Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers That Accept WellPoint Insurance

The 2012 National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services showed that more than 2.5 million people in the U.S. seek treatment at a rehab center for drug or alcohol abuse issues.

Rehab centers are vitally important for helping addicted individuals begin a path towards recovery from substance abuse issues.

WellPoint Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment

It can be quite expensive for those looking for addiction treatment to pay for the cost of a rehab center without health insurance coverage to assist with the financial burden. Most health insurance plans, including those from WellPoint, cover large portions of the medical bills for rehab centers.

Knowing that costs of a rehab center will be covered by insurance empowers the addicted individual to stay focused on their treatment and removes one of the biggest barriers to recovery.

Learn how to prepare for a successful recovery process and find out how to pay for rehab with WellPoint insurance coverage.

Does WellPoint Cover Addiction Treatment?

WellPoint offers reliable health insurance coverage to individuals and their families through employer-sponsored plans. WellPoint was preceded by Blue Cross of California and became a separate, managed-care company in 1993. It later merged with Anthem in 2004 and retained its own name until 2014.

WellPoint changed its name to Anthem and now has access to all of the companies and facilities within the national Anthem network. Covered individuals in the Anthem network benefit from a growing network of medical providers and healthcare facilities capable of meeting their medical needs.

WellPoint Insurance Plan Options

WellPoint offers many coverage options to align with an individual’s healthcare needs and budget concerns. The individual insurance plans available from WellPoint and its affiliated companies range from bronze to platinum levels.

The bronze plan features low monthly payments and covers about 60 percent of medical expenses. The silver plan has a lower deductible than the bronze plan but is a bit more expensive. It covers about 70 percent of medical expenses.

Gold coverage requires higher monthly payments, but it has a lower deductible. It covers about 80 percent of medical expenses. Finally, the platinum plan from WellPoint covers about 90 percent of all medical expenses, but it has the highest monthly payments.

Do Rehab Centers Have To Be In-Network To Be Covered By WellPoint?

For those policyholders wondering how to pay for rehab with WellPoint insurance coverage, matching up rehab centers that meet their needs with rehab facilities in the WellPoint network is a good place to start.

Going to a rehab center that is part of the WellPoint network means that the patient will not have to worry about covering as much of the treatment costs as they would for out-of-network rehab centers.

Checking to make sure that the rehab center is approved by WellPoint before checking in for addiction treatment makes the recovery process less stressful from the start.

How To Use Your WellPoint Plan For Addiction Treatment

Those looking to sign into a rehab center for assistance with substance abuse recovery will find that using WellPoint to pay for addiction treatment is easier than they might think.

The first step is to check into a list of options of rehab centers that accept WellPoint insurance so that coverage for any rehab services is not an issue. It is best to line this up ahead of choosing a rehab center so that the cost of treatment does not derail any recovery plans.

List Of Addiction Treatment Services Covered By WellPoint

The type of addiction treatment necessary for each individual is based on their unique condition and issues with substance abuse. For instance, some addicted individuals will require extended inpatient treatment after first going through detox.

In general, the longer that an individual remains under the intense supervision and care of providers at a rehab center, the more expensive their medical bills can get. Which services will be covered by WellPoint depends on the individual, their plan, the severity of their addiction, and the intensity of their need for treatment.

Follow-up care may be needed after completing an initial rehab program, which also generates medical bills that can add up quickly. These costs are covered by WellPoint insurance plans, but policyholders may need to check first to make sure that all aspects of their addiction treatment will be covered.

What You Need To Know Before Paying For Rehab With WellPoint

Planning for the amount that the individual will have to pay for a rehab center with WellPoint coverage depends on a variety of factors, each of which can change the overall cost of treatment from one individual to the next.

Such factors include:

  • the individual policyholder’s copay
  • deductible amount
  • coverage limits
  • rehab location
  • choice of facility or provider
  • length of treatment
  • type of treatment
  • any additional medical conditions

The differences across WellPoint plans mean that each policyholder must examine their own WellPoint plan in figuring out their addiction treatment options. The good news is that there is help available for navigating the details of an individual’s WellPoint plan and securing a viable rehab center.

List Of WellPoint Plans By State

The insurance coverage options available from WellPoint differ by state. This is another reason why it is important to understand the specific coverage available through an individual’s WellPoint insurance plan before selecting a rehab center.

WellPoint insurance plans are available to individuals in the following states:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Specialty plans are also available from WellPoint and its affiliated companies for individuals in select states.

Finding A Rehab Center That Accepts WellPoint

Contact us for assistance with identifying rehab centers that accept WellPoint insurance and information on using WellPoint to pay for addiction treatment.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced addiction treatment specialists works with WellPoint policyholders to find rehab center treatment options that fit within their WellPoint insurance plans.

With our help, those seeking recovery options for substance abuse can ensure their health insurance plan covers a major portion of the cost of their professional addiction treatment.

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