is determined by the type of service.

Managed Care Plans

Because Indiana Medicaid is divided into several programs, each program has its own list of healthcare plan providers.

Managed care plans for Indiana Medicaid are as follows:

Healthy Indiana Plan

  • Anthem
  • CareSource
  • MDwise
  • Managed Health Services (MHS)

Hoosier Healthwise

  • Anthem
  • CareSource
  • MDwise
  • Managed Health Services (MHS)

Hoosier Care Connect

  • Anthem
  • Managed Health Services (MHS)
  • Finding Rehabs That Accept Indiana Medicaid

Indiana Medicaid provides a wide range of programs, covering both low-income individuals and those in varying income levels.

Indiana residents can seek addiction treatment coverage using their Indiana Medicaid plans. Recently expanded coverage in Indiana lends to more complete addiction and mental health treatment for a lasting recovery.

For more information on rehab centers that accept Indiana Medicaid, or using your Indiana Medicaid plan to seek addiction treatment, contact us today.

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