Do Rehab Centers Offer Childcare Services?

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Addiction recovery centers that are designed for parents and families offer childcare services. This may include providing age-appropriate activities for children, after-school programs, and other services.

Do Rehab Centers Offer Childcare Services?

Most addiction treatment centers do not offer childcare services, but treatment programs focused on helping parents and families often do.

This is especially true for postpartum women with newborns.

Drug rehab centers that accept families or mothers with children are aware that there will be times when childcare services are needed and can provide those services.

Types Of Childcare Services Offered At Rehab Centers

Addiction recovery centers that have the onsite space and other resources to provide childcare services are uncommon, but they do exist, mostly in residential or inpatient treatment settings.

The specific kinds of childcare programs and services available at these facilities vary from location to location, so you will need to contact each rehab center to learn the particulars.

However, there are a few basic types of childcare services that are likely to be found at family-oriented drug and alcohol rehab centers.

Daycare Services

Some rehab centers offer daycare facilities for children of parents currently enrolled in their addiction treatment programs.

These locations often have certified childcare providers and offer educational programs and age-appropriate activities, such as crafts, meals, and games.

Scheduled Activities

For older children, rehab centers offering childcare services sometimes provide group games, counseling sessions, or experiential therapies like art therapy.

They can also arrange shuttle transportation to local schools.

Family Counseling

Family therapy or counseling may involve older children to help them understand, at an age-appropriate level, what their parent is experiencing and how it’s affecting their behavior.

These sessions can also serve as a safe space for children to explore their feelings, ask questions, and voice any concerns that they may have.

After-School Programs

Many rehabilitation centers offer after-school programs for children to engage in recreational activities, further their education, and participate in tailored therapies and counseling sessions.

These programs are beneficial to both the children and the parent in recovery, as they minimize the impact on children and can help the parent focus on treatment.

Benefits Of Drug Rehab Centers That Offer Childcare

The main benefit of rehabilitation programs that offer childcare services is that parents can focus more on the recovery process knowing that their child is nearby and in good hands.

Treatment approaches that involve children can also improve family communication, helping the family unit heal.

When A Drug Rehab Center That Offers Childcare Isn’t Available

If you cannot find a suitable drug and alcohol rehab center that offers childcare services, you may need to seek alternative childcare solutions.

This may include asking your parents, siblings, or other trusted family members and loved ones if they can help with childcare while you attend a treatment program.

You might also consider looking into public resources, such as the Early Head Start program for low-income families, providing childcare for infants to children up to 3 years of age.

Outpatient treatment programs might be another possibility, as these programs don’t require living onsite. People with mild to moderate addictions are best suited for these less-intensive levels of care.

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